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IBM brings more Watson smarts to developers

Mobile apps can now utilize IBM's voice-to-text and text-to-voice translation services as well as a new set of analytics

HP's cloud-based service protects BYOD mobile devices and PCs

HP Touchpoint Manager is geared for small businesses, with plans starting at $2 per month

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Microsoft adds IoT, big data orchestration services to Azure

Microsoft is looking to expand on the big data capabilities of its Azure cloud platform with three new services

Data warehouse-as-a-service startup Snowflake comes out of stealth

Snowflake wants to do for the data warehouse what Salesforce did for CRM

Google shakes up cloud services market with another price cut

Google fires back at Microsoft, which last week cut prices of some Azure services

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Cisco pumping $1 billion more into Intercloud

Cisco announces 30-plus new cloud computing partners

Wyoming to close data centers in cloud shift

The first state to deploy Google Apps makes its next step in moving the state's computing resources to cloud services

Who's managing your managed services? You, ultimately

Managed services aren't magic. Before your provider can provide relief, it will need some help from you

CA gets into cloud management of IT services

CA Cloud Service Management provides a central location to manage an organization's use of external cloud services

Oracle focuses on prepping databases as a service

The latest release of Oracle Enterprise Manager offers organizations the ability provide production-ready databases as a service

SAP to create cloud services for vertical industries

SAP intends to eventually cover 25 industries with a new series of industry-specific cloud services

IBM customizes cloud services for the enterprise

IBM is offering cloud services to cover patient care, customer data analysis, and other specific industry processes

IBM banks on developers to expand cloud services

Offerings that include an IBM Cloud marketplace and a BlueMix developer garage are designed to attract developers

Microsoft OneDrive for Business changes files

Users are claiming that OneDrive for Business alters files behind the scenes. It's true -- and it's an old problem tracing back to SharePoint

Turn application metrics into business value

Every business needs to monitor its performance. What better place to look than your key applications? Lew Cirne, CEO of New Relic, explains the value of software analytics

Cisco's Intercloud could supercharge its Internet of things plans

The company's IOx edge-computing platform could mesh with its cloud plan to improve IoT performance

Intel takes 'Intel Inside' to the cloud

Concerned that your cloud service might be powered by -- goodness! -- an ARM server? Don't worry -- Intel has you covered

IBM launches business unit to make Watson a moneymaker

The newly formed Watson Business Group will be based in New York and offer cognitive computing systems and services

Cisco teams with VMware, Citrix to counter Amazon's new cloud-based desktop

Expect a whole wave of new cloud-based desktop offerings on the market next year

Amazon wants to analyze real-time data with Kinesis

The managed service is now available as a public beta and can be used to help enterprises analyze things such as financial information

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