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swift 2

Seven Swift 2 enhancements every iOS developer will love

Apple makes good on Swift’s emphasis on performance, approachability, and ease in latest update

Apple iPhone 5S (1)

Increasingly popular update technique for iOS apps puts users at risk

JSPatch could allow malicious developers to bypass Apple's strict application review process and access restricted iOS functions

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The sky is not falling on Apple or the iPhone

Despite Wall Street panic over soft iPhone sales, Apple's highly active users will keep the company in a sweet position

ios9.3 education

'Shared iPad' in Apple's iOS 9.3 update is a big deal

Along with Night Shift mode and CarPlay enhancements, the upgrade adds useful features to the mobile OS

Apple logo from inside Apple Store in Boston

An iPhone that can 'feel' your pain? Apple's latest acquisition could make it happen

The company has reportedly purchased AI startup Emotient


13 critical questions for Apple heading into 2016

After a successful 2015, which saw the release of the iPhone 6s line and a new Apple TV, Apple faces some serious questions heading into 2016


Hands-on: Livestream's Movi video camera takes multiple angles from one, big 4K video stream

Livestream's first handheld video camera, the Movi uses a single lens and an innovative iOS app to make one 4K video stream look like up to nine different shots. You can select close-ups and different cuts easily, resulting in...

Skull crossbones cityscape

The app dev undead: 5 technologies limping along, io.js, JavaFX, Objective-C, and Spring.Net have all faded away, but for different reasons

2015: The Year in Hacks

The most innovative and damaging hacks of 2015

The year's most significant attacks highlight how hackers are changing tactics -- and how IT security must evolve in the year ahead


Microsoft's Cortana digital assistant launches on iPhone and Android

Cortana heads to iOS and Android as a companion for Windows 10 PCs

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It's official: Mobile means only iOS and Android

Firefox OS has died, BlackBerry OS is unofficially dead, Sailfish is on life support, and Tizen is AWOL -- gone are the purported competitors

Focus by Firefox

Surprise! Mozilla just launched an ad blocker for iOS

Focus, a new content blocker for the iPhone and iPad, lets users control how they're tracked

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Mobile payment apps no safer than other mobile apps

A study of 10 popular mobile payment apps found they lack even the most basic security controls

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Android Marshmallow vs. iOS 9: Which has the better app permissions system?

Knowing what your apps are up to is more important than ever. How do the two leading mobile OSes stack up?

Tim Cook at Apple event

Apple CEO rejects notion of iOS-powered laptops

Tim Cook dismisses idea of imitating Microsoft's Surface Book with a laptop that runs Apple's mobile OS

A dart board with darts far away from the bullseye

Google engineers craft a Dart framework for iOS and Android

The UI framework uses its own rendering engine to draw widgets


How a mobile app company found the XcodeGhost in the machine

Apple will face increasingly clever attempts to sneak malware into the App Store

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Blocking apps? There's a smarter way to manage mobile

To safeguard data, too many IT organizations use a chainsaw rather than a scalpel. Here's how you should be managing cloud storage access

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