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Combating the Diversity Dearth illustration, by Daniel Hertzberg [SINGLE USE]

How data analytics can drive workforce diversity

Many companies are struggling to make their IT teams more inclusive. Is it time for data analytics to take over the job?


4 ways to jumpstart your career for less than $1,000

Consultants, recruiters, and IT professionals provide advice on the best investments for reaching your career goals

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Stack Overflow survey: Nearly half of developers are self-taught

Stack Overflow Developer Survey finds 48 percent of respondents never received a degree in computer science

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8 free online courses to grow your tech skills

The cost of learning just got cheaper with these eight free ways to grow your technology skill set

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Client or grifter? The free work stops now

For far too long, a sneaky customer scams his way through the system to procure free work from unsuspecting developers


In the IT talent wars, businesses need to sweeten the pot

CIOs worried about getting and keeping top IT talent may have to boost compensation and other enticements

remote workers larger talent pool

Want better IT talent? Recruit remote workers

If you're struggling to find elite, high-quality tech talent locally, consider knocking down geographic barriers and embracing remote workers

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How to get ahead in IT: Always agree with the boss

The formula is simple at one company: Nod your head and keep your job -- but keeping your dignity is another matter

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Sure, change providers -- but please let IT know

When the phones go down at a remote office, IT comes to the rescue, only to discover the shoddy habits of the local team

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Top enterprise IT companies where people want to work

Startup Poachable shares insights based on passive job-seeker interests

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4 ways to beat the big data talent shortage

Big data will continue to be hamstrung by a lack of talent for the coming years

Robotic Process Automation: IT Job Killer?

Robotic process automation: The new IT job killer?

Robotic process automation has higher-value IT tasks in its cross-hairs but could be the best antidote to outsourcing yet

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Caution: Sleazy client on rampage

One client pushes the limits on accounting and treatment of employees -- but gets busted on something else

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Behind the White House’s claim of 545,000 unfilled IT jobs

Claim of more than half-million available IT jobs was based on data from one source and doesn't account for normal churn

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What to do when IT is broken -- and management doesn't care

An IT pro tackles deep system issues at one company -- then realizes the worst problems are skin deep

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Six failings common to entry-level cyber security job seekers

Here's how many cyber security entry-level job seekers fail to make a great first impression

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IT jobs made modest gains in February

With only 5,400 new jobs added in February, attention now turns to the upcoming H-1B lottery and its effect on STEM hiring

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Shortage of security pros worsens

Cisco estimates there are a million unfilled security jobs worldwide

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