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What I wish I'd known starting out as a programmer

Young programmers don't generally seek advice from aging coders. Fine -- but for once, sit down, shut up, and listen in

15 technologies changing how developers work

The very nature of programming is evolving faster than you might think, thanks to these powerful tools

2014's starting salaries for college tech majors

As summer winds down, it's time for a look at how tech graduates' starting salaries are stacking up

Best Places to Work in IT 2014: What employees want, what employers offer

Explore what matters most to IT workers and find out which of the top 100 organizations deliver with bountiful benefits, top-notch training, and more

9 signs you should jump ship to a new job

Poor teamwork, little experimentation, no clear career path -- your employer may be sending unmistakable signals of career stagnation. Don’t miss them

Code boot camps finally go MOOC

Hack Reactor is preparing to offer a remote-attendance version of its software engineering course

Ka-ching! 10 biggest tech CEO pay raises

Which tech leaders received the most generous pay hikes in 2013?

How to negotiate your starting salary

You got the job offer. Now it's time to negotiate your compensation package. These tips will help you get the best deal while keeping the process a positive one

Wall Street's collapse was computer science's gain

Undergraduate computing majors at US universities rose more than 13 percent last year, continuing a trend

IT salaries for the 20 hottest tech skills

Unemployment rates in the IT industry remain low, and companies are offering higher salaries in order to recruit top tech talent

Millennials and tech: Round pegs in a square cubicle farm

Young developers want more than money and perks. A trip to Thailand shows the problem of retaining talent is global -- and needs real, not superficial, solutions

Google+ creator Vic Gundotra quits

Gundotra had come over to Google from Microsoft and had been involved with mobile app creation, as well as Google+

Hurts so good: 20 ways to torture developers

From switching frameworks to turning 23 years old, developers suffer mightily in hopes of the momentary rush that comes from a beautiful algorithm in a few lines of code

Boom or bust: The lowdown on code academies

Programming boot camps are on the rise, but can a crash course in coding truly pay off for students and employers alike?

Is your pay measuring up? The 2014 tech salary guide

If you want to see where you fit on the tech pay scale, this IT salary guide covers every tech job from CIO to help desk professionals

7 simple rules for hiring great developers

The war for programming talent is full bore. Here's how to hire the best coders when competing with the big boys

Silicon Valley's 'meritocracy' hides a discriminatory streak

The latest evidence: Oracle is sued by a sales manager who says he was fired for refusing to pay less to IT workers from India

Better angels: 7 tech tycoons who gave very, very generously

Not all of tech's nouveau riches are selfish bozos -- some have donated hundreds of millions to research in medical science, hospitals, and universities

Should everyone learn how to code?

Developers scoff at the idea for good reason. But as the gap grows between the number of programming jobs and qualified coders to fill them, we need to inspire those who have potential

15 tips for success as an independent software developer

Here's how to cut your corporate ties and transform your programming chops into a thriving business

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