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tough interview questions

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Caught between security and stupidity

A simple call to tech support first uncovers an alarming problem, then leads to another festering issue at a client company

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What it really takes to land a software engineering job

This is the business-focused skill set that today's software engineering grads need to land a job in today’s market

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Career road map: Making a career in devops

Eric Sigler, head of devops for PagerDuty, talks about his career and what gets him out of bed in the morning


WayUp connects students & recent grads with jobs & internships

WayUp is an online marketplace that helps brands find great young talent, and helps college students and recent graduates find jobs and internships.

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$29 for This Premium 4-Course Training on Amazon Web Services- Deal Alert

Make yourself invaluable to any company reliant on AWS with The AWS Mastery Bundle, now just $29 for a limited time only.

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Outdated and ill advised: How not to do email security

You've probably heard of security by obscurity, but one company's email policy takes it to the extreme

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H-1B bill advances in House -- as does anxiety about it

The House Judiciary Committee is set to vote on Wednesday on $100,000 wage minimum for H-1B-dependent firms

How to start an indie dev business -- without quitting your job

Start an indie dev business -- without quitting your job

There’s a new, lucrative path to career development, and it starts in your spare time

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University of California’s outsourcing is wrong, says U.S. lawmaker

U.S. Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif) wonders how to encourage young people to go into STEM-related fields when these jobs are being given to foreign workers

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Is there a financial data scientist drought?

The financial organizations of the future will depend on financial data scientists to design, create, and maintain the algorithms that are taking over the financial world. The issue is the lack of training and education offered in...

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Artificial intelligence: Not the job-killer you fear

Dire predictions about artificial intelligence eliminating working-class jobs tend to come from people who don't understand what those workers do

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Too many cooks whip up a networking mess

Cheap bosses and bad decisions add up to a networking disaster, and one tech pro has to undo the damage

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Essential certifications for smart security pros

Expand your skills, know-how, and career horizons with these highly respected security certs

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10 tech skills that will earn you more money

Technology jobs are profitable, but certain skills are growing increasingly in-demand, and businesses will pay a premium for them


Big data salaries set to rise in 2017

Data scientists are in line for the biggest pay hikes among data/data administration pros

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IT Resume Makeover: Knowing what to showcase

Writing a resume is all about conveying your skills and experience in an easy-to-read format. But sometimes you need a fresh eye to help identify relevant skills and projects you might have overlooked

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4 facts job-seekers should know about the technical skill gap in 2016

The technical talent gap is causing growing concerns among businesses. How can both job seekers and employers address these issues?

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Get started in data science: 5 steps you can take online for free

From gaining the right skills to acing your first interview, these resources can help put you on the right track

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