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more productivity tips

IT leaders pick productivity over security

Implementing security measures can make systems run slower and essentially bog down productivity -- which is causing some enterprises to abandon them

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Trim your application portfolio for savings

Reducing the number of applications can save money, but be prepared for a potentially tedious inventory process -- and for users with emotional attachments

digital transformation

What 'digital transformation' really should mean

We're inundated with exciting new enterprise tech. But for it all to amount to more than the sum of its parts, we need to address certain longstanding problems

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3 options for applications that don't fit the cloud

If your software isn't a good candidate for deployment in the cloud, you still have a few options to get in on the benefits

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How ChatOps can revolutionize your business

ChatOps connects people, bots, and tools, making information readily available and creating an easier workflow

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The end of Microsoft product support (and we feel fine)

The nostalgia for periodic big upgrades every five to 10 years is seriously misplaced, and it's not good for users or IT

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4 tech nightmares keeping IT leaders up at night

From data breaches to social engineering, there’s plenty to keep tech types tossing and turning

InfoWorld Deep Dives

Get the tech insight you need from InfoWorld's new digital library

PDF Deep Dives and Digital Spotlights are now available for purchase, as well as through Insider program membership

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Cloud services brokers sound better than they really are

Even when you use containers to make applications truly portable, brokering application resources on demand raises tough challenges

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6 ways to better align IT with the business

MIT's CISR center says 'demand shaping' is a better way for business and IT to collaborate. Does it work?

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IDC's guide to avoiding vendor lock-in

Download a free IDC report that's full of advice to help enterprise IT customers recognize "vendor control points," gain leverage in negotiations, and retain the option to switch vendors if necessary

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Ignore your cloud APIs -- at your own risk

API abuse and neglect will get you in serious trouble, especially in the cloud, so use the available management tools to stay ahead

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Why curious people make better employees

Most hiring managers focus only on finding candidates with the most impressive qualifications, but there is more to potential employees than a resume


That man who ‘deleted his entire company’ with a line of code? It was a hoax

Stack Overflow said it was 'not particularly amused'

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Don’t overlook SaaS, the original cloud option

Software as a service is the original cloud, but 15 years later IT organizations often neglect to consider it in cloud migrations

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Fight, Microsoft, fight: Save our civil liberties

It's an all-out war with the feds over safeguarding our personal freedoms, a cause that Microsoft has actively joined Apple on

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On many IoT projects, IT shops get left behind

Survey also finds that monitoring employees is the No. 1 thing companies want to do with IoT

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The rhetoric and reality of IT decision making

When it comes to deciding on vendor relationships, you have to assume you're being sold to by everyone and not rely any any single voice

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