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Stop sneaky new hack attacks with smarter detection

To break in unnoticed, hackers will use the same tools as administrators. You can catch them regardless

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'Spike' toolkit seeks routers, Internet of things for DDoS botnet

Security researchers have recently discovered a toolkit capable of infecting computers, routers and Internet of Things devices to launch large-scale simultaneous DDoS attacks.

Hackers exploit critical vulnerability in popular WordPress theme component

WordPress admins should check if their sites use the Slider Revolution plug-in and update it immediately, researchers said

Data shows Home Depot breach could be largest ever

The breach occurred at nearly all of Home Depot's 2200 U.S. stores

SDS still young, but very much on the rise

Offering increased protection and a simplified approach, software-defined security is shaping up to be the next big thing in IT security

Is your Dropcam live feed being watched by someone else?

Two researchers will show at Defcon how a Dropcam monitoring camera could turn into a Trojan horse

Google thinks global Internet security with Project Zero

Newly formed team of security researchers wants to root out security issues with popular software, not just Google's

Botnet uses brute force to access PoS systems

A new malware threat scans the Internet for PoS systems and tries to access them using common usernames and passwords

Energy providers hacked through malicious software updates

Symantec says the Dragonfly campaign, originating in Eastern Europe, sought to gain persistent access to energy suppliers

Microsoft's new cyber security community may stay empty

Now in beta for Azure subscribers, Microsoft hopes its online community and tracker will help IT deal with threats faster

Murder in the Amazon cloud

The demise of Code Spaces at the hands of an attacker shows that, in the cloud, off-site backups and separation of services could be key to survival

Second Chinese army unit linked to corporate cyber espionage

Internet postings link a Chinese hacking group to a military unit

5 lessons from companies that get computer security right

Computer security is in tatters -- but not everywhere. Learn from the companies that know what they're doing

Public utility compromised after brute-force attack, DHS says

The utility, which was not identified, used a simple password system and had been compromised before

With the Internet of things, smart buildings pose big risk

As buildings get more automated, they raise new security risks

Reported NSA backdoors might open up networks to more threats

The agency intercepts devices and installs software that gives them access, an upcoming book says

'Unknown malware' hits enterprise nets 53 times a day

Check Point's Security Report 2014 says unknown malware appears to be growing because attackers are automating its creation

Web apps and point-of-sale were leading hacker targets in 2013

Verizon's annual data breach report says finance was the leakiest industry, followed by the public sector and retail

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