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Intel Core i7

Serious flaw patched in Intel Driver Update Utility

The flaw could allow man-in-the-middle attackers to install malware on computers

malware bug virus security magnifying glass detection

Hacking Team breach helps Kaspersky Lab find Silverlight zero-day

A silver lining to the Hacking Team breach: The leaked documents offered clues to Kaspersky Lab researchers in their hunt for a Silverlight vulnerability

security hacker code cyberespionage

Antivirus software could make your company more vulnerable

Security researchers are worried that critical vulnerabilities in antivirus products are too easy to find and exploit


Cyber criminals abusing free Let's Encrypt certificates

Trend Micro researchers have identified a malvertising campaign targeting sites that use free Let's Encrypt certificates


Hyatt Hotels says payment-processing systems hit by malware

The company has asked customers to review their payment card account statements

microsoft edge

Microsoft extends SmartScreen browsing protection to foil malvertising and exploit kits

The technology can now block websites or malicious ads that try to exploit vulnerabilities in popular software

hardware security embedded circuit board integrated controller

Vulnerability in popular bootloader puts locked-down Linux computers at risk

The flaw can allow attackers to modify password-protected boot entries and deploy malware

malware bug virus security magnifying glass detection

A free, almost foolproof way to check for malware

How to scan every running process on your system for malware in seconds, without installing antimalware software

Malware steals payment card data from PoS

New payment card malware hard to detect and remove

FireEye finds that Nemesis, which comes from a suspected Russian group, is a bootkit

victim identity theft computer problem

Widespread exploit kit, password stealer, and ransomware program make dangerous cocktail

Cyber crime group combines Pony, Angler, and CryptoWall 4.0 in a single campaign

Apple brings down apps, mainly Chinese ones, with malware

Microsoft teams with law enforcement to disrupt Dorkbot botnet

The 4-year-old botnet called Dorkbot steals login credentials for many online services and has infected 1 million computers worldwide

no flash

Adobe tells developers to use HTML5 instead of Flash

Flash isn't dead yet, but Adobe is encouraging developers to adopt Web standards like HTML5

holiday ecommerce

4 do's and don'ts for safer holiday computing

It's the season for scams, hacks, and malware attacks. But contrary to what you've heard, you can avoid being a victim pretty easily

microsoft headquarters

Microsoft enables potential unwanted software detection for enterprise customers

Sysadmins can now turn on the feature in System Center Endpoint Protection and Forefront Endpoint Protection

turkey balloon float macys thanksgiving day parade

Tech’s five biggest turkeys of 2015

This year’s flock of turkeys underpaid women and African-Americans, exposed users to fraud and embarrassment, and carelessly loaded their products with malware

dell xps 13 15

And then there were two: Another dangerous Dell root certificate discovered

After Dell confirmed that one of its support tools installed a dangerous self-signed root certificate and private key on computers, users discovered a similar certificate deployed by a different Dell tool

xmas malware

'Tis the season ... of malware

Every year cyber criminals find the time to give out holiday malware, so look out for these pieces of malware coal


Dell computers shipping with potentially dangerous root certificate authority

The threat posed by the pre-installed CA is being likened to Superfish

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