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TPP trade pact spreads SOPA-like censorship worldwide

The deal could dramatically expand copyright enforcement to hinder access to information and stifle free expression on the Web

Pacific Ocean

TPP revealed: What the trade deal means for online copyright

One month after signing the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, the governments of the U.S. and New Zealand have published the full treaty, including details of what ISPs must do to defend others' copyrights


Firefox again flirts with dangerous 10 percent user share level

Mozilla's Firefox, returning to a multi-month cycle of user share losses, is again flirting with the dangerous 10% milestone, according to data from Net Applications.

Interior of the European Parliament,  Strasbourg

EU vote for 'neutral' Net plan draws sharp criticism

The European Parliament has approved vague rules for Net neutrality, sweetening the text with a ban on mobile phone roaming surcharges

softlayer headquarters IBM

When it comes to spam, IBM's SoftLayer is the host with the most

IBM may be the fastest-growing vendor in the worldwide security software market, but it's also the owner of the world's largest source of spam

Digital Key

Mozilla considers early cutoff for SHA-1 digital certificates

The browser maker might decide to ban SHA-1 digital certificates in July 2016

google graveyard 2015 1

Google graveyard: What Google has killed off in 2015

Here’s a look back at what Google this year has offed, or announced plans to off

Phishing key

Phishing sites exploit trust in valid SSL certificates

Cyber criminals are taking advantage of cheap, low-cost options to grab valid SSL certificates for phishing sites

global network

Internet freedom based on the First Amendment is unattainable

The European approach to the "right to be forgotten" laws shows the danger of seeking to globalize a local information ordinance

Digital Key

Cookie handling in browsers can break HTTPS security

The lack of cookie integrity verification in browsers can allow hackers to extract information from encrypted Web connections

IPv6 sticker

It's official: North America is out of new IPv4 addresses

ARIN has assigned the last of its free pool of fresh IPv4 addresses

out of order not in service sign

Skype still down worldwide

The Blogging Windows site also went offline but is now back. Microsoft isn't melting down, but it feels that way sometimes

certificate encryption

The perils of free digital certificates

Open source certificate authority Let's Encrypt wants to give domain owners free and validated certificates, but the offer comes with a price


IPv6 will get a big boost from iOS 9, Facebook says

Apple's new OS gives the new Internet Protocol a fair shake, driving up usage

The Web's 10 most dangerous neighborhoods

Ten top-level domains are to blame for at least 95 percent of the websites that pose a potential threat to visitors

businessman falling the sky into a safty net 91138081

Mozilla's mobile misstep puts the Web at risk

In mobile, the browser is becoming an undesired legacy, and the Firefox creator that should reverse the trend seems unable to lead

Google to freeze some Adobe Flash content on Sept. 1

Prominent content will still autoplay, but less important items won't in order to improve battery life

Vinton Cerf Heidelberg Laureate Forum

Tech nightmares that keep Turing Award winners up at night

RSA encryption algorithm co-inventor Leonard Adleman, 'Father of the Internet' Vint Cerf, and cryptography innovator Manuel Blum share their biggest fears

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