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padlock unlocked security hole flaw

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Lax security? Now you're stuck, sucker

Sometimes a security lesson has to hit them where it hurts before the user learns

hardest to fill tech jobs

10 most difficult IT jobs to fill

Burning Glass scoured more than 40,000 job posting websites over the last year to find out which tech roles are the most challenging to fill


Trump to attack visas that ‘undercut the American worker’

President-elect signals a plan to put the H-1B visa in his crosshairs

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10 tech skills that will boost your salary

Looking for a pay increase in 2017? Add one or more of these hot skills to your resume and watch your earnings soar

citizen developers

Fight the talent shortage with citizen developers

Some businesses are turning to coding hobbyists and enthusiasts to fill the need for tech talent.

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AI beating humans? Not in my lifetime, says Google's cloud chief

The so-called singularity is still some ways away, says Diane Greene, despite recent rapid progress that has surprised many

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University's IT outsourcing could trigger discrimination lawsuit

UCSF is dismissing dozens of IT workers and outsourcing their jobs to an Indian firm


Laid-off IT workers fight University of California outsourcing

Some worry that the overseas outsourcing will spread to other universities

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10 hardest-to-find tech skills

Burning Glass scoured more than 40,000 job postings over the last year to find out what tech skills are most difficult to find

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Back to the future: Apprenticeship in the modern era

Apprenticeships have served both employers and job seekers well for thousands of years. Why have we moved away from this model, and why should employers take back ownership of their staff's education?

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37 percent of IT pros plan to look for new jobs in 2017

IT pros are hoping to boost cybersecurity, networking, and virtualization skills in coming year

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​Today's tech skills redundant within a decade

Half of IT workers in a global survey believe their jobs will become automated and their current skills redundant

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Self-taught? 3 keys to acing the coding interview

Coding interviews are nerve-wracking, but using blind coding challenges can help boost your performance and even the odds

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Motivated and efficient? You don’t belong here

Congrats, you've landed a new job! Too bad poor management and low initiative are the company norm

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Grassley criticizes university over its IT offshoring

A political backlash is growing over UCSF's plan to shift IT jobs overseas

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Infosys' U.S. workforce is mostly South Asian and no accident, plaintiffs allege

Plaintiffs are seeking class-action status for a lawsuit that alleges Infosys discriminates

CEO's message a jolt to IT workers facing layoffs

More than 500 IT employees at insurer Health Care Service Corp. expected to train replacements as work shifts to India-based IT services contractor

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Mobile is now mission-critical for e-business

Hundreds of mobile developers will be hired in-house in every Fortune 100 company, Forrester says

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