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Republicans call on FCC to release Net neutrality proposal before voting

Three top Republican lawmakers say they want the FCC process to be more transparent

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Google, Facebook, Apple spent record amounts on lobbying in 2014

As many others cut back, a new breed of tech company doubled down on influencing Washington

Republican Net neutrality bill allows 'reasonable' network management

The draft legislation would prohibit the FCC from reclassifying broadband and take away the agency's rulemaking authority

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Think local: The struggle for municipal broadband

Who wants to legislate bans on municipal broadband? The big ISPs and the politicians they bankroll

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Keeping the Internet free means letting go of ICANN

For the sake of a truly open Internet, the U.S. Department of Commerce needs to move ahead with its plan to transfer control of ICANN to an independent governance structure.

Intel-backed OIC advances in fast-moving IoT standards race

Open-source software for implementing its standard is out as a preview and products are expected to ship this year

Obama opposes state limits on municipal broadband

The president's new broadband proposal will encourage the FCC to move against limits on city-financed projects

US lawmakers push bill to permanently ban Internet access taxes

Sponsors say it will promote the U.S. digital economy

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Every geek is Charlie

Internet and technology professionals must speak up and play a key role in shaping the response to the murders in Paris

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New year brings new hope for Net neutrality supporters

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler reverses course, makes a strong statement in support of Title II regulation and against fast lanes

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The fog of cyber warfare: Hacked if you do, hacked if you don't

Get used to the new doctrine of state-backed, weapon-grade cyber assaults: You hit us, we hit ... somebody. You've been warned

Netflix: We're not using Internet fast lanes

Netflix's use of traffic connection deals simply allows the service to get beyond congestion, the company says

FCC to vote on Net neutrality rules in February

It's not clear yet what form the proposal from agency Chairman Tom Wheeler will take

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2015: The year the battle for Net neutrality ends

One way or another, the Internet will change in 2015; let's hope it's for the better

Experts: FCC will adopt Net neutrality rules in early 2015

Yet, it's unclear whether the agency will reclassify broadband as a regulated utility

Rackspace DNS recovers after DDoS brings system down

Some users felt customer serivce was lacking and called for more detailed and frequent updates about the outage

Frequently asked questions about the North Korean Internet incident

Questions abound, but speculation is emerging

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Free geek gift! Download the 'Conversational Geek' e-book

With this easy-to-read overview of geekdom, anyone can get up to speed fast and become conversational in geek

North Korea's Internet restored after 9-hour outage

The outage had led to speculation that the United States had retaliated in the wake of the hack of Sony Pictures

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