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AngularBeans brings together Angular and Java for Web dev

AngularBeans 2 will accommodate Angular's own next-generation upgrade and add container support

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Vue.js lead: Our JavaScript framework is faster than React

Version 2.0 of the Web interface dev tool focuses on DOM improvements

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Red Hat ditches effort to port Node.js to Java

The Nodyn open source effort to bridge the technologies was undercut by an inability to make NPM JavaScript extensions work with it

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Google's V8 JavaScript engine now backs WebAssembly

Version 5.1 also boosts performance and standardization, and it implements more of the Orinoco garbage collector

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Node.js 6 taps V8 update for more speed, security

The server-side JavaScript platform gets a new version of Google's V8 JavaScript engine and more standards compliance

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Mozilla gives WebAssembly a parallelism boost

By using parallelization in its Firefox browser, the company has reduced startup times

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Hackathon Starter gets newbies up and running on Node.js

The tool provides templates for easy coding and serves as a starter point for Web app development

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Meteor’s Apollo unites client apps and back-end databases

The technical preview works with JavaScript, but native iOS and Android backing is in the works as well

Top 25 Windows 10 Free Tools

Facebook's React Native comes to Windows 10

Facebook's JavaScript-powered framework will soon support development of native apps for Universal Windows apps

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Plug it in: Nginx Web Server now accepts more modules

R9 version also boosts load balancing; JavaScript additions still in development

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HTML5.1 begins to take shape on GitHub

The next generation of the Web standard is using a GitHub repo for feedback and suggestions

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Facebook rolls out React 15 upgrade to JavaScript library

The latest version features DOM improvements and full SVG backing

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Microsoft’s TypeScript 2.0 is due by June

The non-nullable type is the key new feature in Microsoft’s JavaScript superset

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Grunt JavaScript task-runner nears 1.0 release

The newest release updates async callback handling, duplicate BOM handling, and the command-line interface

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Visualizing data that matters

Developed by MIT Media Lab and Deloitte, Data USA delivers interactive JavaScript visualizations of thousands of public data sets on jobs, income, education, and health

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Google predicts Angular 2 is 'not too far away'

Google's popular JavaScript framework is nearing the last point before an official general release

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Third-party Web UI for Docker has major security flaws

Major vulnerabilities found in third-party DockerUI product indicate that Web apps for vertical audiences aren't always security conscious

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Experimental ThinScript language backs WebAssembly

Still a work in progress, the new language supports technology intended to boost Web performance

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