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MCP, MCSE, and more: Training options for Microsoft admins

There are many paths -- too many, in fact -- to keeping your skills up to date, so here's a guide on how to get the right training


What is a data-driven company?

Most companies claim to be data-driven, but more often than not, these claims are exaggerated. Data is hugely valuable and should play a major role across all departments, from sales to marketing and IT to finance. To become...

sql course

91% off Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate: SQL Server Certification Bundle - Deal Alert

Qualify for a Database Developer Position with Certified SQL Mastery.

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HANA on the Azure cloud brings IT a new choice -- at a cost

The good news: HANA will run on both Azure and AWS. The bad news: You have to figure out which path to commit to

itil course

98% off ITIL Foundation Training for IT Professionals - Deal Alert

Beginning with an assessment of your current IT service offering, you’ll be ready to take the ITIL Foundation exam by course’s end.

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Enterprise IT startups are doing it all wrong

Vendors keep focusing on Mode 2 solutions when Enterprise IT remains predominantly Mode 1

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EU's data privacy regulations put the pressure on IT

European Union authorities are requiring companies that handle EU citizens' data to comply with some of the strictest data privacy regulations in the world -- or pay a steep price


Security Sessions: Unique security challenges for healthcare IT

In the latest episode of CSO's Security Sessions, CSO Editor-in-Chief Joan Goodchild sits down with Ellen Derrico from RES to discuss some of the unique security challenges that healthcare IT have to overcome. Topics include...

MXC fiber

Enterprise networkers have organized: Here are their demands

The user group ONUG is pushing for four new software-defined networking technologies it says would better serve enterprise needs

Scissors cutting money for budget slashing

Where to cut corners when the security budget gets tight

Security pros provide advice on where to focus your efforts when money is unexpectedly short on supply

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Digital transformation: The vendors that got you here may not get you there

Digital transformation requires a fresh look at traditional and emerging vendors to see which ones can really help the organization exploit the latest technologies

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7 ways to get the most from your vendors

Strategies have changed dramatically in the past few years, with new approaches like consolidating your vendor lineup and choosing smaller vendor partners


How to work with rogue users

At Interop 2016, Network World chats with John Hurley, CEO of SmartFile, about how enterprise IT departments can embrace "rogue users" and "Shadow IT" instead of shutting them down.

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Shared experience: The value of technology alliances and user groups

Reach out to like-minded colleagues so that you don't face technology and management challenges in isolation

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Avoiding the 'Sorcerer's Apprentice' problem of software releases

Managing the multitude of software releases the enterprise needs to support can feel a lot like drowning in release pipelines

more productivity tips

IT leaders pick productivity over security

Implementing security measures can make systems run slower and essentially bog down productivity -- which is causing some enterprises to abandon them

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Trim your application portfolio for savings

Reducing the number of applications can save money, but be prepared for a potentially tedious inventory process -- and for users with emotional attachments

digital transformation

What 'digital transformation' really should mean

We're inundated with exciting new enterprise tech. But for it all to amount to more than the sum of its parts, we need to address certain longstanding problems

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