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To troubleshoot, mix two parts observation with one part magic

Believe it or not! With some technology problems, the mere act of seeing is fixing -- or so it would seem

True tales of invisible employees who make IT work

Not everyone in IT is a VC-funded, app-building, social media superstar

Top 12 tech hoaxes of all time

Social media pranks and viral videos have nothing on these truly historical technical hoaxes

10 users IT hates to support

From the paranoid to the pathological, here are 10 user 'personalities' certain to drive any IT pro crazy

Working for the weekend? Not if you want to keep your job

TGIF, everyone! But don't dare turn off your smartphone or company email if you know what's good for you

Casting call: 'Real Housewives of Silicon Valley'

Bravo opts to go where the new money is, despite fears that potential cast members will resist the 'housewife' label

Google launches bid for America's Cup

The battle for the sailing trophy -- and Silicon Valley's biggest ego -- heats up with new contender for Larry Ellison's pet platform

16 terrible computer pranks that could get you fired

Look, you're an adult human being. You're better than this. Don't do any of the things in this slideshow

Video: The Onion has your killer app right here

Students, babies, blind people -- take it from the Onion: This app will solve everyone's problems

Hurts so good: 20 ways to torture developers

From switching frameworks to turning 23 years old, developers suffer mightily in hopes of the momentary rush that comes from a beautiful algorithm in a few lines of code

It's a bird! It's a plane! It's your pink slip!

Like the machines and assembly lines before them, drones are poised to drive many of us to the unemployment line

Stupid user tricks: The most embarrassing flubs yet

From conference call mishaps to misdirected sexy texts, these compromising tales will make you grateful they didn't happen to you

Microsoft: Misery sure loves this company

In the car, in the cloud, in the executive suite -- Microsoft can't seem to catch a break this week

Friends don't let friends migrate Active Directory alone

Even with the right vendor tools, domain renaming is fraught with gotchas. Turn to the IT community for help getting the job done

Video: John Oliver chews up, spits out techies at TechCrunch Awards

Uber, commuter buses, out-of-touch execs -- 'The Daily Show' vet leaves no target untouched in Crunchies opening remarks

Let us now bury Sony and Flappy Bird, not praise them

Unlike those quitters, real tech leaders like Microsoft, AOL, and Dell hang on, market share and analyst reaction be damned

Happy 40th anniversary, Dungeons & Dragons, from all your grateful geeks

Raise your hand if you too squandered your youth on polyhedral dice and inscrutable role playing

Stop headhunters from ruining meetups

It's tough to find talent. But recruiters, headhunters, and their ilk should be banned from meetups and user groups before they kill them

Silicon Valley's 'meritocracy' hides a discriminatory streak

The latest evidence: Oracle is sued by a sales manager who says he was fired for refusing to pay less to IT workers from India

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