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For big raises in IT, look to mobile, security, big data

More women will enter the technology workforce in the coming years as they use IT jobs to land business positions, a report said

Software developer shortage transcends international boundaries

To solve the talent crunch, more technology education is needed at the grade school level

Robot Eye

The robots are coming to steal your job

Automation technology isn't invading the IT industry alone -- robots are taking over a terrifying range of jobs

Oracle sued over employee no-poaching agreement with Google

The former Oracle employee charges the company with restraining competition in a bid to keep salaries low

Tech workers now oppose settlement reached in Silicon Valley hiring case

Google, Apple, Adobe, and Intel are accused of entering into no-hiring agreements

Oracle database certifications aren't 'permanent' anymore

The policy change only immediately reflects certifications for long-in-the-tooth versions of the database

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Women in IT: No longer a nice-to-have

As pressure to diversify rachets up, companies are reaching out to lure women into IT. Here’s how to go about it

Microsoft's Nadella backtracks after comments on women's pay lead to protests

Satya Nadella later tweeted he had been 'inarticulate' in saying that not asking for a pay raise is 'good karma' for women

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Computer engineering degrees pay off big time

Computer engineering graduates are some of the top paid workers in the country, according to new data analyzed by Brookings

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IT skills that are in demand, and those that will be

Survey shows what certified and noncertified skills will be hot employers in the coming months

A closer look at CIO salaries, bonuses, and perks

Median pay among 26 IT leaders is $2.2 million, according to our analysis of CIO compensation

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Microsoft, frustrated as ever with H-1B policy, considers options

Conference on immigration policy gives Microsoft an opportunity to voice its frustration, which is unaffected by its recent layoffs

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You messed up, junior -- now take a break

The new kid on the IT team braces for a teachable -- and teasable -- moment when a system reboot goes awry

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3 make-or-break interview questions for developers

It's developer season at my company. Unlike with deer season, we’re hiring rather than shooting, though not all survive the interview process

Are your co-workers killing your productivity?

No tech worker is an island. A recent productivity impact study reveals work efficiency is impacted negatively by co-workers

What I wish I'd known starting out as a programmer

Young programmers don't generally seek advice from aging coders. Fine -- but for once, sit down, shut up, and listen in

15 technologies changing how developers work

The very nature of programming is evolving faster than you might think, thanks to these powerful tools

2014's starting salaries for college tech majors

As summer winds down, it's time for a look at how tech graduates' starting salaries are stacking up

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