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Move over, Linux -- JavaScript-powered NodeOS 1.0 approaches

NodeOS lowers the bar for developers using a base foundation of JavaScript, Node.js, and Npm

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Make the most of 'promises' in JavaScript

Ensuring consistency in distributed applications is a challenge. Here's how to use promises and keep everything on track

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ECMAScript 2016 will add SIMD capabilities and async functions

Changes to the JavaScript spec upgrade will 'drastically change the way you write JavaScript code'

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Angular-Meteor links JavaScript frameworks

Version 1.2 features build system improvements and ECMAScript compliance


Node.js takes center stage in NetBeans 8.1

NetBeans adds capabilities for the server-side JavaScript platform, as well as boosts for PHP and C++

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JavaScript upgrade will nix object observation feature

The technology landscape has changed since Object.observe was first created, limiting its present usefulness

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Node.js release cycle hits the fast lane

Node now has a Long Term Support release line for enterprises and a stable mainline release channel for more frequent incremental releases

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Babel JavaScript compiler goes modular

Performance and API improvements round out a major revision for the ECMAScript 2015-compliant platform

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Node.js 5: No rest between releases

A mere month after Version 4 dropped, Node.js 5 debuts with new features but only short-term support

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For Vue.js, components power interactive Web interfaces

With Vue.js 1.0.0 available, main developer Evan You sees the JavaScript library becoming a top choice for building Web apps

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Easy cross-platform app dev with GitHub's Electron

An application shell for apps built using Web technologies, Electron lets developers use Node.js to build and run desktop applications

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Q&A: Why Tungsten.js is not like other JavaScript frameworks

Created at an e-commerce site, the JavaScript technology lets users build Web UIs with high-performance rendering on both client and server

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Node.js adds long-term enterprise support version

Version 4.2.0 of the open source JavaScript tool addresses enterprises' stability needs and support despite incremental updates

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Facebook splits React library across Web and mobile

With React .014 upgrade, developers can share components that behave the same across platforms

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Jaws takes a bite out of AWS Lambda app deployment

Applications without servers, containers, or infrastructure? The Jaws framework attempts to deliver exactly that for AWS Lambda

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Grails gets cozy with AngularJS for better JavaScript

The Grails framework features improved REST capabilities, while the companion Groovy language gets compiler boosts


Nginx Web server goes dynamic, adds monitoring

Nginx users can finally modify servers, and the new Amplify service will let them monitor vital statistics, complete with alerts

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First look: Facebook's open source React library

Recently released as an open source library, React enables developers to assemble a modern JavaScript UI fast, once you climb the learning curve

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