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mobile apps crowdsourcing via social media network [CW cover - October 2015]
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speed up fast quick 5

Android Studio 2.0 beta speeds up app restarts

Google updates Instant Run, Android Emulator, and Android Debug Bridge in the latest revision of its IDE

web development code

SamsaraJS library juices mobile Web UIs

The functional reactive library provides native-like app experiences and takes on the mobile Web's performance issues

swift 2

Seven Swift 2 enhancements every iOS developer will love

Apple makes good on Swift’s emphasis on performance, approachability, and ease in latest update

software development

Microsoft extends Cordova mobile dev to Visual Studio Code editor

The Cordova Tools extension provides new ways to build, debug, and preview apps with Visual Studio Code

Apple iPhone 5S (1)

Increasingly popular update technique for iOS apps puts users at risk

JSPatch could allow malicious developers to bypass Apple's strict application review process and access restricted iOS functions

toy 2016 intro center crop

Technology of the Year 2016: The best hardware, software, and cloud services

InfoWorld's 2016 Technology of the Year Award winners recognize the best tools and technologies for developers, IT pros, and businesses

mobile developer and skills

HackerRank Jobs mobile app values skills tests over resumes

The app matches developers with companies based on demonstrated ability and offers a guaranteed response time

crossroads tracks railroad

Take .Net cross-platform with Xamarin

For Microsoft developers fluent in .Net, Xamarin delivers on the promise of cross-platform coding, complete with a cloud-hosted test service that includes 2,000 devices

Open source illustration

Android open source move could boost Java and aid in legal battles with Oracle

Google's upcoming 'Android N' mobile operating system will leverage OpenJDK APIs

Skull crossbones cityscape

The app dev undead: 5 technologies limping along, io.js, JavaFX, Objective-C, and Spring.Net have all faded away, but for different reasons

In search of a cure for slow mobile downloads

Why the mobile Web is slow and how developers of native mobile apps can eliminate the wait

SkyGiraffe on an iPhone

Startup is looking forward to competing with Microsoft -- its investor

As Microsoft launches a competitor, SkyGiraffe says its mobile app development product is already ready for prime time enterprise use

flight birds

Apple's open source Swift takes flight at last

With highly liberal licensing and a promising suite of features like package management, Swift's new open source version holds a lot of promise

mobile apps and touch screen

Microsoft PowerApps helps non-developers build mobile apps

The new tool allows nonprogrammers to create mobile business apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone with little to no coding

powerapps on any device

Microsoft's new service makes app developers out of everyday employees

PowerApps lets anyone build a cross-platform mobile application -- no software development experience required

chalk workflow chart

Android Studio 2.0 zeroes in on improved workflow

A preview version of the IDE also highlights emulation and GPU profiling

android apps gears productivity

Android Studio upgrade improves memory profiler

Android Studio 1.5 also fixes bugs and improves lint checks for static code analysis

http codes

Having fun with HTTP status codes

HTTP status codes go way beyond the 404 and 500 errors we have all encountered. Let's look at what they mean for a non-developer -- and figure out some of the geek humor that’s hidden in their midst

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