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Microsoft yanks botched patch KB 2949927, re-issues KB 2952664

Windows 7 upgrade compatibility patch gets a tweaked installer, while the SHA-2 hashing patch is summarily removed without explanation

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Four more botched Microsoft patches: KB 3000061, KB 2984972, KB 2949927, KB 2995388

Windows users are reporting significant problems with four more October Black Tuesday patches

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Windows 7 patch KB 2952664 fails with error 80242016

Microsoft sends KB 2952664 through the automatic update chute for the seventh time -- and still can't get it right

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Microsoft dabbles in per-user Windows licensing

For the first time, Microsoft will offer user-based Windows licenses to enterprises, a change one expert called "substantial" but another downplayed as unlikely to have much of an impact.

Hackers exploit two more Windows zero-day bugs

Microsoft plans to add this pair of vulnerabilities to today's Patch Tuesday

Cheap Windows 8.1 tablets flood the market

Seven-inch Windows 8.1 tablets are available in Hong Kong for $65, with steep discounts on other cheap Win 8.1 tablets

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Microsoft hesitates to trumpet Windows 10; fears consumers will delay PC purchases

After the holiday sales season Microsoft will start talking about the benefit of Windows 10 and Cortana for consumers

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Salvation or shell game? It's anyone's guess with Windows 10

Windows 10 will save us from Windows 8! But a look at upgrade paths and licenses will send you down the rabbit hole

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Review: Dell Venue 11 Pro is a solid, capable tablet-laptop

The Venue Pro's beautiful HD screen, decent processing power, and good battery life more than compensate for its chubbiness

Surprise patch KB 3005628 bodes ill for Microsoft's patching strategy

Out-of-band patch fixes errors 0x800F0906 and 0x800F081F in .Net Framework 3.5, but disrupts Microsoft's patching plan


Nadella says Windows 10 will tie everything together in the IoT

On Windows 9, the Microsoft CEO tells a Gartner crowd: 'It came and went'

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Top 10 tips for Windows 10

You need to know these behind-the-scenes tricks to get the most out of the current Windows Technical Preview

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Windows 10: You're welcome, Microsoft!

Think back to the time you first saw Windows 8 on a desktop or a laptop. You probably marveled: Wow, this looks different. Better be worth such a big change! Then you started mousing around and began wondering exactly what...

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Microsoft slips, spills app volume purchase program for Windows 10

Blog prematurely revealing details of volume purchasing program and enterprise-created 'stores-within-the-Windows-Store' was deleted

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Thanks to Windows 8, Windows 10 need only be good enough

Despite the buzz created by Microsoft skipping ahead to version 10, Windows 8 has set a low bar for expectations

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Windows 8 user share nose-dives in September

Windows 10 can't come fast enough for Microsoft as ailing Windows 8 falls by record amount

Trying Windows 10 Tech Preview? Keep these 7 things in mind

The software you'll install on your PC is an early stage version of the OS that'll have bugs and will change a lot over time

12 things to know about Windows 10

The major update to Microsoft's OS is due next year and will run on all devices

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