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Add next-gen authentication to apps with Authy

Recently acquired by Twilio, Authy makes it easy to send codes to users' mobile phones for that extra measure of log-in security

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Box boosts Windows 10's enterprise potential with new app

The Box app works across PCs, tablets, and smartphones


How a mobile app company found the XcodeGhost in the machine

Apple will face increasingly clever attempts to sneak malware into the App Store


Hivemapper, a flight guide for drone pilots

Hivemapper takes the video signal from your drone and superimposes onto it details of buildings and points of interest nearby. And if you get too close to those buildings, it also serves up a warning that you might be about to hit...

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Apple wages battle to keep App Store malware-free

Growing number of suspicious mobile apps threatens to taint the App Store's years-long reputation as being high quality and malware free

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Many US enterprises still running XcodeGhost-infected Apple apps, FireEye says

A new version of XcodeGhost has also appeared that tries to defeat defenses built into iOS 9

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Revealed: The top 10 mobile apps that companies hate

MobileIron determined the top 10 consumer apps that are most often blocked or blacklisted at companies

Beacons in business: 8 ways to leverage location services

Beacons in business: 8 ways to leverage location services

On-campus beacon use can help IT provide local, targeted services and data to employees, temps, clients, and guests

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iPad face-off: Microsoft Office vs. Apple iWork vs. Google Apps

iPad office apps, round 10: Microsoft Office and Apple iWork get big upgrades for the iPad's new multitasking capabilities

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Telogis and Apple partner to improve the iPhone's enterprise chops

A newly announced deal puts Telogis in the driver's seat of Apple's latest partnership to improve the enterprise capabilities of its hardware

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How the mobile revolution really played out

Although smartphones and tablets are now everywhere, the manner in which they're used doesn't match all initial expectations

Tableau Vizable Project Elastic iPad app

Tableau's new Vizable app puts analytics at your fingertips

The free iPad app gives users sophisticated analytics capabilities by pinching, swiping, and dragging

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Apple pulls iOS apps mining your iPhone for private data

The affected apps were using an advertising software kit that sneakily collected your email address and a list of all the apps you used

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Mobile apps that deliver hefty ROI

These organizations are putting their mobile apps to the test, driving real ROI with lower costs and new revenue

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iOS still does app privacy better than Android

Android Marshmallow finally lets you control app access to personal data and services, but not as easily as iOS does

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AWS Mobile Hub streamlines app dev

Amazon introduces Mobile Hub for easier, faster app delivery and adds Python support to AWS Lambda

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Microsoft strikes a deal with Asus: We won't sue if you put Office on your Android devices

It's a classic quid-pro-quo move that helps Microsoft expand its Office ecosystem to Asus Android smartphones and tablets

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With iPad Pro, Apple pushes further into the enterprise

After forging alliances with IBM and Cisco and unveiling a business-ready 12.9-inch tablet, Apple is poised to make serious inroads into the corporate market

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