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PCWorld Show Episode 14: Web Pages Are Doomed

What the heck? The average web page is larger than the original Doom installer?


How to create your own Google Analytics dashboards

The Google Analytics suite can be overwhelming to new or inexperienced users. This jump-start video guide to GA details how to use one of its most important features: dashboards.

The Department of Justice building in Washington, D.C.

EFF sues to uncover government demands to decrypt communications

The group says the USA Freedom Act compels the DOJ to publish significant decisions of the secret FISC court

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News Corp. files antitrust charges against Google in Europe

News Corp. is fighting Google at the European Commission over what it calls improper scraping of content for use in search results, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

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Encryption laws should think global, not local

Internet standards aren't bound by geography, and they won’t bend to local absurdities like the Burr-Feinstein bill

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Privacy regulators: Commission 'could do better' on Privacy Shield

European Union data protection authorities say Privacy Shield data transfer arrangement is better than Safe Harbor -- but still not good enough

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Chatbots come to Facebook Messenger

The new bots will use artificial intelligence to make it appear customers are really talking to company representatives.

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HTML5.1 begins to take shape on GitHub

The next generation of the Web standard is using a GitHub repo for feedback and suggestions

EU-US Privacy Shield Logo

Microsoft endorses EU-US Privacy Shield data sharing pact

But EU privacy regulators reportedly see the Privacy Shield agreement as inadequate

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Finland, the land of vertical search engines

There are some underlying reasons behind the high number of search engine startups in Finland

Digital Key, security, encryption turns on default encryption for hosted domains website owners who use custom domains will get free HTTPS with free certificates

Craftsman 17 piece screwdriver set

5 ways your ISP is screwing you

These are only a few of the rip-offs committed by everyone's least favorite companies

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Globalizing the right to be forgotten sets a dangerous precedent

The European courts must reject French privacy regulator CNIL's efforts to globally apply the European right to be forgotten, which sets a dangerous precedent for international censorship

Digital Key, security, encryption

HTTP compression continues to put encrypted communications at risk

Researchers improve the BREACH attack to extract sensitive data from encrypted HTTPS connections faster

Screen shot Fight for the Future DMCA takedown abuse campaign

Critics of DMCA takedowns flood Copyright Office with thousands of comments

Advocates want penalties for companies that file unwarranted takedown requests

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Reddit's removal of 'warrant canary' hints at US gov't demand for its user data

The online discussion website has removed a critical passage from its transparency report for 2015

FCC building in Washington

FCC votes for strict new broadband privacy rules

Tough new privacy rules would require ISPs to get permission to use most customer information


Network World Explains: All about HaLow

Confused about the new HaLow wireless standard proposed by the Wi-Fi Alliance? Worry no more! Network World explains what this is all about in this handy animated video.

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