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The European Commission headquarters in Brussels (8)
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Google self driving car

'Big bets' cost Google parent Alphabet $3.6 billion in losses last year

Google's parent company Alphabet racked up $3.6 billion in losses last year through investments in "big bets" such as self-driving cars and Internet balloons


Space laser communications satellite launches

The first node of the European Data Relay System is in orbit, promising much faster relay of important scientific data

Court of Justice of the European Union

No agreement as deadline to replace Safe Harbor nears

EU and U.S. negotiators are struggling to reach agreement on a new transatlantic data-transfer agreement ahead of a Jan. 31 deadline set by privacy watchdogs


North Face eyes A.I. for retail advantage

Retailer North Face has turned to artificial intelligence on its website to better help customers with their purchases.

virtual reality football headset and gloves

Facebook retools VR, streaming for video boom

New infrastructure, advanced encoding techniques, and machine learning will handle Facebook's massive increase in video volume

http web globe finger internet browser

Brave is the name, ad-blocking the game of new browser

Former Mozilla CEO announces browser that will replace targeted ads on sites with its own 'anonymous' ads, and share revenue with content makers

Coax cable cord

Congress to cable customers: Stop your whining

A new bill would strip the FCC of authority to investigate complaints about broadband providers and effectively gut Net neutrality

David Bowie performs at the 1999 much music video awards in Toronto [credit: Reuters / Andy Clark]

David Bowie, tech visionary, predicted social media's rise

In 1999 the pop star was predicting the success of music downloads and ripping wearables


The truth about T-Mobile, Net neutrality, and video throttling

T-Mobile's Binge On program promises exclusions from data caps for select video streaming, but at what cost to the open Internet?

bumpy road

Tech tremors: 5 bumps to brace for in the year ahead

If you thought 2015 was full of tossing and turning, wait until 2016 hits

surface book

Tech's greatest wins and most epic comebacks of 2015

Smartwatches and driverless cars got real as the tech world buckled down for revolution in 2015

fiber internet ethernet cord networking

Triumphs and tumbles: The Internet in 2015

The Internet survived cable monopolies, massive data breaches, and crypto dunderheads in 2015, but the battle is far from over

home of the world's biggest liar sign

Stupidity and lies: Presidential candidates flunk the tech test

From dismantling the Internet to banning encryption to reinstating NSA phone surveillance, politicians vie to outdo each other with bad policy suggestions

worry concern nervous fret

10 things to worry about in 2016

Yes, it's the poignant sequel to last week's reprieve: a jolly list of worries to keep you up at night this holiday season


How Houghton Mifflin Harcourt moved from product to platform

The 180-year-old publisher is now a digital platform player, thanks to an open API strategy.

150902 encrypt android

Let's encrypt -- because we really ought to

While politicians across the globe strive to undermine our security and privacy, the Let's Encrypt consortium is making Internet security free and easy

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer at CES

Yahoo spinoff brings an end to a pioneering era

By deciding to shed its Internet business, Yahoo is moving to take on a different business focus. But its future remains murky

151209 yahoo cnbc

Yahoo changes direction, spins off everything except Alibaba

Despite speculation, CEO Marissa Mayer remains at Yahoo's helm

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