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The FCC's Net neutrality rules: What we know so far

The full rules may not be published for weeks, but Net neutrality will prohibit blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization

Republican bill would overturn FCC municipal broadband decision

The new legislation would prevent the agency from moving forward with its decision to preempt state laws restricting city broadband

Bluetooth starts weaving its mesh for IoT

Low-power Bluetooth devices should get a standard way to organize themselves in networks next year

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The storm before the calm on Net neutrality eve

Next week's FCC vote is likely to usher in a period of plenty for lawyers and Congressional campaign funds -- pretty much business as usual

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Seven no-bull facts about the new HTTP/2 protocol

The long-awaited revision to the venerable (and aging) HTTP protocol is finally here. Here's what's most important, what's to expect, and what to brace for


Why approve the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger? Science!

How dare California tie Comcast merger approval to rural broadband coverage! Lucky for the ISPs, researchers may have cleared the last hurdle

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Prepare for faster, safer Web browsing: The next-gen HTTP/2 protocol is done

This is the first major change to one of the backbones of the Web in over 16 years

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Gartner: Makers of things for Internet of things undervalue security

Vendors making devices for the Internet of Things are putting user friendliness and time to market ahead of security, Gartner says

Pro-net neutrality rally in 2014

Muni broadband providers clash over Title II Net neutrality reforms

Group of 43 towns argues nay, but UC2B contends broadband is as much a utility as electricity

Dude, you’re blocking my Internet

A faulty satellite Internet connection is traced to a basic obstruction, which all but the vendor's technician overlooked

Lawmakers question White House influence on FCC's Net neutrality turnaround

The House oversight committee asks whether Obama improperly steered Wheeler toward a tougher stance

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One small step for the FCC ...

And one giant leap for the ISPs? Changes in the wake of the proposed Title II regulations may take longer than you think

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Tom Wheeler makes history with full-on Net neutrality proposal

Internet freedom at last! FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's proposal is for full Title II reclassification for ISPs, defining ISPs as utilities and preventing fast-lane profiteering

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FCC chairman outlines strong Internet protections

Wheeler's modern Title II approach would prevent rate and tariff regulation of providers

FCC chairman doesn't plan to release Net neutrality order before vote

Despite calls from congressional Republicans, Wheeler will stick with the FCC's practice of debating rules privately prior to a vote

FCC chairman looks set to throw down strong Net neutrality rules

A proposal coming Thursday would span fixed, mobile, and back-end networks

Yahoo gains U.S. search share at Google's expense

Mozilla's decision to use Yahoo as the default search tool in Firefox is paying off for the Internet company

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Mayors of Boston, Seattle, KC, others: No more muni broadband restrictions, please

Next Century Cities group of mayors from 38 U.S. cities ask FCC to clear way for public utility Internet services

FCC redefines advanced broadband as 25Mbps, Republicans blow a gasket

The agency's higher speed definition allows it to take new actions to encourage deployment

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Deep pockets and political puppets: Inside Comcast's merger machine

All across the United States, Comcast is propping up a puppet regime of local politicians ready to do its bidding

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