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MacBook Air

Mac revenue tops iPad as Apple sells record 5.5M computers

Mac revenue outpaces iPad's by 25 percent; 'Obvious cannibalization' of the iPad, says CEO Tim Cook

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Why Apple should add Touch ID to its Macs

Password security is the obvious reason, but Apple Pay is the better reason

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Smaller Windows PC makers nip at Apple's heels in customer satisfaction

Macs take the top spot in customer satisfaction for the 10th year in a row, but smaller Windows PCs closed the gap

10 ways Apple really has changed the (tech) world

Apple is both a creator of and a beacon for the technology future we now live in

Rotten Apple: Apple's 11 biggest failures

Apple sets the standard -- for both success and failure. Here's a look at 11 major screwups, some of which almost derailed the company

Support letdowns tarnish Apple's sterling quality

By building better products, Apple creates higher user expectations for addressing issues when they arise

10 things you need to know about Microsoft's Surface Pro 3

The Surface Pro 3 sports some impressive capabilities. Here's the scoop on its software to its performance to its sound and camera

Blame the iPad for the crash in tablet sales

The iPad is not new any more, and tablets are so good that you don't need a new one -- but it doesn't mean PCs are back

The PC is dead? Then the Chromebook must be comatose

Microsoft haters close their eyes to any evidence that PC sales are still strong, which they are

Christmas in June: Apple fans draft wish lists for WWDC

Visions of iPhones, iWatches, Apple TVs, and iHomes are dancing in the heads of the Apple faithful as WWDC nears

Intel's Thunderbolt 2 now allows peer-to-peer Mac connections

The feature is available through OS X Mavericks and goes beyond Target Disk Mode; support for Windows coming

Windows 8 picks up an unlikely ally in Apple

Apple is dropping Windows 7 support in Boot Camp -- and Mac-based Windows users won't like the reasons why

Double standard: Why Apple can force upgrades but Microsoft can't

Ironically, Microsoft's compatibility commitment has boomeranged, making it easy for users to keep what they have

A clear-eyed guide to Mac OS X's actual security risks

Apple has improved its security in recent years, but is it enough?

Get real, IDC -- PC sales will plummet in 2014

IDC's current prediction of a 6 percent decline in PC shipments this year doesn't pass the smell test

IDC: PC sales won't stop dropping until 2018

Mobile devices and economic pressures will continue to eat away at PC sales, with desktops and notebooks alike affected

North Korea switched from Windows to OS X -- should you?

As the PC market wavers, the Mac may dominate it despite poor Microsoft apps

Rebounding Mac, strong iPad and iPhone highlight winning Apple quarter

Apple reported a $13.1 billion profit in Q1 as revenues from China soared 29 percent even before China Mobile's deal to sell iPhones kicked in

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