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Grails gets cozy with AngularJS for better JavaScript

The Grails framework features improved REST capabilities, while the companion Groovy language gets compiler boosts


Nginx Web server goes dynamic, adds monitoring

Nginx users can finally modify servers, and the new Amplify service will let them monitor vital statistics, complete with alerts

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First look: Facebook's open source React library

Recently released as an open source library, React enables developers to assemble a modern JavaScript UI fast, once you climb the learning curve

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Nginx boosts devops with custom JavaScript

Nginx launches NginScript for configuring its Web server

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NodeSource eases path for Node.js in the enterprise

Fully supported and enhanced for business, the NSolid server-side JavaScript platform is ready for deployment

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Q&A: The JavaScript-based React UI library explained

Expansion to Windows 10, Internet of things could be on the drawing board for React

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Microsoft to React developers: Give TypeScript a try

Version 1.6 of the JavaScript subset forges links with Facebook's React UI technology and features an upgraded type system

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Inside NPM: Building and sharing JavaScript packages

The default package manager for Node.js, NPM enables you to install, publish, manage, and distribute JavaScript code easily

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Facebook takes Relay JavaScript framework open source

Company engineers see the community potentially extending it beyond its links to React JavaScript technology

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Facebook extends React Native to Android

The JavaScript development technology lets developers create Web, iOS, and Android apps with the same core set of code

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IBM snaps up StrongLoop to add Node.js smarts to BlueMix

IBM's acquisition of a major force in Node.js development enriches its cloud support for Node and bolsters its IoT initiative

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Node.js 4.0.0 arrives with ECMAScript 6 backing

The latest upgrade of the server-side JavaScript technology combines the Node.js and io.js code bases

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Node.js process manager set for 1.0 upgrade

Keymetrics' PM2 manages the popular server-side JavaScript platform, enhancing performance and helping developers maintain apps

Build real-time Web apps with RethinkDB

The RethinkDB JSON database simplifies the development of applications that rely on real-time updates

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AngularJS creators chart developer-friendly upgrade path

AngularJS 2 will be a rewrite, but predictable upgrades are planned so that developers can choose which components to migrate

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React Native gets instrumentation, performance boosts

Facebook is investing heavily in the JavaScript framework for mobile app dev, focusing on build tools and source control

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New JavaScript-based language brings the speed

A new language, Imba compiles to JavaScript and leans heavily on tags and selectors

Why Node.js beats Java and .Net for Web, mobile, and IoT apps

Speed, scalability, productivity, and developer politics all played a role in AnyPresence’s selection of Node.js for its enterprise development platform

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