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R, TypeScript climb RedMonk language rankings

The top 10 programming languages remain JavaScript, Java, PHP, Python, and more


Facebook open-sources tools for fast React app creation in JavaScript

The social giant's newest open source offering provides a rapid way to set up the prerequisites for building React apps in a complex JavaScript environment

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Google Dart gets its own version of the Angular 2 framework

Critics respond that separate Angular 2 versions -- one for Dart and one for TypeScript/JavaScript -- might actually discourage Dart adoption


TypeScript 2.0 beta kicks async support down the road

There's still a lot to like in the newest version of Microsoft's JavaScript-derived language, like non-nullable variable types

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Enterprise NPM users to get help with security, licensing

Third parties are being enlisted to provide add-on services for JavaScript modules

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D3.js JavaScript data visualization package goes modular

D3.js lets you combine modules as desired to support independent release cycles

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How RASP protects applications from attacks

Runtime application self protection technologies mitigate application-level vulnerabilities right from the runtime engine, such as the JVM

Swagger stumbles: Flaw enables remote code execution

Swagger's code generators and parsers forgot the core tenet of software development, which is never to trust user input

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Eclipse's annual release train focuses on JavaScript, PHP

This year's open source tooling package, called Neon, also gives nods to Docker and Android

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JavaScript specification gets official thumbs-up

ECMAScript 2016 has limited new features due to the new philosophy of providing smaller, more frequent updates

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Don’t run JS email attachments: ​they​ can carry potent ransomware

A new ransomware program called RAA is entirely written in JavaScript


New JavaScript library makes prototyping easy

Kakapo.js project helps developers prototype Web apps without the back end

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Jailed JavaScript library runs untrusted code safely in browsers, Node.js

Jailed uses native JavaScript functions to run other libraries in a sandboxed environment, which could be the route to safer plugins and better automated testing of code

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Make room, Java: New languages take a slice of the pie

The usual suspects -- Java, C, Python, JavaScript, Perl -- still rule the Tiobe index, but Scala and TypeScript take a seat at the table


New compiler tackles JavaScript's weak typing

With its patent-pending technology, JS++ focuses on compile-time type-checking but is not open source

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F# functional programming comes to JavaScript

Fable compiles F# to JavaScript, but lets developers pick their own Web development tools

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Pepperoni spices up iOS and Android app dev

The tool provides a blueprint for building mobile apps with Facebook's React Native JavaScript library

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DoppioJVM brings JVM apps to the browser

The project for running JVM code in a browser via JavaScript is still in beta

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