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Oracle's Java plug-in move no surprise, but is JavaWS the answer?

Applets may no longer be in vogue, but opinions vary whether Oracle's Java Web Start is a viable alternative

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Prepare now for the death of Flash and Java plug-ins

Countless IT admin tools depend on these technologies. Do you have a plan to keep yours working?

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Zing! Azul JVM raises the roof for in-memory Java applications

At 2TB capacity, the Zing JVM allows applications to use all the memory in large servers without stuttering or stalling

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Oracle hops on the bandwagon to dump Java browser plug-in

Browser vendors are moving away from plug-ins. Now Oracle is encouraging developers to migrate Java Applets to the plug-in free Java Web Start technology

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Oracle fixes critical flaws in Java, Database Server

While most of the fixes for Java, Database, and MySQL are run-of-the-mill, four are rated critical if the targeted user has administrator privileges

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Oracle issues record number of patches

Admin are advised to patch immediately after the company issued 248 patches on Tuesday -- its largest-ever release

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Jooby framework simplifies Java Web development

The framework offers modular, stateless development so it scales easily, has a low learning curve, and keeps it simple (stupid)

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Android devs using Visual Studio now have an open source option

Newly open-sourced Android++ tool is aimed at C/C++ developers looking to deploy speedy code on Android

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Java loses no luster in popularity index

Once mired behind the C language in popularity, Java has regained its mojo and is expected to have bright future as it retains its top spot for the month

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Android open source move could boost Java and aid in legal battles with Oracle

Google's upcoming 'Android N' mobile operating system will leverage OpenJDK APIs

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FTC ruling against Oracle shows why it's time to dump Java

The FTC says Oracle hasn't been uninstalling older, insecure versions of Java. It's time for users to ditch client-side Java altogether

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Oracle settles with the FTC over 'deceptive' Java security promises

Security issues have long bedeviled users of Oracle's Java SE, and on Monday the FTC's efforts to address the problem finally came to fruition.

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Java developers can dish out tastier Web apps with JSweet

The transpiler adds Java syntax to TypeScript so developers can use Java skills to build JavaScript Web apps

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IBM's open source JVM project could also speed Ruby, Python

IBM's internal OMR project makes maintaining JVM easier across platforms -- and may give other languages a performance boost

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Red Hat pursues Java-Node.js connection

Red Hat envisions a world in which the two environments co-exist, and the company wants to drive the integration

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Python scales new heights in language popularity

Python is increasingly in use as a first language in high school and universities, propelling it to its highest spot ever on the Tiobe index as well as a high ranking on the PyPL index

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Java 9 delayed by slow progress on modularization

In need of extra time to develop the modularization capability and Project Jigsaw, Oracle wants to push back Java 9's arrival from September 2016 to May 2017

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Android Studio upgrade improves memory profiler

Android Studio 1.5 also fixes bugs and improves lint checks for static code analysis

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