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Node.js fork JXcore goes open source, aims for mobile developers

The JXcore variant of Node.js bristles with intriguing features and aims to move Node into the mobile world

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Untangling the intense politics behind Node.js

Node.js needs the stability of a foundation to shepherd it. But is the one Joyent and others propose the right answer?

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Microsoft enlists Mozilla to speed up JavaScript in Windows 10

Microsoft's Chakra JavaScript engine is getting a performance boost courtesy of Mozilla's asm.js

Java vs. Node.js: An epic battle for developer mindshare

Java vs. Node.js: An epic battle for developer mind share

Here’s how the enterprise stalwart and onetime script-kiddie toy stack up in a battle for the server room

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Eich: JavaScript will deliver on Java's broken promise

Eich believes JavaScript can be a 'virtual machine embedded everywhere that you can target code at'

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JavaScript ascends as Objective-C falls in language popularity

Monthly Tiobe index sees JavaScript reaching new heights. Objective-C? Java? C? Not so much

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Two years in the making, Node.js upgrade arrives

Version 0.12 of server-side JavaScript platform set to become available as reconciliation with io.js fork expected

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Free cloud service evaluates JavaScript code quality

Free for open source projects, BitHound analyzes JavaScript code to ferret out subpar Node packages

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JavaScript refinements keep coming, but problems persist

ECMAScript upgrades are on track, but process changes and 64-bit issues remain points of contention with key developers

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New Aurelia framework wants in on JavaScript riches

In its debut, the Aurelia modular framework enables customization and accommodates the latest ECMAScript technologies

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Compile C# to JavaScript with DuoCode

Using Microsoft Roslyn and Visual Studio, dev shops with C# assets can compile apps to run in the browser with no extra coding

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Microsoft debuts TypeScript 1.4

The latest version of Microsoft's JavaScript alternative includes support for ECMAscript 6

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TypeScript: Industrial-strength JavaScript

Like it or not, JavaScript is the language of the Web, but it's tough to manage for enterprise-scale development. TypeScript offers an attractive alternative

zamboni ice smooth, jQuery join forces for slicker, smoother Web is now a founding member of the jQuery Foundation; their first joint mission will be to curate quality Web widgets for developers

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JavaScript, Java lead the way in RedMonk language rankings

When it comes to language usage on GitHub and Stack Overflow, the stalwarts reign

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Try out JavaScript 6 features while you wait for the real thing

6to5 project transpiles ECMAScript 6 to its current counterpart, letting you use many future features right now

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JavaScript surges past Swift, R for top programming language honors

Objective-C's stumble cleared the way for JavaScript to become Tiobe's Language of the Year, while PyPL gave the title to Swift

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Maria framework connects Smalltalk, MVC to JavaScript

Maria's founder advocates for simplicity rather than the JavaScript community's Frankenstein-esque approach to JavaScript frameworks

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