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Bruised by past mistakes, tech firms brace for 'leap second'

Latest leap second plan poses a dilemma for conscientious sysadmins

Leap seconds will be an occasional fact of sysadmin life until at least 2023


Businesses are rushing into IoT like lemmings

Many companies are adopting IoT without knowing if it will help their business

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Prometheus unbound: Open source cloud monitoring

Prometheus 1.0 is part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation's effort to assemble a product portfolio for a container-based, open source cloud

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Tech leaders challenged daily to sort through a crush of new security apps

An escalating race between good-guy developers building new security tools and bad-guy hackers launching new threats means IT has a whole pile of security apps to sift through. Here's advice for evaluating the options

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Chef combines 3 devops tools in one package

The new Automate enterprise commercial bundle is an integrated option for existing Chef users, but not a requirement

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3 ways to screw up a cloud project

As the saying goes, you can learn more by failing than succeeding. If that's true, there's a lot of learning going on


How the FCC fast-tracked its journey to the cloud

CIO David Bray explains how he was able to move the FCC fully to the cloud a very short timeframe.


New toolset makes it possible to build and ship Docker containers within Ansible

Using Ansible playbooks, instead of Docker's tools, opens the doors to new kinds of dev automation


Don't be blinded by the cloud's many virtues

There's a lot of good news for cloud computing these days, but always remember that other technologies are sometimes a better option

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PaaS-ing the savings on to you

PaaS has the ability to dramatically reduce costs and inefficiencies in IT implementations. From reducing wasteful overhead to enabling agile delivery to easing infrastructure upgrades, PaaS represents a sea-change in the way IT...

FusionOps supply chain analytics

How smart supply chain management delivers value

A new generation of supply chain innovators promise Walmart-style supply chain efficiencies and bottom line benefits. But how do you get started?

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Why you should use FastTrack to move to Office 365

Microsoft's migration assistance service will help you get to the Microsoft Cloud at no to low cost

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Gartner: The IT spending implications of Brexit

Global IT spending still expected to grow, but Brexit is trimming the amount


How to make IT governance work

In this free report prepared by the CIO Executive Council, three IT execs describe how they turn business partners into “informed co-investors of the IT budget.”


Interview: Simon Mulcahy, Interim CMO, Salesforce

IDG CMO Perspectives provides insight into the state of Marketing across industries from leading business executives. Simon Mulcahy, interim CMO of Salesforce, speaks to Josh London, CMO of IDG and shares his thoughts on using...


Interview: Whitney Bouck, COO, HelloSign

IDG CMO Perspectives provides insight into the state of Marketing across industries from leading business executives. Whitney Bouck, HelloSign’s Chief Operating Officer, speaks to Josh London, CMO of IDG and shares her thoughts on...

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Intel, SAP, other tech companies pledge to get more inclusive in hiring

Over 30 Silicon Valley companies have signed a 'Tech Inclusion Pledge' to make their workforce more fully representative

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The secret to a successful technology rollout

Too often, IT focuses on getting the technology right and forgets the people who have to deal with the changes

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