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monitor blocked ads opera for computers

Opera pulls trigger on baked-in ad blocker

Opera becomes the first of the Top 5 browsers to integrate an ad blocker

friends using iphone smartphones mobile facebook app

Shocking news: People do lots on their smartphones

What is blindingly obvious to many is still something new to many others, reflecting the reality of how change happens

microsoft powerapps on any device

New Microsoft beta lets workers build their own apps without coding

PowerApps allows employees to build business-focused apps without knowing how to program

38 productivity-enhancing Android apps for the enterprise

Android at work: 38 business-worthy apps

For Android to win over the enterprise, it needs the right apps -- and these offerings definitely mean business

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Phishing apps posing as popular payment services infiltrate Google Play

Researchers from security firm PhishLabs say they've found 11 phishing applications hosted on Google Play this year

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Google I/O to shine a spotlight on Android

Android's newest features will get plenty of attention at the Google's developers conference next month

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Twitter provides mission control dashboard for Fabric mobile apps

Metrics can be viewed in a single dashboard to help developers monitor how a mobile application is performing

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Save 40% on the TP-LINK Wi-Fi Smart Plug - Deal Alert

Turn On/Off Your Electronics From Anywhere. Works with Alexa as well. 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon from 250 reviewers.

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EU investigating Google’s contracts with phone makers, operators

EU Competition Commissioner said big companies shouldn’t use their power to protect themselve by holding back innovation

Top 25 Windows 10 Free Tools

Facebook's React Native comes to Windows 10

Facebook's JavaScript-powered framework will soon support development of native apps for Universal Windows apps

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If you don't tip your waiter, should you tip your app developer?

Restaurants are replacing tipping with higher wages. Should something similar happen in the free app development community?

11 mobile tools for hardcore IT pros on the go

11 mobile tools for IT heroes on the go

These iOS and Android apps will keep your IT team productive, connected, and informed wherever they roam

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iOS users might soon be able to hide unused Apple native apps

New app metadata on iTunes shows a new ability for an Apple app to set as hidable

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VMware goes after Outlook with Boxer email app for AirWatch

VMware launched a new version of the Boxer iOS app for companies using VMware to manage their employees' mobile devices

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Mobile-only banking startup bets on bots

Companies are implementing artificial intelligence technology for customer service. Here's a look at how Atom Bank is incorporating WDS Virtual Agent software from Xeros


BlackBerry makes BBM secrecy functions free

BlackBerry is dropping additional charges for the retract and time-delay functions of its messaging app

Top 25 free apps for Windows 10

Top 25 free apps for Windows 10

Here’s the best of the best for Windows 10. Sometimes good things come in free packages

diet belly big jeans lose weight loose waist

Xamarin's Mono runtime gets a looser license

Recently acquired by Microsoft, Xamarin switches licenses in hopes of gaining greater adoption by developers

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