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Microsoft open-sources JavaScript tools

ManifoldJS turns Web experiences into native mobile apps, while Vorlon.JS offers remote JavaScript debugging

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Microsoft preaches the gospel of universal apps at Build

The Build conference also will focus on Visual Studio 2015, Windows 10, and mobile app dev

The Dispose - Finalize pattern

Best Practices in using Dispose and Finalize in .Net

Learn how the GC works and the best practices to cleanup resources occupied by your program to build applications that are better in performance

mvc 6

New features in MVC 6

Leverage the ASP.Net MVC 6 framework to design and implement applications that can leverage the Mode View Controller design pattern and promote code re-use, testability and maintenance seamlessly

object services layer

Programming the Object Services Layer in Entity Framework

Take advantage of Object Services Layer to reduce the impedance mismatch between the object and data models in your application and perform CRUD operations against your Entity Data Model

unit testing

Take advantage of Unit Testing to reduce errors in the development phase of your project

A proper and planned approach towards test driven development can reduce errors in your application considerably

thread states

Best practices for .Net thread synchronization

A good knowledge of thread synchronization is needed to build applications that need to take advantage of thread safety and avoid deadlocks

WCF vs Web API

Choosing the right technology for building the service layer in .NET

There are many different considerations you need to think over before you decide the right technology for the service layer in your application

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Microsoft upgrades JavaScript, Visual Studio development tools

WinJS JavaScript toolbox focuses on 'universal experiences' for Windows 10, while Visual Studio will get Enterprise, Professional, and Community editions

Asynchronous Programming

Asynchronous operations in ADO.Net

Leverage asynchronous programming to eliminate resource intensive blocking operations in your application

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Microsoft brings Node.js debugging to Visual Studio

Node.js Tools 1.0 for Visual Studio supports deploying Node.js applications in Microsoft Azure

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Microsoft open-sources .Net build system

The platform is now available on GitHub, and Microsoft intends to bring it to Linux and Mac OS X

Memory Mapped Files

Working with memory mapped files in .Net

Take advantage of memory mapped files to boost application performance and facilitate data sharing data between processes

dynamic langage runtime

Exploring the Dynamic Language Runtime in .Net

Take advantages of the Dynamic Language Runtime to promote interoperability between statically and dynamically typed languages

Task Parallel Library

A deep dive inside the Task Parallel Library in .Net Framework

Leverage the multiple cores in your system using the Task Parallel Library provided by Microsoft .Net Framework

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Apple Swift follows familiar path to .Net and Android

Silver lets developers use a common language across multiple platforms, but it is not a cross-platform technology vnext

New features in ASP.Net 5

Build cross-platform, high-performance modern web applications with ASP.Net 5

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Microsoft backs Java for cross-platform mobile apps

Developers can write in their favorite Java IDE, and JUniversal will translate it to the appropriate language for the platform

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