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MIT ports Tesseract OCR to JavaScript

Port from developers at MIT supports dozens of languages and makes it easier and cheaper to build image-processing applications

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JavaScript superset JS++ adds dead code elimination

The JS++ platform also adds modules and backs a multitude of code editors, including Visual Studio Code and GitHub Atom

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Node.js 7 set for release next week

With the new release, version 6 of the JavaScript platform will move to long-term support, and version 0.10 will reach "end of life" status

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JavaScript projects regroup under a new foundation

The JQuery Foundation gives way to the JS Foundation, which will take projects such as Dojo Toolkit and Grunt

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Facebook spins Yarn to replace NPM packager

The company built Yarn out of a desire for a faster, more secure version of the NPM JavaScript package manager

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Vue.js JavaScript framework revs up rendering

Vue.js 2.0 supports server-side rendering, streaming, and component-level caching


ECMAScript, TypeScript lead among JavaScript flavors

State of JavaScript survey also finds big interest in React and Angular 2, while CoffeeScript is on the way out


Microsoft emphasizes JavaScript tools, libraries in TypeScript 2.0

The latest version of Microsoft's typed JavaScript superset adds simplified declaration file acquisition and non-nullable types

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Oracle Visual Code brings cloud-based app dev to business users

The competitor to Salesforce Lightning lets citizen developers create apps out of prebuilt components


Node.js upgrades module safety and ECMAscript support

The forthcoming version 7 beta release moves toward VM agnosticism and adds Canary in the Gold Mine technology to ensure modules don't break

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Mozilla relaunches JavaScript debugger as part of tools transition plan

Debugger.html does away with XUL in favor of the React JavaScript library for easier changes

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Google's Angular 2 JavaScript framework finally arrives

The new version, rewritten with Microsoft's TypeScript, offers payload size and performance enhancements

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Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine gets a tuneup

The V8 team and Russian developers offer enhancements for performance, optimization


Samsung brings JavaScript to the internet of things

Samsung is offering a stable 1.0 release of the lightweight engine for resource-constrained devices

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OCaml compiler brings type safety to JavaScript

BuckleScript from Bloomberg takes OCaml code and turns it into JavaScript


Google Closure compiler moves from Java to JavaScript

The tool has shed its Java dependency in favor of compiling Java source code to JavaScript


TypeScript 2.0 borrows from Rust and Swift

The latest version adds a tagged unions type capability and more literal types, enhancing type safety and reducing tedium

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New Google tool cuts JavaScript code down to size

Google's Ignition interpreter lowers memory consumption -- and that's only the beginning for this V8 engine component

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