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20 epic Microsoft Windows auto update meltdowns
Leaking pipes

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Windows 10: The best tips, tricks, and tweaks

Windows 10 may still be in beta, but it already has some fun and handy, hidden new features worth exploring

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Microsoft helps Lenovo, deletes Superfish 'crapware' and rogue cert

Microsoft today updated its free Windows Defender and Security Essentials antivirus programs to sniff out and delete the rogue certificate linked to Superfish Visual Discovery, the "crapware" that blew up in Lenovo's face this week.

Windows XP

Microsoft to double price of XP's post-retirement support

The price of renewals of custom support agreements will rise to $400 for each Windows XP PC, says licensing expert

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Microsoft enlists Mozilla to speed up JavaScript in Windows 10

Microsoft's Chakra JavaScript engine is getting a performance boost courtesy of Mozilla's asm.js

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Microsoft surreptitiously reissues KB 3013455 for Vista, Windows Server 2003

The lack of documentation leaves users to guess what the Windows patch does and how to install it

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Microsoft rereleases botched December patch KB 3004394 -- and it works

The first version of the Windows Root Cert patch caused massive headaches, but this new release has slipped by almost unnoticed

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First look: Windows 10 preview for smartphones is off to a slow start

The newly released Windows 10 TP holds a few worthwhile improvements and one example of a universal app

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Unpacking Microsoft's universal apps strategy

Write an app for one Microsoft platform and it will (more or less) run on all other Microsoft platforms, including Windows Phone -- thanks in large part to Windows 10

Password obscured.

Microsoft: Biometrics are the future of Windows 10 security

Microsoft has joined the FIDO Alliance and has added its biometrics technology to the upcoming Windows 10 upgrade

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Microsoft posts fix for Poodle patch KB 3023607 that clobbers AnyConnect VPN

Cisco says Microsoft will release an honest-to-goodness patch on March 10 to roll out the fix automatically

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Microsoft releases patch KB 2956149 to get PowerPoint RT running again

The new patch replaces KB 2920732, which proved to be a PowerPoint RT killer

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Users report that KB 2956128 is causing Outlook failures

Microsoft is asking for help in narrowing down a problem facing admins with Outlook 2010 and Exchange 2013

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Microsoft's SSL 3.0 Poodle-busting patch KB 3023607 breaks popular Cisco VPN client

Cisco verifies that installing KB 3023607 may lead to 'Failed to initialize connection subsystem' errors with AnyConnect VPN

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Microsoft yanks KB 2920732 patch for killing PowerPoint 2013 on Windows RT

If you were unlucky enough to install KB 2920732, there’s no way to uninstall it

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Botched Windows patch KB 3001652 re-issued and appears to be working

Yesterday's bad Visual Studio 2010 patch has just been re-released sans the original's flaws

Microsoft fixes IE memory problems

Microsoft has issued 41 patches to fix memory vulnerabilities in its browser; Windows and Office also got patches this month

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Visual Studio patch rollup KB 3001652 causes widespread freezing problems

The Black Tuesday patches have been out for just a few hours, and there are multiple reports about KB 3001652 freezing and/or failing with error 0x80070659

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Microsoft files for 'Windows 365' trademark, hints at future service

Trademark filing could be a clue to new subscription, which would flesh out Microsoft's 'Windows-as-a-service' strategy

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