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Female executive holding mobile tablet with security icons floating above

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Mobile security: iOS vs. Android vs. BlackBerry vs. Windows Phone

Android Marshmallow and iOS 9 add new tricks to the MDM arsenal, especially for app management

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Chinese hackers put iOS in the crosshairs with novel attack angles

For nearly a year, Chinese hackers have used a novel one-two punch to compromise iOS devices.

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With iPad Pro, Apple pushes further into the enterprise

After forging alliances with IBM and Cisco and unveiling a business-ready 12.9-inch tablet, Apple is poised to make serious inroads into the corporate market

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Apple throws down the gauntlet with overhauled privacy policy

Apple dives into real detail about how its various services use and protect your data. Et tu, Google?

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Visual guide: The iPad's new split-screen multitasking

Some apps on some iPads support full split-screen capabilities, so be prepared for a variable user experience in this new iOS 9 capability

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Office and the iPad Pro: It's just business, stupid

Microsoft will require owners of Apple's iPad Pro to pay for almost all functionality in its Office suite, a point neither Microsoft nor Apple bothered to highlight this month when the latter invited the former to share stage time at...

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Apple says 'app slicing' now unavailable for iOS 9 apps

The app-slimming feature is not currently available to developers because of a bug in iCloud

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iOS 9 tips and tricks you need to know

Apple made iOS 9 available to iPhone and iPad users last week. Here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of it


iOS 9: How to get transit directions in Maps

Apple finally brings public transit directions to its Maps app in iOS 9. Here’s how you can incorporate bus, train, and subway directions when planning your trip.

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Exploit broker's iOS 9 prize puts all of us at risk

Researchers deserve to get paid well for finding serious vulnerabilities, but it shouldn't be at the expense of overall software security

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Apple ships iOS 9.0.1 to fix bug that paralyzed some iPhones

Tells customers with crippled devices to connect to iTunes to grab the update

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Over 4,000 iOS apps infected by XcodeGhost

The impact of iOS app developers unknowingly using a rogue version of Xcode is turning out to be greater than initially thought

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iPad Pro users will need to pony up for an Office 365 subscription

The tablet's big screen size means editing Word documents will now cost you

iOS 9

Third-party data on iOS 9 disputes Apple's adoption claims

Apple says iOS 9 has already cracked 50% and is the 'fastest iOS adoption ever;' data from metrics vendor Mixpanel says different

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Hack iOS 9 and get $1 million, cyber security firm says

Exploit acquisition company Zerodium has $3 million to buy iOS jailbreaks, which it plans to share with customers

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Sloppy dev practices allowed malware into Apple App Store

The XcodeGhost malware on iOS and OS X provides an object lesson for developers: Never rely on unofficial versions or alternative repositories for your tools

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Hot hot hot: iOS 9 on track to become Apple's most popular software ever

After less than a week of availability, more than 50 percent of iOS devices are running Apple's upgrade

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Apple pulls infected apps after malware strikes App Store

Apple's walled garden is breached after developers take code shortcut.

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