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browser roundup sept 2014 ie11 screen

JHipster links Java and JavaScript for Web development

The application generator works with Angular.js and a multitude of tools

Video: What's next for JavaScript?

The upcoming ECMAscript 6 will provide the basis for modernizing the wildly popular JavaScript language

JavaScript adds Node.js validation library

Tcomb validation library emphasizes models as 'single source of truth' and focuses on early bug detection

The star of JavaOne is ... JavaScript?

Fearing developers could defect, Oracle makes accommodations for JavaScript at its upcoming Java conference talks big, but jQuery Foundation isn't worried

The cool Web and mobile library has high expectations but may be biting off more than it can chew

JXCore's new trick: Convert Node.js projects into self-running apps

Newest beta of the JXCore fork of Node.js lets users compile Node applications and dependent modules into deliverables

Big databases jump on the JSON bandwagon

Database titans like Oracle and IBM can no longer ignore the NoSQL insurgents. Are their efforts to accommodate JSON serious, or superficial?

Walmart's investment in open source isn't cheap

While proprietary vendors want us to focus on price, innovators focus on the flexibility and business value of open source

Why developers should get excited about Java 9

The next generation of the enterprise development platform will feature major improvements, including modularity and API updates

11 essential JavaScript tools for Web developers

From Web app frameworks to data visualization in real time, these tools have your next Web project covered lines up mobile-app wrapper for September release

The wrapper service will allow apps to be distributed in Google Play and the Apple App Store

Adobe, Intel want in on mobile app magic is providing its Apache Cordova refinements to Intel and Adobe to improve mobile apps overall

New JavaScript library adds facial detection, 3D projection to Web apps

Tracking.js means Web developers won't need C, C++, or plug-ins for computer vision apps

Happy 10th anniversary, Ruby on Rails -- but watch your back

The Web framework remains popular, but competitors like Node.js have stolen some of its thunder

Aphid brings embeddable scripting to .Net

C-style language inspired by JavaScript leverages C# and F# and enables building of DSLs

For Node.js talent, it's a seller's market

Job listings for the new JavaScript-based server-side framework have climbed far faster than listings for Ruby, Python, or Java

Google Dart upgrade zooms in on mobile app dev

Google's JavaScript alternative focuses on building mobile apps, with special accommodations for Android devices

Bootstrap 3.2 highlights mobile features, adds browser bug tracking

Twitter's front-end Web framework adds responsive functionality for mobile presentation, tracking for browser bugs

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