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nightmare clients monsters ghouls zombies dragons beasts

14 nightmare clients -- and how to defang them

Here’s how to identify and neutralize beastly client behavior before it gets the best of your project

Google, Apple increase offer to $415 million to settle no-poaching case

Judge will decide at a March hearing whether to approve the settlement from tech giants Google, Apple, Intel, and Adobe

parental leave retention

How to improve employee retention

In the competitive world of IT, organizations that don't understand the cost of employee turnover will pay a steep price

life preserver save survivor overboard rescue recover

A survivor's guide to IT job searches

One tech pro navigates a maze of tests, interviews, and recruiters in search of gainful employment

job search worker arrow up 2015

IT hiring ends 2014 on an upswing

The 7,900 IT jobs added in December were good news, even as questions persist about stagnant wages and low job participation rates

managing business process cycle rotate phases

4 ways for IT to connect better with customers

Top IT shops know having users and IT work together can benefit the business and give IT workers a leg up in their careers

chief social media officer

Should you hire a Chief Social Media Officer?

A strong social media presence is a necessary part of business' marketing, communications and customer relations strategy

job search worker arrow up 2015

Why you should start your job search now

Job seeking in 2015? The time to get started is now as the first-quarter hiring process is picking up

money raise

15 job titles getting big salary boosts in 2015

The average starting salary for new IT hires is expected to climb 5.7% in 2015. Here are 15 positions with the biggest raise potential

hazy lujiazui pudong shanghai china

10 lessons U.S. tech managers can learn from their counterparts in China

China’s tech star is rising rapidly. Global companies -- and their savvy IT leaders -- should keep a close eye on the country’s technological transformation

2015 Non-certified IT Skills

16 of the hottest IT skills for 2015

Here are specific skills that will add the most value for your career advancement in the new year

2014 otr yir intro5

Bloopers, breakdowns, and bad jobs: The IT chronicles

Who says IT is boring? The last year of on-the-job stories from tech pros would indicate otherwise

blue arrows 97467453

IT hiring continued its hot streak in November

IT hiring remains high amid the overall strengthening of the economy, raising new questions about the alleged shortages of IT workers

outsourcing thinkstock

Displaced IT workers are being silenced

The ongoing H-1B debate is one-sided because legal agreements -- and fear -- keep displaced workers from sharing what they know

resume sample tips

The best IT resume tips of 2014

This look back at the IT Resume Makeover series features some of the best resume advice from the past 12 months

efficiency it talent

How to get the most out of your IT talent

Tech pros talk about how to cultivate creativity and focus talent on projects that increase the value of IT

Job Interviewing Skills

13 insider tips for acing your job interview

Esoteric puzzles, landmine questions, ‘cultural fit’ -- these 13 tips help you navigate the IT interview process with confidence

otr good things 9

8 feel-good tales of life in IT

A techie's life isn't all needy users, clueless execs, and balky machines. At times you can enjoy and give thanks for a job well done

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