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xmas malware

'Tis the season ... of malware

Every year cyber criminals find the time to give out holiday malware, so look out for these pieces of malware coal


Dell computers shipping with potentially dangerous root certificate authority

The threat posed by the pre-installed CA is being likened to Superfish

hardware security embedded circuit board integrated controller

New Dell partnership throws doubt on traditional antivirus programs

A Dell executive says most AV products aren't effectively stopping attacks

Cybersecurity planet big data security

State-sponsored cyberspies inject victim profiling and tracking scripts in strategic websites

The scripts likely help attackers identify unique users who can be targeted with exploits tailored for their software configurations

ransom note

Facing cyber blackmail? Don't pay a king's ransom

The growing scourges of ransomware and DDoS threats scare many victims into paying up. The only way to stop the madness is to refuse to succumb when possible


Cyber criminals turn to video ads to plant malware

The complex code behind video ads makes it harder to detect malware

mabouia mac ransomware

Ransomware for Mac is nothing to worry about -- for now

Writing ransomware is easy, but getting it installed on Macs would be harder

Digital Key

First Linux ransomware program cracked, for now

There's now a free tool that can decrypt files held for ransom by Linux.Encoder.1

10 reasons why phishing attacks are nastier than ever

10 reasons why phishing attacks are nastier than ever

Forget Nigerian princes -- today’s spearphishing is sophisticated business, fooling even the most seasoned security pros

Security online

Deploying application whitelisting? NIST has some advice for you

The U.S. government agency has published a detailed guide on how to use application whitelisting technologies to bar malware infections


How a mobile app company found the XcodeGhost in the machine

Apple will face increasingly clever attempts to sneak malware into the App Store

Digital Key

New ransomware program Chimera threatens to leak user files

In addition to encrypting people's private files a new ransomware program dubbed Chimera threatens to publish those files on the Internet

Apple China iPhone

Apple wages battle to keep App Store malware-free

Growing number of suspicious mobile apps threatens to taint the App Store's years-long reputation as being high quality and malware free

Apple iPhone 5S (4)

Many US enterprises still running XcodeGhost-infected Apple apps, FireEye says

A new version of XcodeGhost has also appeared that tries to defeat defenses built into iOS 9

Data center servers

Hackers infect MySQL servers with malware for DDoS attacks

SQL injection is used to abuse a MySQL feature and install malware on servers

Adobe logo and products reflected in displays.

Adobe promises new Flash Player update to plug zero-day bug

The latest zero-day vulnerability in Flash Player is currently under attack by Pawn Storm. Sit tight for an emergency patch next week

email security

Attackers target OWA for domain credentials

Why spend time targeting Active Directory for domain credentials when Outlook Web Application is as good -- and far easier to compromise?

Apple security

Chinese hackers put iOS in the crosshairs with novel attack angles

For nearly a year, Chinese hackers have used a novel one-two punch to compromise iOS devices.

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