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Slackers in the office? Must be the boss's kids

Nepotism rears its ugly head when a new timekeeping system reveals two workers' lazy, cheating ways

Rimini Street did steal Oracle's intellectual property, judge says

The third-part support company had claimed defamation, but a federal judge found Oracle's accusations were true

Forrester lowers 2014 global IT spending forecast

Analyst blames a weak first half for the downgrade, but says growth should pick up in the remainder of the year

SAP HANA continues to baffle customers

SAP customers can't fit HANA into their IT strategies or make sense of its road map, upgrade, and skill set requirements

Step away from the button! 6 touchy tech disasters

It's all fun and games until you bring down the data center with a stray brush of the hand or flick of the finger

IBM plus Apple: It's all about the apps

What will IBM on iOS look like? Phil Buckellew, vice president of IBM Enterprise Mobile, explains how IBM will deliver a new experience in enterprise applications

Our fault? Read the project audit and weep

A wise development team brings in the big guns against accusations of mismanagement on a troubled software project

10 'geek dads' share tales and tips from the IT trenches

Tech pros weigh in on fatherhood, workhood, and how they balance the two

User-centric IT: Marketing blather or are these guys on to something?

Advocates championing a user-first approach to delivering IT services include Box, GoodData, and Okta

SAP going full steam ahead on HANA, the cloud, and 'simple' software

SAP makes many pledges to customers, but it has much work remaining to actually deliver on them

IDC cuts IT spending forecast on mobile slump, emerging market uncertainty

Economic uncertainty in China and Europe due to the Ukraine crisis are 'wild cards' for IT spending

How gamification drives business objectives

Bad design will cause 80 percent of gamified apps in the enterprise to fail to meet their respective business objectives

Forrester: Businesses having trouble getting with the digital times

While most acknowledge digital disruption, dealing with it has not been paramount, and the lack of a clear strategy is pervasive

Be careful what you wish for: The dream job that wasn't

A tech pro pins his hopes to a new position with a great boss at a great company. What could go wrong?

Enterprise software, devices to fuel IT spending growth in 2014, Gartner says

Companies will start pulling the trigger on projects they planned in 2013, driving 3.2 percent growth in worldwide IT spending, according to a Gartner analyst

IT and business remain apart -- and that's a good thing

The irony is that some of that divide is healthy, but few companies can tell the good from the bad

New tune or golden oldie? Microsoft cues up the cloud chorus

Microsoft can beat the drum all it wants for cloud and services, but people still want to hear its greatest hits: Office and XP

Many SAP customers struggling to figure out its mobility strategy

In response, SAP pledges to provide more clarity on its mobile offerings

Google? Evil? You have no idea

Brace yourself for an exhaustive rundown of Google's master plan and the company's ultimate goal

Meet Mr. Ivory Tower and the upside-down management chain

An out-of-touch boss looks to underlings to figure out what the technology group actually does

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