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Take a lighter-weight approach to hybrid cloud

How Velostrata achieves workload mobility through intelligent streaming, not heavy lifting

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Architecture as code: The key to cloud success

The first step to cloud success is embracing "architecture as code," enabling IT to operate with speed, consistency and repeatability

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Red Hat opens the door to wider use of OpenShift container technology

New pricing and support levels are designed to entice developers into building private and hybrid clouds with OpenShift


Red Hat revamps OpenShift Online for containers

The newest version of Red Hat's PaaS for business uses the container-centric revamp of OpenShift for easier app deployment and management

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Amazon discovery service marks on-premises apps for assimilation

Amazon's service for surveying apps ahead of cloud migration is generally available -- but don't expect a hybrid option from the cloud giant

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Red Hat covers cloud apps with OpenStack and Cloud Suite

Red Hat's latest OpenStack Platform release wraps up the cloud for easier deployment, but Cloud Suite will likely claim a broader audience

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Microsoft launches Azure Container Service, minus Kubernetes

Microsoft's containers-as-a-service system on Azure has thrown open its doors to all users, but for now, it's Mesosphere DCOS and Docker Swarm only

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Google open source hybrid cloud gets new OpenStack backup driver

The Cinder driver, which allows Google Cloud Platform to be used as a backup target by OpenStack, is an important addition to the company's hybrid cloud

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OpenStack simplifies management with Mitaka release

The latest OpenStack release provides a unified CLI, standardized APIs across projects, and one-step setups for many components

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NTT Com adds OpenStack, Cloud Foundry, and bare metal option to global cloud service

The company is also expanding connectivity and management tools for hybrid cloud environments and rolling them out worldwide

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IBM pursues new school and old guard with latest cloud wares

With new cloud services for WebSphere, Swift, and GitHub Enterprise, IBM courts enterprises of all stripes

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Red Hat, Microsoft buddy up to run RHEL in Azure

Red Hat Enterprise Linux images are now available in Azure, with both Microsoft and Red Hat providing support -- and boosting Microsoft's hybrid cloud strategy

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IBM unveils z13s mainframe focused on security and hybrid clouds

The z13s, IBM's first new mainframe in almost three years, offers encryption at twice the speed as previous mid-range systems

13 ways the cloud has changed (since last you looked)

VMware’s new management tools are hybrid, hybrid, hybrid

VMware wants to manage your data center and the public cloud

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Report shows Docker, hybrid cloud usage on the rise

Survey reveals solid growth in hybrid cloud and Docker/devops tools, as well as a growing need for people with cloud expertise

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Microsoft introduces four tools and services for Azure Stack

The first versions of Web app deployment, data-access providers, and other add-ons are ready for developers to try out

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Microsoft Azure Stack brings the cloud to your data center

Azure Stack for private data centers is meant to give customers development and management experiences very like the public Azure

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Companies, start your (hybrid) clouds: Azure Stack's first beta is coming

Meet Microsoft's latest attempt to bridge the on-premises and public worlds

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