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TypeScript: Industrial-strength JavaScript

Like it or not, JavaScript is the language of the Web, but it's tough to manage for enterprise-scale development. TypeScript offers an attractive alternative

zamboni ice smooth, jQuery join forces for slicker, smoother Web is now a founding member of the jQuery Foundation; their first joint mission will be to curate quality Web widgets for developers

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JavaScript, Java lead the way in RedMonk language rankings

When it comes to language usage on GitHub and Stack Overflow, the stalwarts reign

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Try out JavaScript 6 features while you wait for the real thing

6to5 project transpiles ECMAScript 6 to its current counterpart, letting you use many future features right now

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JavaScript surges past Swift, R for top programming language honors

Objective-C's stumble cleared the way for JavaScript to become Tiobe's Language of the Year, while PyPL gave the title to Swift

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Maria framework connects Smalltalk, MVC to JavaScript

Maria's founder advocates for simplicity rather than the JavaScript community's Frankenstein-esque approach to JavaScript frameworks

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jQuery reigns as top JavaScript library

The new Libscore search engine, which crawls the Web tracking library usage, affirms jQuery's dominance among popular sites

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Developers get real numbers on JavaScript library usage

Libscore crawls the top million websites to gather and track information on which JavaScript libraries are being used

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R, Swift soar in language search popularity in 2014

Stalwarts like Java, PHP, and C++ remain highly popular but are dropping in Tiobe's year-end ratings

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Tech conference leaders: What Node.js fork?

The Intuit Node Day conference shies away from talk of recent dissension in the ranks, while attendees are split on the issue

QuaggaJS offers JavaScript-based barcode scanning

The library supports real-time localization and decodes barcodes like EAN and Code128

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Q&A: Why io.js decided to fork Node.js

In an interview, io.js team member Mikeal Rogers discusses the motivation behind the action and what they hope to accomplish


Node.js gains a new fork, much to Joyent's dismay

Dissatisfaction with Joyent's stewardship of the Node.js project has bubbled over, leading to the creation of the io.js fork


Google revs Dart, but questions about language's goals remain

Version 1.8 of Google's JavaScript contender adds new libraries and experimental support for enum types

Facebook's Flow could help JavaScript programmers spot elusive bugs

Open-sourced Flow offers much-needed static type checking for the JavaScrtipt language


Facebook continues tools deluge with JavaScript type checker

Open source Flow is the social network’s latest effort to introduce its technology to the community at large

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jQuery 3.0: More interoperability, less Internet Explorer

The upcoming edition of the JavaScript library will come in two versions: one that supports IE8, and one that does not

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9 cutting-edge programming languages worth learning now

These strong alternatives to the popular languages are gaining steam -- and may be the perfect fit for your next project

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