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IT certifications that will pay more

IT certification hot list 2015: 10 that deliver higher pay

Certifications abound in the IT industry, but they aren't all equal. Here's a look at which certifications are poised for the biggest growth

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The 8 trends mobile developers care about most

A new worldwide survey of mobile app developers reveals some interesting facts about their work, from platforms to motivation

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10 best tech jobs in America

Find out which tech jobs made the list based on earning potential, career opportunities, and number of open job listings, according to data from Glassdoor

resume linkedin killer

Is LinkedIn killing the traditional resume?

A LinkedIn profile is more important than ever to job seekers and hiring managers, but it's a different tool than the traditional resume

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Impossible deadline? Stupid contract? Time to bail

From the get-go the project was problematic, and after a while, it wasn't worth the hassles

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Attention, rockstar developers: Get a talent agent

High demand, large workloads, and the changing nature of programming work have some developers seeking reps to help them land new gigs

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The 15 best cities (you didn't think of) for high-paying tech jobs

San Francisco and New York City may offer the glam factor, but they also bring high costs of living to go with it. If you dig a little deeper, there are many lesser-known cities that offer good pay and good quality of life

What Intel's $300 million diversity pledge really means

With 76 percent male employees in the U.S., Intel has a lot of work ahead to bridge the gender and race divides

Illustration by Anastasia Vasilakis: Hotbed for IT Talent

IT jobs market booming in the Southwest

The IT jobs market is booming in the Southwest, and while the pay may not be as high as it is elsewhere, the cost of living is a lot lower

White House picks VMware's Tony Scott as CIO

Scott will replace Lisa Schlosser, who was filling the role temporarily

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Tech salary guide: What you can earn in 2015

From CIO to PC technician, salaries for tech-related jobs are on the rise, with pay increases for more than 80 positions in 12 categories -- and if you work in the Silicon Valley, the news is even better

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Beat the HR bots -- and get your résumé read

You have two options when it comes to beating the automated systems that filter resumes: You can go through them, or you can go around them

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The best jobs are in tech, and so is the job growth

All signs point to continued growth in IT hiring and salaries, even for humble jobs like tech support

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Why soft skills are key to a successful IT career

The most important IT career skills aren't necessarily technical. Communication, negotiation, team-building and conflict resolution are all critical to IT success, especially in leadership positions

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10 signs you’ve been coding too much for too long

If you’re doing one or more of these things, it might be time to step away from the IDE and take a break

best worst places to work

The 5 best and 5 worst tech companies to work for

Looking for a new IT gig in 2015? We've compiled a list of the best and worst companies in the tech industry

Hoovering money

IT jobs outlook: High demand, higher salaries

Technology professionals are not only enjoying better job prospects, they're netting -- slightly -- bigger paychecks for their work

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10 things you should worry about in 2015

We live in an age of uncertainty, where old assumptions suddenly become open questions. Generalized anxiety is bad for you, though, so focus on these 10 points

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