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Snow storm

blueprint design architecture

From bad to worse: Down the rabbit hole of bad network design

A series of cascading design woes threatens to overwhelm what should be a simple setup for a small-business network

Robot hitchhikes across Canada

Weird science: The 10 oddest tech stories of 2014

Online telepaths, culinary AI, criminal drones -- the tech world was full of offbeat surprises this year

Deep Blue vs. Kasparov

Top 10 tech conspiracy theories of all time

From Wingdings to wage fixing, a leisurely scroll through some infamous IT intrigues

Businessman holding holiday gift box 187371991

The executive bonus plan: All for us, none for you

Employees at one company are doubly disrespected when they discover the fate of their holiday bonuses

Evan Thornley at Australian Labour Party rally

Sexist like me: The Evan Thornley startup manifesto

An Australian tech exec reveals the secret to his success: Categorically underpaying women. Give the man a medal!

It worker scratches head while viewing laptop computer 111874294

You messed up, junior -- now take a break

The new kid on the IT team braces for a teachable -- and teasable -- moment when a system reboot goes awry

9 nightmare sci-fi virtual realities that are closer than you think

Emerging technologies in virtual and artificial reality blur the line between science and fiction

To troubleshoot, mix two parts observation with one part magic

Believe it or not! With some technology problems, the mere act of seeing is fixing -- or so it would seem

True tales of invisible employees who make IT work

Not everyone in IT is a VC-funded, app-building, social media superstar

Top 12 tech hoaxes of all time

Social media pranks and viral videos have nothing on these truly historical technical hoaxes

10 users IT hates to support

From the paranoid to the pathological, here are 10 user 'personalities' certain to drive any IT pro crazy

Working for the weekend? Not if you want to keep your job

TGIF, everyone! But don't dare turn off your smartphone or company email if you know what's good for you

Casting call: 'Real Housewives of Silicon Valley'

Bravo opts to go where the new money is, despite fears that potential cast members will resist the 'housewife' label

Google launches bid for America's Cup

The battle for the sailing trophy -- and Silicon Valley's biggest ego -- heats up with new contender for Larry Ellison's pet platform

16 terrible computer pranks that could get you fired

Look, you're an adult human being. You're better than this. Don't do any of the things in this slideshow

Video: The Onion has your killer app right here

Students, babies, blind people -- take it from the Onion: This app will solve everyone's problems

Hurts so good: 20 ways to torture developers

From switching frameworks to turning 23 years old, developers suffer mightily in hopes of the momentary rush that comes from a beautiful algorithm in a few lines of code

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's your pink slip!

Like the machines and assembly lines before them, drones are poised to drive many of us to the unemployment line

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