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certified openstack administrator

tech industry salaries increase

IT salaries increase across 12 tech job categories

Mondo's salary survey shows the average annual compensation is only increasing for these in-demand tech jobs

project leaders skills

8 project management skills in high demand

By 2020, reports estimate that there will 700,000 new project management jobs in the United States. Do you have what employers will be looking for?

outsourcing ts

The pain of training your replacement

Two women in IT tell how they are losing their jobs to offshore contractors and having to train their replacements

Group of millennials cheering in office

Millennials force CIOs to rethink tech, training processes

Millennials are pressuring companies to implement new training processes to acclimate these younger employees to new technologies

how to recruite programmers

You don't need a college degree to be a programmer in Silicon Valley

The Wall Street Journal says most programming jobs in Silicon Valley now require a college degree. Don’t believe it

cyber security

So, you want to be a security pro? Read this first

Here are some insights to help IT pros take advantage of the talent shortage -- as well as some reasons it might not be the right move for you

ww blogimage rockstargraduate

Have IT degree, will project manage -- but is it a skills match?

Here are the skills needed to make project management a good fit for IT degree holders

16 04cwd cert

IT careers: Do certifications really help?

Earning an IT certification won’t automatically land you a job or a pay raise, but it can be valuable in the right circumstances

Efficiency - a busy man at his desk, surrounded by chaotic paperwork

Efficiency hacks for IT: 6 tips for getting things done

Use these tips from seasoned IT pros to re-architect your day for maximum impact with minimal stress

intro bootcamp

10 technology boot camps to kick-start your career

Course Report offers a database of in-person and Web-based boot camps for technology professionals. Here are the top 10 online boot camps


Being a change agent for digital transformation

In the technology world, the only constant is change. Digital transformation and disruption are all around in the shape of new technologies or in the way we get things done. It can be a real struggle for businesses to keep pace....

highest paying tech jobs in america 1

The 11 highest-paying tech jobs in America

Software developers and architects rule, according to latest Glassdoor study


4 infosec hiring tips to attract top talent

Top-notch security pros are hard to find, leaving companies struggling to fill positions. Here’s what businesses need to change to gain a competitive edge

best metro areas for tech jobs

Top 10 metro areas for tech jobs

You don't have to move to Silicon Valley to get a job in tech. Here the 10 metro best areas for finding one -- some may surprise you

tech resume makeover

IT Resume Makeover: How your older experience can get you hired

How to remake your resume and leverage an older work history to sell your professional brand and land a job in a new industry

hiring software developers

Hiring trends for 2016: Welcome to the gig economy

The number of workers hired as freelance or contract workers has risen in the past two years, and the trend is expected to increase

leaving a job

How job hopping can actually help your career

Job hopping is no longer taboo. Many job-seekers are finding they can achieve a higher salary, learn new skills and expand their expertise by changing jobs every few years

20 hot IT skills that will get you a raise

20 hot IT skills that will get you a raise

IT professionals are well compensated, but 2016 looks to bring even higher pay for some tech workers

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