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3 ways to screw up a cloud deployment

If you want a cloud deployment that actually works, avoid these three mistakes

Executive weighing pros and cons

The pros and cons of going cloud-native

The cloud's scalability, efficiency, and performance are alluring, but the lock-in price can be too high

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Cloud and devops shops, avoid the overautomation trap

Automation is good in many cases -- but not all. Too many enterprises don't make that assessment

Focusing on cloud computing's important role.

Microsoft is hurting small-business Azure adoption

It's too confusing and expensive to adopt Azure, but Microsoft could easily remove that barrier if it wanted

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3 key facts to help sell the cloud in your company

When the ROI argument is not enough, cite these three cloud advantages to convince skeptics

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Hedge your bets with a hybrid cloud -- at your own risk

Picking an approach simply because it provides you with options down the road is always the wrong plan

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Government 'box huggers' avoid the cloud for a reason

But many agencies have legitimate struggles to adopt the cloud, which often get short shrift by cloud advocates

A sign that says We’re Open

Red Hat CEO: Here's how to create an 'Open Organization'

In a brand-new book, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst explains what he's learned from leading the largest open source company and how the lessons can be applied

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Shape up: Tech to keep IT admins healthy

Follow these three suggestions if you want to stick around long enough to see flying cars and a Mars landing

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The case for managed service providers in your cloud strategy

Although they seem like natural cloud enemies, managed service providers are a great complement much of the time

The serious side of the cloud playground

The ability to experiment with cloud technologies will help you make the right technology and business decisions

Your top 5 cloud priorities for the rest of 2015

Now's the time to get serious about containers, service governance, cloud brokerage, and more

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The truth about Macs in the enterprise

Security, manageability, and lower TCO are why Macs should comprise 10 to 25 percent of your work PCs

Fix your applications before migrating them to the cloud

These days, enterprises are moving massive numbers of applications to the cloud in a process called "lift and shift." That means transporting the code and the data, recompiling it, doing a bit of testing, and moving on. The...

Agility is king for cloud value, but ROI is harder to measure

The old capex-versus-opex approach is finally gone, but the cloud's new value focus on agility is much harder to calculate

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New software development success metrics

As project delivery models evolve to be more iterative and agile, success metrics of cost, scope and deadline lose their relevance. This is particularly true for the most significant and strategic efforts that involve customer-facing,...

Management is the key to effective cloud deployment

Although it's easier to focus on the sexier aspects of cloud computing, long-term operational health should be a core consideration

Make sense of cloud service brokers

CSBs help you manage your mix of public and private clouds, but their capabilities vary widely

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