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Microsoft: 'Nobody loves developers more than us'

Sharing? At Microsoft? It's more likely than you think, according to Microsoft Developer Evangelist Matt Thompson


Microsoft must finish the job of opening .Net

Microsoft's open developer strategy is amazing and welcome news. But the company must still bite the bullet and make peace with open source

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Microsoft open-sources server-side .Net, launches Visual Studio 2015 preview

In a dramatic shift, Microsoft takes a big step into open source, with the aim of spreading Microsoft development across iOS, Android, OS X, and Linux

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Microsoft open-sources .Net server-side cloud stack

The company is embarking on a broad-based strategy for mobile and cloud development, including major upgrades to Visual Studio

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Microsoft Roslyn compiler project will boost C#, Visual Basic

Microsoft lays out plans, features, and cuts for Roslyn compiler project

Splunk's log analysis framework adds C#, .Net tools

The new tools leverage recently added features and allow Splunk to be accessed in cross-platform development

Aphid brings embeddable scripting to .Net

C-style language inspired by JavaScript leverages C# and F# and enables building of DSLs

14 excellent reasons to use F#

F# makes it easy to write concise code to solve complex problems on all the major desktop and mobile platforms, primarily using functional programming

Microsoft's new open source ASP.Net can run on Linux, OS X

Programmer shows Microsoft's ASP.Net vNext Web framework can run on Linux and OS X -- with some work

Best starter programming language? 8 top picks of developers

Programmers weigh in on why each of these popular first coding languages is the best one for beginners

With CShell, C# developers can bypass Visual Studio more often

After two years, the open source real-time code evaluator may finally see the light of day

Microsoft and open source: True love or casual fling?

Microsoft is lavishing lots of love on open source .Net technologies, but open source Windows is another matter

Four things developers should know about the new Microsoft

Microsoft's new open source and platform initiatives present many options and challenges -- here's what developers need to know

Microsoft opens .Net but misses the point with mobile

Unprecedented change continues to flow from Microsoft. But does the company really 'get it'?

Microsoft adds .Net compiler to open source offerings

After open-sourcing its JavaScript technology, Microsoft does likewise with Roslyn project and forms .Net Foundation

One Windows, all devices: The new Microsoft app strategy unveiled

Metro apps will share the same runtime, so developers can create one app to run on all Windows devices

Red Hat to take on Microsoft with .Net hosted service

Through a partnership with Uhuru, Red Hat will offer Microsoft .Net and SQL Server as cloud services

Microsoft-backed F# language surges in popularity

The functional programming language, ranked 69th a year ago, threatens to crash the top 10 in Tiobe's rankings

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