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Oracle security update includes Java, MySQL, Oracle Database fixes

Several vulnerabilities in Oracle's quarterly patch release are considered critical and could be remotely exploited

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Patch JBoss now to prevent SamSam ransomware attacks

Cisco Talos has identified millions of vulnerable JBoss servers that can potentially be infected with SamSam ransomware

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RoboVM Java-to-iOS dev tool meets its end

The technology was under Microsoft jurisdiction as part of the Xamarin acquisition; with the discontinuation, its licenses will expire on April 17, 2017

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Facebook open-sources Android byte code optimizer

Facebook's ReDex tool for paring down Android apps could form the basis for other optimizers as well

Swift vs. Objective-C: 10 reasons the future favors Swift

4 no-bull reasons why Swift on Android won't come swiftly

Making Swift a viable option on Android would be an arduous task. Here are the reasons why Google will remain ensconced on Java

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Visual Basic hits the skids in language popularity

Author of the Tiobe monthly language popularity index sees both Visual Basic and Visual Basic .Net dropping from the top 10 within a year


Sputnik automates code review for Java projects on GitHub

More than a service, Sputnik has open source underpinnings that can be downloaded and deployed, and integration with other code hosting services is on the road map

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Three-year-old IBM patch for critical Java flaw is broken

Attackers can easily bypass the patch to exploit a vulnerability that allows them to escape from the Java security sandbox

Which big data programming language should I use?

Which freaking big data programming language should I use?

When it comes to wrangling data at scale, R, Python, Scala, and Java have you covered -- mostly

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Samsung unleashes ad blocking Android browser

Also in today's open source roundup: Oracle wants $9.3 billion dollars from Google for using Java in Android, and 5 open source home automation tools

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Oracle seeks $9.3 billion for Google’s use of Java in Android

The figure appears in a report by Oracle's damages expert, which Google strongly contests

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Oracle: Java 9 will understand dependencies

Developers have a year to prepare before modularity arrives in Java SE Development Kit 9

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OpenJDK plan would make Java coding easier

JEP 286 proposes adding a local-variable type inference capability

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Two-year-old Java flaw re-emerges due to broken patch

A patch released by Oracle in 2013 can be easily bypassed to attack the latest Java versions, security researchers said


Why you need to start using Polymer for your Web development

Polymer enhances basic HTML in an easy, clean, and powerful way

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Java finally gets microservices tools

Lightbend's Lagom framework helps Java developers create and manage microservices architectures

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JavaScript and Java fend off challenges from PHP, Python

The latest RedMonk language rankings show the two stalwarts continuing their reign while the momentum stalls for Go and Swift

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Java 9 to address GTK GUI pains on Linux

Bringing Java current with the latest edition of the toolkit will prevent app failures due to multiple GTK versions

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