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US salaries

Median IT wage is $10K higher for men than women

One in 10 IT workers telecommute, and one in five have at least a master’s degree, Census Bureau data also shows


Enough! Project scope creeps past the boiling point

Take a client who asks for more and more, subtract professional boundaries, and you get a stressful project for a young techie

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Top 10 cities for tech workers

A high salary can mean nothing if you're living in a city with a high cost of living, like San Francisco or Boston. But in these 10 cities that are experiencing job growth, you can find a decent salary with a low cost of living

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5 types of toxic team members and how to handle them

Here's how to handle the five worst offenders whose behavior ruins projects and the concept of teamwork for everyone else

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IT resume makeover: Don’t try to please everyone

Writing a resume means knowing your audience. If you try to please everyone, you’ll only wind up with an unfocused and disjointed document filled with unconnected work experience and accomplishments.


CIO Career Coach: How to build your brand Blogger Martha Heller shares the secrets to building a brand that highlights what you do best.

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Spelling counts: The case of the stuffed server

A tech pro jumps in to stop the madness when a company's mail servers come to a screeching halt

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Microsoft will cut 2,850 more jobs by the end of the year

Cuts are aimed primarily at the company's ailing phone hardware business

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Qualcomm agrees to pay $19.5M to settle charges of bias against women

The female employees said they got lower pay and the company's promotion system was biased against them

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Who needs management? Oops, we do

The company's ancient tech isn't the only overlooked aspect of a troubled business. The employees aren't so well tended either

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Why every tech pro should learn to code

You might think the need for coding skills applies only to programmers, but that is far from the case. This popular STEM skill has found its way into nearly every industry and is quickly becoming a skill

Outsourcing crowd moving toward the United States

Issa bill would kill a big H-1B loophole

Proposal would raise the minimum wage for H-1B-dependent firms from $60K to $100K, but it faces criticism

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Want happier, more productive employees? Be flexible

Research from PricewaterhouseCoopers highlights the growing demand for flexibility and autonomy at work. Embracing independence might be the only way for companies to succeed

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Paper chase: On the trail of an overactive printer

Remote settings get the best of tech pro and employee as a mammoth print job won't stop

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Prepare for the big cloud-driven job shakeup

In a recent survey, Gartner found what early adopters already know: The cloud is changing IT careers in a big way

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Feds to hire 3,500 cybersecurity pros by year's end

The U.S. government is trying to improve the recruiting and retention of cybersecurity pros and has already filled 3,000 security positions since Oct. 1

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Top 10 states for software jobs

Based on data from BSA and The Software Alliance, here are the best states for software careers

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Seagate will cut 6,500 staff despite uptick in hard disk demand

The company had said in June that it would cut 1,600 jobs, but instead is laying off 14 percent of its workforce to reduce costs further

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