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Pink slips rain down on Microsoft

Another 2,100 employees were let go on Thursday

Reports of another wave of layoffs rekindle bad press for Microsoft

A second wave of layoffs is reportedly coming today, as Microsoft moves to eliminate a total of 18,000 jobs by June of 2015

Help desk robot wearing futuristic headset.

Danger, danger -- the robot arm has gained sentience!

The day's routine is livened up with a tape silo with a robotic arm, a tool to automate tasks, and a tech staff with a sense of humor

How to build a great data science team

Select the mix of skills right for your data analytics business goals

plug in connection network

When servers go silent: An admin's nightmare

Amid a routine cleanup, a tech is confronted with the deafening silence of servers gone offline

IT jobs take a summer swan dive

Uptick in IT jobs couldn't keep pace in July and August, when numbers slumped considerably

How to screw tech workers and get away with it

Tech giants get off with slap on the wrist for conspiring to keep employees from competing for better jobs

Slackers in the office? Must be the boss's kids

Nepotism rears its ugly head when a new timekeeping system reveals two workers' lazy, cheating ways

Linux Foundation's certification sets new benchmark for admins

Do open source projects need formal certification? Two notable open source foundations think they do

Get a job: The top 10 hottest IT skills today

The IT job market hasn't been this strong in many years. Here are the skills that will keep you ahead of the pack

Back to basics: 5 baffling tech support tales

Kill this key! Use your bionic vision! Play family counselor! These requests are all in a day's work at the help desk

Free beer! Now Amazon has cloud developers' attention

The AWS pop-up loft in San Francisco is the latest indication that cloud developers are a hot commodity -- and have choices

8 tips to be a better career negotiator

Negotiating has become a required skill for IT professionals -- and you may only get one chance to make your case

How far will businesses go to lure developers?

IT departments are getting creative to attract and retain elite software development talent

Are you experienced? Not for this IT job

Good luck to the IT manager and assistant separating fact from fiction as they try to fill a networking position

2014's hottest IT certifications

David Foote, chief analyst and research officer with Foote Partners, lists the certifications that are on fire in today's IT market

Cisco slashing up to 6,000 jobs

The reorganization will shift more resources into cloud, software, and security

A do-nothing CFO gets the upgrade he deserves

A CFO more interested in golf than in work gets the biggest, baddest machine IT can provide -- but don't look under the hood

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