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Skype and Outlook for iOS meeting integration

Outlook for iOS and Android gets Skype call scheduling

New feature makes it easy to loop people in for a video conference


Hands on with Asus's router management app

Got an Asus-branded router? This app makes it super easy to manage your home network.


Wedding Dress Studio lets you (virtually) say yes to the dress

Is your big day coming up? Modiface's Wedding Dress Studio app lets you try on wedding dresses from the comfort of your tablet.

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Microsoft delves deeper into Android with directory app for its own apps

Microsoft Apps one-stop shop for things like OneNote and Skype shows Microsoft's growing commitment to Android as a platform

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Google rewrites its Angular JavaScript framework

Version 2 offers a significant speed boost and improved mobile development capabilities; a beta release is available today with general availability planned for early 2016

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Native apps crushed mobile Web apps -- and that's a good thing

The notion that all apps should be Web apps is a naive but common one; we actually need both native and Web apps for different purposes

Easy Everyday Encryption

Companies scramble to fix lack of encryption on mobile apps

Five of the 16 companies outed in a Wandera blog post have fixed their mobile apps, which were transmitting payment card information without encryption

SkyGiraffe on an iPhone

Startup is looking forward to competing with Microsoft -- its investor

As Microsoft launches a competitor, SkyGiraffe says its mobile app development product is already ready for prime time enterprise use


Microsoft's Cortana digital assistant launches on iPhone and Android

Cortana heads to iOS and Android as a companion for Windows 10 PCs

Focus by Firefox

Surprise! Mozilla just launched an ad blocker for iOS

Focus, a new content blocker for the iPhone and iPad, lets users control how they're tracked

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Break the tyranny of native mobile apps

Once freedom reigned in the form of Web apps that worked across every platform. Mobile apps have taken a big step back with platform lock-in -- but there's hope

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Cisco patches permission hijacking issue in WebEx Meetings app for Android

The flaw made it possible for rogue apps to hijack the Cisco app's permissions

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Review: WebEx and GoToMeeting meet their match

Adobe Connect and Zoom lead six mostly stellar Web conferencing services for desktops and mobile devices

A collection of wood office accessories sold at the Evernote Market

Is Evernote getting out of the retail business?

Flash sales and app changes point to an end to the Evernote Market

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Microsoft PowerApps helps non-developers build mobile apps

The new tool allows nonprogrammers to create mobile business apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone with little to no coding

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Microsoft's new service makes app developers out of everyday employees

PowerApps lets anyone build a cross-platform mobile application -- no software development experience required

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Mobile payment apps no safer than other mobile apps

A study of 10 popular mobile payment apps found they lack even the most basic security controls

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Android Marshmallow vs. iOS 9: Which has the better app permissions system?

Knowing what your apps are up to is more important than ever. How do the two leading mobile OSes stack up?

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