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H-1B visa airport arrival

H-1B visa man entering U.S. with briefcase

Should security pros get special H-1B visa consideration?

Only 0.3 percent of H-1B visas were issued to information security analysts

frustrated angry user laptop computer hardware

Hotheaded manager backs tech into a corner

A higher-up wants a problem fixed yesterday, and a busy techie has to improvise a quick solution—without alerting upper management

happy worker man jump buildings office

Top 10 U.S. cities for employee happiness

New data from employer review site Kununu reveals where you work geographically can have a huge impact on your career happiness

H-1B visa american flag

Trump eyes end to an H-1B system that favors largest outsourcers

The top 10 H-1B list explains why Trump wants to change the visa lottery

best tech jobs in america

The 14 best tech jobs in America

Glassdoor's annual Best Jobs in America report shows data scientists, devops engineers, and data engineers rank among the best jobs overall in America's current job market.

closeup of cow in grassy field

Bad prep puts company’s cash cow out to pasture

The looming Y2K deadline forces a company to reckon with its lack of ongoing maintenance

thermometers cold warm hot temperature

Big data, IoT, and security are hot IT careers for 2017

Full-stack developers,and VR/AR round out the list, says Randstad USA -- but let's not forget about machine learning and AI

hot it skills

10 IT skills that employers need in 2017

Here are the IT skills that will be in high demand for 2017

5 common tech hiring mistakes to avoid

The consequences of getting hiring wrong can be substantial

161208 apple

Apple's commitment to diversity faces test at shareholder meeting

A shareholder proposal asks Apple to implement management hiring policies tied to diversity goals

President Donald Trump signs an executive order to impose tighter vetting

Security execs voice concern over Trump travel ban

Senior security industry professionals weigh in on the implications of the travel ban imposed by President Trump

tech resume makeover

IT Resume Makeover: Gaining a new perspective

After over a decade with the same company, jumping back into the job search process can be overwhelming and sometimes requires writing your resume from a new perspective

H-1B visa collage

Trump eyes an H-1B visa aimed at ‘best and brightest’

And the Optional Practical Training program could face reform under draft executive order

tech roles boom or bust

5 tech jobs that will boom (and 2 that will bust) in 2017

The technology market is regularly evolving, and so are the jobs and skills necessary to keep it moving forward. We asked an expert what the year ahead holds for IT professionals

oversized alarm clock with man pulling back time

Servers and scars: The perils of shortcuts

Haste makes waste, as one techie observes on both a professional and a personal level

H-1B visa Statue of Liberty America

New Senate bill seeks sweeping H-1B changes

H-1B visas should be distributed to U.S. grads first, not outsourcing firms, say Senators Chuck Grassley and Dick Durbin

cans of CV resumes as metaphor for brand

How to overcome 5 common resume mistakes

Avoid the five resume writing mistakes most commonly seen in the IT Resume Makeover series

outsourcing ts

Trump turns to H-1B advocates for advice

Trump's 16-member team of CEO advisers includes many that offshore jobs and want the H-1B cap to increase

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