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5 Dev Tools for Securing Your Code

Open source job market booming

The demand for open source talent is high, according to a new report from and The Linux Foundation

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10 most in-demand Internet of things skills

The Internet of things is ramping up into a multi-billion dollar industry and with it goes demand for employees with IoT skills. Here we look at the skills that employers want

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Silicon Valley's tech workforce diversity has long way to go, say feds

Silicon Valley's diversity makeup is even worse than that in tech as a whole

United States currency and global business

The 25 best U.S. cities for jobs

Tech positions are among the in-demand jobs in most of the 25 cities

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Publisher of LA Times and Chicago Tribune sends IT jobs overseas

If major newspaper chains move IT work offshore, will that hurt coverage of job outsourcing?

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Want to boost your salary? Learn Scala, Golang, or Python

Scala, Golang, and Python, along with big data tech like Apache Spark, reliably bolster your paycheck, according to salary-tracking site PayScale

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House lawmakers work to replace the hated H-1B lottery

In a piece of bipartisan legislation, employers who offer generous salaries will be first in line to hire foreign workers

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IT resume makeover: Breaking through tech jargon

In this resume makeover, the candidate didn't need a complete remodel. Instead, he needed to shift the overall focus

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Another rainy day at the help desk

Counselor, sleuth, magician, and even techie -- it's all in a day's work at the help desk

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IT hiring keeps rolling, but at a slower pace

If the trends for the first four months of 2016 hold true, growth for the U.S. IT job market will be way down from the past two years

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Newspaper chain sending IT jobs overseas

CEO tells IT staff he is 'pleased' to announce new tech plan that involves sending jobs overseas

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The 10 best-paying companies in tech

The technology industry offers some of the highest salaries of any industry, and Glassdoor names these 10 tech companies at the top

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Open-source really could help get you a job, study finds

Cloud, OpenStack, and networking expertise in open source are all sought by those filling jobs

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To go from IT to IoT, build on your skills

Most companies are just starting to explore Internet of things technology, si now is a good time to get your foot in the door

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Help desk confounded by helplessness

Two tales from the help desk prove that you can't fix clueless

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U.S. uncovers $20 million H-1B fraud scheme

Prison time is possible in visa-for-sale case, say feds

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10 fastest-growing tech skills

Here are 10 in-demand tech skills that IT pros should master, according to research from


With Fiorina pick, Cruz’s H-1B stance now in question

Will GOP candidate continue to seesaw from H-1B supporter to visa critic to...?

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