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resume sample tips

The best IT resume tips of 2014

This look back at the IT Resume Makeover series features some of the best resume advice from the past 12 months

efficiency it talent

How to get the most out of your IT talent

Tech pros talk about how to cultivate creativity and focus talent on projects that increase the value of IT

Job Interviewing Skills

13 insider tips for acing your job interview

Esoteric puzzles, landmine questions, ‘cultural fit’ -- these 13 tips help you navigate the IT interview process with confidence

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8 feel-good tales of life in IT

A techie's life isn't all needy users, clueless execs, and balky machines. At times you can enjoy and give thanks for a job well done

stages it career salaries

5 top-paying IT jobs for every stage of your tech career

Whether you're entry level, mid-level or C-level, we identify the highest-paying IT roles in each of those three categories

Job Interviewing Skills

6 ways to nail the job interview

Learn what IT hiring managers say are the most common interviewing mistakes and how you can avoid making them

man shouting aggressive communication expressive

Admins and developers: Two teams separated by a common language

The admins and developers agree on a plan for a security fix, but in the ensuing fiasco, realize they weren't on the same page at all

Talent compass to recruit and hire the right skills.

10 hottest IT skills for 2015

Programmers and project managers rejoice: Your skills are bankable assets.


10 security mistakes that will get you fired

From killing critical business systems to ignoring a critical security event, these colossal slip-ups will get your career in deep water quick

employees leaving

5 ways to make underemployment work for you

Don’t let pride get in the way. Pursuing jobs that you’re overqualified for can be the pathway to a new career

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IT jobs jumped in October, extending year-long hot streak

Strong October IT hiring numbers, and even stronger revised numbers for August, show IT jobs up across 2014 -- but worries persist about hiring and retention for women and minorities in IT

mobile workers in motion

The IT freelance economy is growing, but not at large firms

Full-time IT hiring appears to be rising at bigger companies as the economy strengthens

Young man at computer with binary code

3 big universities proclaim: Learn data science online!

You want to be a unicorn -- er, data scientist? Three pillars of higher learning promise to make that happen via the magic of the InterWebs

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Top tech salaries go to those who graduate college

Computer science and engineering majors from these schools nab top dollars after they graduate

For big raises in IT, look to mobile, security, big data

More women will enter the technology workforce in the coming years as they use IT jobs to land business positions, a report said

Software developer shortage transcends international boundaries

To solve the talent crunch, more technology education is needed at the grade school level

Robot Eye

The robots are coming to steal your job

Automation technology isn't invading the IT industry alone -- robots are taking over a terrifying range of jobs

Oracle sued over employee no-poaching agreement with Google

The former Oracle employee charges the company with restraining competition in a bid to keep salaries low

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