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10 things you should know about Apple's Swift

Apps built using Swift won't be accepted to the iOS or Mac App Store until the fall, so there's still time to learn the ins and outs of this new programming language

Apple rolls out more features for iWork for iCloud

Apple's iWork for iCloud gets a handful of worthwhile improvements that are well integrated with the rest of the suite

Support clock ticks on Office for Mac 2011, but heir nowhere in sight

There are only 18 months left before Microsoft retires its current suite on OS X

Apple updates iWork for Mac, iOS, and iCloud

Apple updated its suite on all three platforms, with improvements to almost every aspect of every app and more compatibility with Microsoft Office

Apple patches Safari's Pwn2Own vulnerability, two-dozen other critical bugs

Cupertino again leaves Snow Leopard users out in the cold by omitting fixes for Safari 5.1.10

Microsoft launches free OneNote for Mac -- with some pieces missing

Free version of Microsoft's note-taking app is now available for Mac sans support for SharePoint and integration with Outlook

Apple and security: 5 deadly development sins

If Apple carries on with its many programming misdeeds, it will soon see a breakdown in its shiny, new security

North Korea switched from Windows to OS X -- should you?

As the PC market wavers, the Mac may dominate it despite poor Microsoft apps

MSVCR80.dll errors and other problems plague iTunes 11.1.14 on Windows

Windows-based iTunes customers report problems with the latest update, and solving the issues can be a complex process

iWork updates for Mac, iOS return missing features

Mac and iOS versions of iWork now support sharing password-protected documents via an iCloud link

Apple takes first small step to return iWork's stripped features

Customizable toolbars top the restoration effort, but some users still hate the revamped suite

9 dumb differences between iOS and OS X Apple should fix

Many apps and services work almost the same, so the differences that do exist become major frustrations

Review: New Parallels, Fusion virtual desktops for OS X fail the smell test

Parallels has interesting ideas that only half work, and Fusion adds almost nothing new beyond better hardware support

Apple unveils big plans for software, hardware for 2013

At WWDC, Apple announced latest version of OS X, substantial overhaul of iOS, updated MacBook Air lineup, and iCloud-based version of iWork

The lazy geek's guide to a home media center

Apple TV and iTunes let you fulfill the digital entertainment dream, especially if you add an iPad to the mix

Microsoft: No more support for you, Office for Mac 2008

Microsoft continues to shortchange Mac users with just five years of Office support; Windows customers get support twice as long

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