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38 productivity-enhancing Android apps for the enterprise
android apps devs

stage lights spotlight

Google I/O to shine a spotlight on Android

Android's newest features will get plenty of attention at the Google's developers conference next month

apollo space capsule

Meteor’s Apollo unites client apps and back-end databases

The technical preview works with JavaScript, but native iOS and Android backing is in the works as well

mobile developer rm

Twitter provides mission control dashboard for Fabric mobile apps

Metrics can be viewed in a single dashboard to help developers monitor how a mobile application is performing

How to break Into Android development

How to break into Android development

Demand for Android talent is hot. Here’s how to get started and stand out

end of road sign

RoboVM Java-to-iOS dev tool meets its end

The technology was under Microsoft jurisdiction as part of the Xamarin acquisition; with the discontinuation, its licenses will expire on April 17, 2017

Top 25 Windows 10 Free Tools

Facebook's React Native comes to Windows 10

Facebook's JavaScript-powered framework will soon support development of native apps for Universal Windows apps

open source nametag

Facebook open-sources Android byte code optimizer

Facebook's ReDex tool for paring down Android apps could form the basis for other optimizers as well

low code mobile tools

10 simple tools for building mobile apps fast

No-code and low-code mobile programming tools give business users and developers a fast track to mobile app success

Swift vs. Objective-C: 10 reasons the future favors Swift

4 no-bull reasons why Swift on Android won't come swiftly

Making Swift a viable option on Android would be an arduous task. Here are the reasons why Google will remain ensconced on Java

ww blogimage tipvsreview

If you don't tip your waiter, should you tip your app developer?

Restaurants are replacing tipping with higher wages. Should something similar happen in the free app development community?

160330 microsoft nadella 5

At Build, Microsoft tried a different way to mobile developers' hearts

Here's how the company plans to succeed in a mobile-first world without a strong mobile OS

microsoft powerapps on any device

Microsoft's Project Rome enables consistent app experiences

New APIs could let users jump among apps seamlessly across Windows, iOS, and Android devices

diet belly big jeans lose weight loose waist

Xamarin's Mono runtime gets a looser license

Recently acquired by Microsoft, Xamarin switches licenses in hopes of gaining greater adoption by developers

Neon Open sign on glass storefront

Microsoft open-sources Xamarin, gives dev tools to Visual Studio users

The cross-platform application development system that Microsoft acquired will be made part of the .Net framework

windows mobile

Microsoft Visual Studio '15' Preview expands Android, iOS support

Company offers preview of next version of software development platform

UWP apps

Microsoft heralds new universal Windows apps, announces 'Centennial' toolset to import Win32 apps

Universal Windows Platform apps appear to be the future

20160224 stock mwc iot booth sign

LambdaNative brings functional programming to IoT

The development environment's founders look to expand LambdaNative to the Internet of things


Oracle’s JET JavaScript toolkit flies the open source skies

JET 2.0.0 adds mobile development, data visualization, and scaffolding capabilities

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