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How to stop the security breach tsunami

If you haven’t deployed a user-based analytics program, you are not doing all you can to catch data thieves and prevent security breaches

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Security best practices for users is your first line of defense

End-users are woefully unprepared to deal with phishing scams, social engineering schemes that are the cause of a lot of breaches

Murder in the Amazon cloud

The demise of Code Spaces at the hands of an attacker shows that, in the cloud, off-site backups and separation of services could be key to survival

This is why companies are still afraid of the cloud

An ex-employee of a cloud provider was recently convicted of screwing with its servers -- could this happen to you?

5 takeaways from Verizon's 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report

If there's one security report you should read every year, this is it. Trends include rising corporate espionage, more frequent ATM compromises, and improved hack detection

Protect your source code before it's too late

Developers still use primitive security measures, despite many examples of stolen or maliciously modified programs

RIP, information security, done in by backdoors and secret deals

It seems that the very tools we use to secure our networks represent the greatest insider threat of all

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