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Windows 10 and the mystery of the missing cloud

Azure, one of the strongest cards in Microsoft's hand, was absent from the Windows 10 preview event

Spartan and IE11 to coexist in Windows 10

Just months after Microsoft promised an end to duality in Windows, its new OS will include two very different browsers

Word for Windows 10

Microsoft announces Office 2016 suite, touch-enabled Office for Windows 10 apps

Office for Windows 10 apps will be free to use on phones and tablets -- no Office 365 subscription required

The two-browser strategy for Windows 10, at least for now

Microsoft demonstrated a new Windows 10 browser on Wednesday. Whether it's the new IE12 remains an open question

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Windows 10 January Technical Preview: Show me the bits

The dog-and-pony show is over, but a key question remains: Why isn't Microsoft releasing the January Technical Preview?

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Windows 10 upgrades will be free for existing Windows users -- at first

With a free upgrade path from Windows 7 and up, Microsoft is going all-out to get existing users onto Windows 10 -- but what awaits afterward?

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Windows 10, inspired by Apple's OS X

Apple has reshaped the destiny of the PC, and Microsoft appears to now be following its lead

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10th time's the charm: Microsoft finally solves big problems with Surface Pro 3

Surface Pro 3 is relatively glitch-free after its 10th firmware update, released last week, resolved many long-standing issues

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'Bingbooks' need free Office to compete with Chromebooks

Analysts debate the wisdom of giving Office 365 away to sell low-end laptops and tablets

Asus VivoTab 8

Here's how much those 'free' Windows licenses actually cost

It's no secret that Microsoft is practically giving Windows 8.1 licenses away to tablet vendors, but now we know exactly how much the company makes

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9 features you'll likely see at this week's Windows 10 extravaganza

Here's everything you really need to know before the live stream (hopefully) starts at Wednesday's Windows 10 consumer launch

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Google's third zero-day disclosure: Holding Microsoft's feet to the fire

The Google engineer responsible for the latest revelation has won multiple Microsoft awards for finding security flaws

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New Surface Pro 3 firmware update triggers BSOD

At least one customer is reporting blue screens with Microsoft's newly released Surface Pro firmware updates

Microsoft's Jan. 21 event page

Microsoft to webcast next week's Windows 10 keynote

CEO Nadella will headline a day-long event to trumpet Windows 10 for consumers

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Relief for botched Excel patches KB 2553154, 2726958 missing from January Patch Tuesday

Microsoft's Black Tuesday crop for January included a patch of a patch of a patch, but lacked several crucial fixes

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Microsoft is primed for a comeback in 2015

In the cloud and on premises, Microsoft's deluge of product revisions is sure to please the whole gamut of users

Microsoft patch Tuesday focuses solely on Windows

For the first time in recent history, Microsoft has issued no security bug fixes for Internet Explorer

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Google's latest zero-day disclosures further fuel feud with Microsoft

Microsoft protests after Google discloses details of another Windows flaw over the weekend, but can it be trusted to expeditiously fix flaws without pressure?

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Windows 10's Spartan browser will pack Cortana's smarts, report claims

Cortana is already reportedly coming to your taskbar. Now it sounds like you'll get Microsoft's digital assistant in your address bar too

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