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Microsoft's push to make the most of your staff

Microsoft Office 365 tackles management with StaffHub

Microsoft is building new analytics tools to help companies better manage small and virtual teams

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Dangerous assumptions that put enterprises at risk

Those who make assumptions -- trusting that solutions won't fail and users won't click -- could leave a company's assets vulnerable and lead to a breach

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Former DHS head urges Trump to see economic dangers from cyberattacks

Ridge says Russian meddling in U.S. election is a reminder of the cybersecurity risks to government and private sector

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How workplace equality perceptions are shaped by gender

New research shows just how differently men and women perceive issues of workplace equality -- and how those perceptions shift (or don't) over time

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3 reasons why 2017 will see massive cloud migration

Enterprises have spent two years putting the pieces in place to move applications to PaaS and IaaS; they're now ready to go full speed ahead


Smart Cities: New York

New York's smart city strategy centers around multiple small pilot projects. Computerworld pounded the Manhattan pavement to see how citizens are taking to the tech changes around them.

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Outgoing presidential IT advisors offer Trump 10 tips to succeed

Funding research, education and startups, and promoting the values of diversity, cooperation and openness all make the list. Using Twitter for policy planning, not so much

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Busted! 5 myths of digital transformation

Let’s get digital: Serious opportunities await those who can cut through the bull surrounding everything that can make an organization digital

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Planning is over—it’s time to actually move to the cloud

It's time for IT to move from the what of the cloud to the how of the cloud

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5 lessons from a Chromebook deployment

Subsidized management and apps plus supersimple administration let schools manage fleets of devices and users at a low cost

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Tech execs' boldest predictions for 2017 and beyond

Self-healing software? Ubiquitous wearables? We asked senior-level IT pros to predict what’s in store for information technology. Here's that they had to say.

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What 2017 has in store for cybersecurity

Donald Trump's administration seems to be the biggest concern

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3 simple steps to compliance in the cloud

You need more than a strategy; you need the knowledge and the tools to bake in compliance

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Your cloud strategy must include no-cloud options

Not all applications can move to the cloud, but they can still leave your datacenter

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5 tips to help developers keep up with changing technologies

Developers want to learn new technologies and build new things, and these five tips can help keep the innovation flowing

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The cloud will demote the CIO in 2017

As the datacenter and IT systems move outside the CIO's grasp into the cloud, most CIOs will find their role diminished


CEO Interviews: Citrix CEO Kirill Tatarinov

John Gallant, Chief Content Officer for IDG Enterprise, sits down with Kirill Tatarinov, CEO of Citrix, to discuss the company’s vision and transformation over the past year.

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Too many contractors spoil the business

Contractors have their uses, but companies that opt for them by default lose the valuable institutional knowledge that permanent employees can bring

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