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For big raises in IT, look to mobile, security, big data

More women will enter the technology workforce in the coming years as they use IT jobs to land business positions, a report said

Top 10 IT skills based on increases in demand

Here are the 10 fastest-growing categories based on number of mentions on compared to a year ago

fishing for it talent

How to fish for (and land) IT talent

CIOs need to be deeply involved in writing IT job postings -- not just leave it to the HR admin -- to lure great hires.

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Security jobs are hot, thanks to the Internet of things

Security certifications are soaring in value as thousands of new jobs are there for the taking

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We didn't nuke your files; we, er, mislaid them

A rookie technician snatches salvation from the jaws of destruction, all while running on too little sleep

Resume Strategy career tips

IT resumes: lies, half-truths, and embellishments

HR pros and hiring managers encounter candidates of all kinds and any lie on a resume is a definitive red flag. However, all lies are not created equal.

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16 tips for thriving as an IT contractor

Companies continue to supplement their full-time technical ranks with temporary contractors. Here’s how to make it work.

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You break it, you build it -- better than before

To borrow from the old Chinese proverb, a crisis can be an opportunity in disguise, even in the data center

Chipmaker AMD will cut staff by 7 percent

AMD's layoff news comes just a week after Lisa Su took over as CEO

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IT jobs market picks up, led by consultants and cloud pros

Jobs site sees increased confidence in the tech job market as its unemployment rate comes in at less than half the national rate

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You don't need tech support ... you need a marriage counselor

An irate wife staunchly believes porn on the PC is the problem -- when she should be taking a closer look at her marriage

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Obama H-1B reform plan draws Grassley's ire

President Barack Obama plans to make the H-1B system "more efficient" through executive action, a move that's drawn negative reaction from Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley.


IT jobs pick up in September, after a slow summer

The IT job market added 13,200 positions in September, near the monthly high set in April

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The executive bonus plan: All for us, none for you

Employees at one company are doubly disrespected when they discover the fate of their holiday bonuses

hot certifications

IT skills that are in demand, and those that will be

Survey shows what certified and noncertified skills will be hot employers in the coming months

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You messed up, junior -- now take a break

The new kid on the IT team braces for a teachable -- and teasable -- moment when a system reboot goes awry

Social networks

Do’s and don’ts of using social media in your job search

Social media can be a great tool for job searches, but if used incorrectly, it can hurt your chances of getting hired

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IT resume makeover: How (and when) to break the rules

The ironclad rule of resume writing is to highlight your career in reverse chronological order – all the time, every time, right? Wrong. Resume expert Donald Burns explains why

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