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Smart CIOs ignore cloud extremists

Still, there are pro-cloud and anti-cloud extremists that you have to watch out for

Stop building the cloud backward

Too many in IT start wit the technology first, wasting precious time and goodwill

Business and IT have no good reason to fight over the cloud

Despite progress, too many organizations are battling internally over who controls business technology. When using cloud technology, there is a win-win option

IT's top 3 cloud migration errors

The good news is that most companies are now moving to the cloud; the bad news is that many are doing it poorly

What Intel's $300 million diversity pledge really means

With 76 percent male employees in the U.S., Intel has a lot of work ahead to bridge the gender and race divides

White House picks VMware's Tony Scott as CIO

Scott will replace Lisa Schlosser, who was filling the role temporarily

state of cios

5 ways a CIO can make a real difference to users

Empowering users with modern tools would help both users and IT, so what are you waiting for?

Shadow IT comes out of the shadows -- and back into IT

The cloud enabled shadow IT, but changes in IT management have helped IT gain ownership of the cloud

female leadership needed

6 reasons your business needs female leadership

Recent research reveals there are significant business advantages to having a woman in key leadership positions

parental leave retention

How to improve employee retention

In the competitive world of IT, organizations that don't understand the cost of employee turnover will pay a steep price

shadow it

Only 8 percent of companies can track shadow IT

Most organizations don't know how dark the shadows are, according to a new survey by the Cloud Security Alliance

managing business process cycle rotate phases

4 ways for IT to connect better with customers

Top IT shops know having users and IT work together can benefit the business and give IT workers a leg up in their careers

Verizon has no excuse for its planned cloud outage

Cloud providers have the means to keep their services available at all times, but have yet to deliver on this key expectation

hazy lujiazui pudong shanghai china

10 lessons U.S. tech managers can learn from their counterparts in China

China’s tech star is rising rapidly. Global companies -- and their savvy IT leaders -- should keep a close eye on the country’s technological transformation

iphone money primary

BYOD? Start here: A draft reimbursement policy for mobile users

Many companies still struggle with reimbursement and access policies for employees on the go

Lightbulb waking up idea breakthrough bright

Real innovation, not false bravado, disrupts markets

From cable TV to taxi cabs, innovative disruption is shaking up markets and changing people’s lives


Complex tools, simple developers: A match made in hell

The developer shortage is coinciding with newer, more complicated tools that most workers can't really use

You should listen to that annoying cloud skeptic

Hyped technology, including the cloud, tends to be used where it does not belong. Naysayers help you avoid that mistake

Focusing on cloud computing's important role.

Cloud computing claims a pivotal role in 2015

Not yet dominating enterprise IT, but progressing at a steady rate, cloud continues its ascent in 2015.

mobile security

Selective wipe: The secret to getting users to report lost mobile devices

Of course smartphones and tablets will contain personal data, so security policies need to protect it, too

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