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Help desk hiring is strong as IT gets more complex

With support center ticket volumes rising, 28 percent of tech pros surveyed are planning to expand staff over the next year

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The IT job party can't stop, won't stop for certain skills

Hiring and salaries will likely soar even higher in 2016, but less so for blacks and women -- and consultants may struggle

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Why companies are hiring from the Silicon Prairie

Businesses are increasingly finding IT talent in the Silicon Prairie -- outside of the traditional tech hot spots of California and New York City

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Citrix spinning off GoTo collaboration business, laying off 1,000 people

The company will focus on the secure delivery of apps and data


Hopeless at the help desk: A tale of two users

Sometimes working in tech support feels like 'Groundhog Day' -- minus the incremental progress

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The fix is in: Proof that H-1B visa abuse is rampant

Outsourcers in particular have found a way to avoid the requirement to pay foreign workers the same wages as Americans

H1-B Visa Abuse

Sens. Grassley, Durbin launch new H-1B fight

Their proposed bill 'explicitly prohibits the replacement of American workers by H-1B or L-1 visa holders'

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Fashion faux pas leads to laptop lockdown

When the CIO's laptop keeps inexplicably locking, the IT team tracks down an unconventional culprit

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HR vs. IT: A backup bout goes three rounds

HR and IT duke it out over missing files, and only one winner can emerge from this fight

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At GOP debate, Rubio says he’s against H-1B abuses, Trump has memory lapse

As Grassley readies a new H-1B bill, GOP hopefuls debate the visa

Leaflets that say Now Hiring lie on a table at a job fair

Young adults unaware of infosec job opportunities

Young professionals don't know about different career opportunities in cyber security -- which isn't good news for the talent and skills gap

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Liar, liar: When a good manager meets a bad vendor

Even veteran IT pros can be taken in by slippery vendors and deals that are too good to be true

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6 traits of up-and-coming IT stars (with video)

What qualities put IT pros on the fast track to the top? We talk to five rising stars -- and their CIOs -- to find what sets them apart (and what you can do to make your star rise, too)

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Did you hear about the dead mouse? Hilarity at the help desk

Tech support's prime directive: Solve the problem at hand -- and save your laughter for later if you can possibly help it

diversity in the hiring pipeline

How to diversify your IT hiring pipeline

Experts share their tips for improving diversity at every step in the process: from writing job descriptions to sourcing, recruiting, and screening candidates

filling legacy tech skills gap

4 ways businesses can close the legacy tech skills gap

As older IT professionals age out of the workforce, companies need to ensure they have the right knowledge and skills to keep their legacy tech running smoothly

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The cloud changes IT culture, demands new tech skills

Business is now pushing IT to get over its job fears and go all-in on the cloud

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Newbies, nerves, and networking: Lessons for IT rookies

You have to start somewhere, and when you're the new tech in the office, those early days can be full of surprises and discoveries

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