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5 Dev Tools for Securing Your Code

Open source job market booming

The demand for open source talent is high, according to a new report from and The Linux Foundation

iot skills

10 most in-demand Internet of things skills

The Internet of things is ramping up into a multi-billion dollar industry and with it goes demand for employees with IoT skills. Here we look at the skills that employers want

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Want to boost your salary? Learn Scala, Golang, or Python

Scala, Golang, and Python, along with big data tech like Apache Spark, reliably bolster your paycheck, according to salary-tracking site PayScale

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IT resume makeover: Breaking through tech jargon

In this resume makeover, the candidate didn't need a complete remodel. Instead, he needed to shift the overall focus

Scissors cutting money for budget slashing

Where to cut corners when the security budget gets tight

Security pros provide advice on where to focus your efforts when money is unexpectedly short on supply

P.K. Agarwal Northeastern University

How the skills shortage is transforming big data

As the field of data analysis matures, jobs are growing more specialized

tech companies paying the most

The 10 best-paying companies in tech

The technology industry offers some of the highest salaries of any industry, and Glassdoor names these 10 tech companies at the top

Group of people shot from below in a team formation

Shared experience: The value of technology alliances and user groups

Reach out to like-minded colleagues so that you don't face technology and management challenges in isolation

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6 colleges turning out open source talent

Most IT departments have project road maps that require open-source skills, but finding recent college grads with open source talent can be challenging

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10 fastest-growing tech skills

Here are 10 in-demand tech skills that IT pros should master, according to research from

certified openstack administrator

Got cloud skills? Now you can get certified by the OpenStack Foundation

A new exam aims to help address skyrocketing demand, the group says

tech industry salaries increase

IT salaries increase across 12 tech job categories

Mondo's salary survey shows the average annual compensation is only increasing for these in-demand tech jobs

project leaders skills

8 project management skills in high demand

By 2020, reports estimate that there will 700,000 new project management jobs in the United States. Do you have what employers will be looking for?

outsourcing ts

The pain of training your replacement

Two women in IT tell how they are losing their jobs to offshore contractors and having to train their replacements

Group of millennials cheering in office

Millennials force CIOs to rethink tech, training processes

Millennials are pressuring companies to implement new training processes to acclimate these younger employees to new technologies

how to recruite programmers

You don't need a college degree to be a programmer in Silicon Valley

The Wall Street Journal says most programming jobs in Silicon Valley now require a college degree. Don’t believe it

cyber security

So, you want to be a security pro? Read this first

Here are some insights to help IT pros take advantage of the talent shortage -- as well as some reasons it might not be the right move for you

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Have IT degree, will project manage -- but is it a skills match?

Here are the skills needed to make project management a good fit for IT degree holders

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