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shrugging man unknown question mystery
Getting the job when you're overqualified

summer moocs

12 fun, free summer classes for techies

MOOCs from EdX, Coursera, and newcomer Kadenze tackle superheroes, science of cooking, alien worlds, and more

man covered in post-it notes

Can't disconnect on vacation? These IT pros offer their hard-earned tips

More IT professionals are reducing work activity and enjoying their vacation time. But it takes planning and resolve to completely unplug

Computerworld's Best Places to Work in IT 2015: Company Listings

The complete listings: Computerworld's 100 Best Places to Work in IT for 2015

A compact list of the 56 large, 18 midsize and 26 small organizations that ranked as Computerworld's Best Places to Work in IT 2015

U.S. Congress Washington DC

IT workers replaced by foreign labor may regain federal benefit

Southern California Edison workers may have been among the last to qualify under Trade Adjustment Assistance

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Spills and misunderstandings: The mystery of the help desk ticket

Troubleshooting user problems is always an adventure, and tech pros never know what they're going to get

jumpstart jumper cables

8 ways to jumpstart your career

IT professionals can improve their career prospects by making these tweaks

it workforce hiring trends

The midyear state of the IT job market

The tech market is booming and that's good news for today's tech workers

security hole in fence clouds gap opening

Punch it! A hole opens up in a deployment plan

A company's plan to implement RFID cards checks out perfectly back at HQ, but onsite, an unexpected hiccup arises

graduates entering workforce

What do today's graduates expect in the workplace?

Many 2015 graduates without a job lined up still have high hopes for their careers and a clear vision of what they want from the companies that hire them

Magnifying glass on top of Best Practices

Build from best practices, but use your judgement too

Sometimes best practices avoid past mistakes, and sometimes they create new ones

inhouse outsourcing thinkstock

In a turnabout, Disney ABC TV cancels plans to outsource IT jobs

Layoffs in the Disney development team have been rescinded after news reports of the company's outsourcing moves created a furor

switch job search app

Find your next job with the Tinder-like Switch app

The Switch mobile app lets you -- and employers -- swipe left and right on potential jobs and candidates

businessman puppet pulling strings

A bad manager's tricks: Mind games and manipulation

A control freak reigns over employees by withholding valuable information and making ridiculous demands

now hiring sign

IT hiring rebounds from its winter slump

With more than 14,000 IT jobs added in May, hiring heads upward again, but questions about the H-1B program grow more heated

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Voice of experience: What IT newbies should know

Leaving college and entering the job market? Learn from the techs who've gone before

hire for fit train for skills

How to hire for personality and train for skills

Even in a tight IT labor market, finding talent with the right technology skillsets probably isn't your biggest challenge. What's much more difficult is finding talent with the right personality fit

6 hottest IT jobs for new tech grads

6 hottest IT jobs for new tech grads

College graduates are entering the workforce, and interest in STEM and IT careers is reaching new heights

CW illustration: SaaS Puts Squeeze on In-house Developers, by James Yang [single-use only]

SaaS migrations put the squeeze on in-house software developers

The number of software developers in the workforce is up from last year, but jobs in enterprise IT may become harder to find as more companies turn to cloud-based services

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