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Stack of legal documents with compliance and regulatory stamp

Nine digit regulation

Why GDPR is a wake up call for security professionals


CIO Career Coach: Be a good storyteller

Stories are the most powerful communication devices available. Tell better stories, and you’ll become a better CIO.

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Splunk’s CIO on DevOps, APIs and the evolving role of IT

In this Q&A, Splunk CIO Declan Morris shares insight into the technology approaches that will enable Splunk to double revenue in the next three years.


4 questions new leaders should ask

Phil McKinney, president and CEO of CableLabs, Inc., offers up advice about the new set of skills required to be a successful leader.

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What's old is new again

In 1843, Henry Ellsworth, the U.S. patent commissioner stated to Congress that "the advancement of the arts from year to year taxes our credulity and seems to presage the arrival of that period when human improvement must end." In...

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You can't build enterprise AI if you suck at data & analytics

Executives are anxious to jump on the AI bandwagon, but many organizations lack the requisite data & analytics infrastructure or executive culture to build production machine learning systems.

Workplace Bullying Cyber bullying

‘Pick that cloud, lose our business’: What to do

As giant tech companies compete, some are bullying customers to take sides. A multicloud strategy can help you stay out of their politics

Benchmarks, analyst reports, and other pretenses

Keep the these four facts in mind when assessing how much you should trust “independent” evaluations

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Forget the GUI: The return of the command line

Managing Windows at the scale of the cloud means going back to the command line with PowerShell and Bash

Martha Heller

CIO Career Coach: Rethink Shadow IT

How CIOs can shift their approach to shadow IT.

CFOs have discovered the big stick of cloud computing

CFOs are more likely to drive cloud adoption than CIOs are, to save money. That’s a painful political reality, but so what? It’s for the right cause

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The 3 dumbest things enterprises do in the cloud

The enterprise move to the cloud is on. Don’t let these dumb mistakes trip up your migration

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Focusing on the cheapest cloud price could cost you more

If you skip doing cost governance and cost monitoring, any savings you get upfront will evaporate over time as your actual costs grow

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Good news: CIOs have stopped fighting the cloud

Thanks to CEO and board pressure, and the promise of cost savings, fearful CIOs can no longer ignore the inevitable

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CIO Career Coach: Bringing a product management mindset to IT

In a world where software drives revenue for many organizations, blogger Martha Heller demonstrates the importance of bringing a product management mindset to IT.

security architect

What it takes to be a security architect

While the path to security architect varies, anyone considering the role should have a passion for IT infrastructure and protecting data

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Don't fear the robots, embrace the potential

Robotic process automation is not necessarily replacing human workers, but creating more capacity and the potential for employees to focus on higher-value activities


Top tips for finding the right cybersecurity products

Security pros offer advice from the trenches of a noisy, hype-filled market

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