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CheerpJ converts Java apps into JavaScript for the web

Applications and Java libraries are converted to web applications, so there is no need for plug-ins or Java installations

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JVM may get upgrade to support today’s multicore processors

A new class type would have the runtime represent the underlying data to be both far more compact and much better suited for processing in bulk operations

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Scala goes skinny: Ammonite tunes the heavyweight for simple tasks

An interactive REPL and system shell capabilities highlight the coming Version 1.0 release

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Java 9 delayed due to modularity controversy

The Java 9 Standard Edition won’t be released in late July after all; September is the new target

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Oracle has a plan to make Java 9 migration easier

A new proposal would temporarily permit illegal reflective access from code on class path by default, so more older code would function in Java 9

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Oracle's Java chief debunks ‘misconceptions’ about Java 9

The new version of Java will work in fact with Maven and favorite libraries, and code conversion won’t be required

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Choose one: High productivity or code you can maintain

No matter how you slice it, there's always a trade-off between speedy development and ultrareliable applications

Java vs. Go

Java vs. Google's Go: An epic battle for developer mind share

The upstart Go is giving stalwart Java a run for its money on greenfield server-side web apps

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Java modularity specification opposed by Red Hat, IBM is voted down

It could be back to the drawing board for Oracle's modular technology plan intended to make it easier to scale Java

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Oracle hits back at modular Java critics

High-ranking Java official responds to Red Hat's comments, saying that changes need to be useful to all developers, not a select few

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Java and C continue to decline in popularity

Upstart languages are creeping closer to the lead in the monthly Tiobe popularity index as software is adopted by more and more domains

Angular vs. React: An epic battle for developer mind share

Java modular battle heats up as Oracle criticizes Red Hat, IBM

Top Java official questions the two companies’ sincerity in their opposition to the planned module system

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Oracle rethinks modular Java plan after Red Hat’s objections

While Oracle insists revisions were ongoing work, they appear to address a recent gripe by Red Hat

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Red Hat, IBM opposition could hold up Java 9 release

IBM and Red Hat plan to vote against the module plan for Java's next release, due in late July

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Azul introduces LLVM compiler to Java runtime

Azul's Falcon LLVM compiler gives the Zing JVM a big speed edge over Oracle's HotSpot Java platform

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Red Hat and IBM raise objections to Java 9 modularization

Java Executive Committee participants worry modularization will have adverse effects on compatibility and could lead to two worlds of Java development

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Java 9’s AOT compiler: Use at your own risk

Oracle's coming experimental technology could make some apps start faster, but it could slow other ones

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Kotlin improves code compilation, now requires JDK 8

Jetbrains' statically typed JVM language also offers several bug fixes and other small changes

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