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Node.js takes center stage in NetBeans 8.1

NetBeans adds capabilities for the server-side JavaScript platform, as well as boosts for PHP and C++

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Java shines brightest in language popularity

The enterprise platform again tops both the Tiobe and PyPL indexes thanks to changes that close the gap with functional programming languages

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Library misuse exposes leading Java platforms to attack

A deserialization vulnerability in Apache Commons Collections could lead to remote code execution on JBoss, WebSphere, Jenkins, WebLogic, and OpenNMS installations, but the sky isn't falling yet

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Oracle proposal clarifies Java API deprecations

JDK Enhancement Proposal 227 would offer better information on deprecation and log the usage of deprecated APIs

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RoboVM Java-to-iOS dev tool no longer open source

RoboVM says competitors were leveraging the technology but making no meaningful contributions in return

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Which code is best? 3 JVM languages duke it out

At JavaOne, proponents of Frege, Kotlin, and Mirah make their case to developers

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Developers weigh JSON, security proposals for Java EE 8

At JavaOne, Oracle reveals the numerous proposals under consideration for inclusion in Java EE 8, due in 2017

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Oracle lays out plans for the next Java generation

In celebrating Java's 20 years, former Sun CEO McNealy laments James Gosling's departure from Oracle


Groovy programming language thrives under Apache

Once dropped by Pivotal, the language for JVMs doubles its downloads with support from the open source software foundation

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Java developers carry hopes and fears to JavaOne

Despite mixed signals from Oracle and competition from newer languages, experts agree that Java will stay strong

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Oracle fixes critical flaws in Database Server, MySQL, Java

The bad news: Java and Oracle's database products had lots of vulnerabilities. The good news: None are currently under attack

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Oracle slams door on Russian cyber spies who hacked NATO PCs through Java

The vulnerability is just one of 154 fixed by Oracle across a wide range of products

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Apple's Swift takes first steps toward Android app development

Developers can use available workarounds today, but the coming open-sourced Swift will be the real enabler

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Review: Apprenda PaaS fills the .Net gap

The Apprenda private PaaS is both full-featured and flexible, supporting .Net and Java development and a wealth of deployment options

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Jaws takes a bite out of AWS Lambda app deployment

Applications without servers, containers, or infrastructure? The Jaws framework attempts to deliver exactly that for AWS Lambda

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Oracle considers a new effort to develop mobile Java apps

The OpenJDK community has until Oct. 12 to vote on the proposal to ease development for iOS, Android, and mobile Windows

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Objective-C plummets in popularity

The venerable language for Apple development is losing ground, perhaps with a nudge from Swift

Where to start with containers and microservices

Lessons from Java and VMs show enterprise operations pros the way to microservices adoption

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