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Cloud review: Amazon, Microsoft, Google, IBM, and Joyent

The top five public clouds pile on the services and options, while adding unique twists

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Survey: AWS commands fierce loyalty

Customers stick with AWS religiously, but they're also interested in what other clouds have to offer as a complement

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Review: Amazon Web Services is eating the world

Amazon continues to define the cloud with an unrivaled set of services for developers, IT, and data crunchers

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OpenStack simplifies management with Mitaka release

The latest OpenStack release provides a unified CLI, standardized APIs across projects, and one-step setups for many components

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Windows? Linux? The OS is dead, killed by the cloud

Who thinks in terms of developing for operating systems anymore? The cloud is where developers need to be -- and Lambda helps them feel right at home

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The importance of 'dogfooding' in the cloud

Amazon.com runs entirely on AWS EC2 and Microsoft runs Office365, Skype, and XBox Live on Azure. But Google doesn't run any of its products on GCP. Here's why it matters

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10 big announcements from Google’s Cloud Conference

From machine learning to open source, and lots of new enterprise-wooing features too

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Make the most of free Amazon Web Services

If you avoid the gotchas and keep a close eye on resource consumption, you can have a useful server in the Amazon cloud for free

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Apple and Dropbox dump AWS -- should you?

Tech companies have good reason to reassess when and whether they use public clouds, but they're not representative of enterprises' needs

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What will Google do to make its cloud appeal to more companies?

Developers love Google's technical leadership, but it hasn't been able to convince enterprises

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Google adds two new cloud regions, plans 10 more

The ambitious international expansion highlights an arms race by big IaaS providers to expand globally.


Dropbox takes the reins, moves off AWS and onto its own infrastructure

After years of relying on the Amazon cloud, Dropbox has begun using primarily its own technology instead

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Google's adjustable cloud infrastructure services leave beta

Custom Machine Types allow developers to design their own compute instances

13 ways the cloud has changed (since last you looked)

VMware’s new management tools are hybrid, hybrid, hybrid

VMware wants to manage your data center and the public cloud

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Review: IBM Cloud is built to order

Big Blue lets you have public cloud your way with bare metal, private instances, and even custom-configured hardware options

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Companies, start your (hybrid) clouds: Azure Stack's first beta is coming

Meet Microsoft's latest attempt to bridge the on-premises and public worlds

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First look: Microsoft Azure Stack hits the ground running

Technical preview of Microsoft's hybrid cloud platform drives just like Azure, drawing on the same APIs, tools, and templates

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Global public cloud market expected to hit $204B in 2016

The move away from legacy IT will continue to fuel growth, Gartner says

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