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Amazon, Microsoft strengthen tools to store app and enterprise data in their clouds

Vendors race to appeal to IT departments that want to move from in-house systems

Apple iWatch apps, controlled by the digital crown

Salesforce showcases enterprise Apple Watch apps

Third parties are linking apps for the wearable to Salesforce cloud data

goodbye scrabble letters tiles

Mac and iOS users: How to leave Outlook behind forever

Apple offers better mobile clients than Microsoft does, as well as a superior desktop experience

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Microsoft to iOS coders: Help us build a bridge to your apps

Microsoft wants Objective-C developers not only to port their apps, but to help build the tools to do it


The 5 best hidden features in iOS 9

Sometimes it's the little changes that make a big impact.

os x el capitan

Apple releases the third public beta of OS X 10.11 El Capitan

If you're in the beta program, it's time to update.

ios 9 primary

How to ditch the iOS 9 preview and go back to iOS 8

If the beta version of Apple's next mobile OS is causing problems on your iDevice, there's an easy out

iphone 6 and 6 plus

14 fascinating facts about Apple's iPhone

Eight years since its debut, Apple's iPhone changed and conquered the smartphone market. Here are some interesting facts you might not know about it


How IT can spy on your smartphone

iOS and Android shield most data you care about from IT -- but users seem to care less about privacy these days

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Meet the new Notes, iOS 9's feature-packed Evernote rival

Notes is no longer the most basic native app in iOS.

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Hands-on with iCloud Drive, a brand-new app in the iOS 9 public beta

iOS 9 has an optional iCloud Drive app that makes is much easier to access your iCloud Drive files

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iOS 9 public beta is live: Here's everything you need to know

Back up, strap in, and go nuts! iOS 9 is ready for public beta

Apple beta

Apple goes public with iOS 9, OS X El Capitan betas

Not only has Apple added iOS to the beta pool, it's kicked off the program three weeks' earlier than last year

ios9 ipad multitasking

iPad or laptop? iOS 9 solves the dilemma

New features -- some that riff off Windows tablet PCs -- give the iPad a more laptoplike feel

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Build your own IoT prototype, cloud included

With the Internet of things, it's best to start by using a developer board for prototypes -- and Photon has the singular advantage of connection to the cloud


Microsoft to devs: We want your iOS and Android apps

Four recently unveiled Microsoft initiatives allow Web, iOS, Android, and legacy Windows apps to be ported to the Windows Store, but legacy Windows issues don't dispel easily

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Apple fail: Lessons from the Music mess

Confusing your self-interest with your customer’s interest is not how you deliver greatness

The road warrior’s essential mobile toolkit: Summer edition

Survive vacation! A mobile toolkit for the road

Off the beaten path doesn’t mean offline, as long you take these mobile essentials with you

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