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Compile C# to JavaScript with DuoCode

Using Microsoft Roslyn and Visual Studio, dev shops with C# assets can compile apps to run in the browser with no extra coding

zamboni ice smooth, jQuery join forces for slicker, smoother Web is now a founding member of the jQuery Foundation; their first joint mission will be to curate quality Web widgets for developers

Video: What does and doesn't work with CSS

With so many CSS best practices available, it's hard to know which to pick

HTML5 rocket

HTML5 finally reaches official status

W3C endorses the Web development specification as an official standard gives mobile app development a 'Lightning' strike

The next generation of the Salesforce1 development platform is announced at Dreamforce

HTML5 rocket

Build better HTML5 UIs with Mozilla's latest Brick library

Brick 2.0 creates customizable Web UI elements via features in HTML5

browser roundup sept 2014 ie11 screen

5 developer features IE still lacks (and 6 it might add someday)

Some HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript features used in other browsers still haven't landed in Internet Explorer, to its detriment

Bootstrap 3.2 highlights mobile features, adds browser bug tracking

Twitter's front-end Web framework adds responsive functionality for mobile presentation, tracking for browser bugs

Google prepping 'Quantum Paper' UI for multiple platforms, report says

Rumored 'Quantum Paper' will unify the look of Android, iOS, and Web properties, and be available to third-party developers

Best starter programming language? 8 top picks of developers

Programmers weigh in on why each of these popular first coding languages is the best one for beginners framework gets AngularJS integration

Mobile app framework is now free for all to use and integrates with AngularJS; later it will integrate with other third-party JavaScript frameworks

HTML5 components released as open source

Telerik has released a free package that includes all the features in the commercial Kendo UI Mobile package

Following, Ludei takes a swing at PhoneGap too

Ludei CocoonJS boasts better deployment of HTML5-based mobile applications, with speed and dev tools as selling points

3 ways Brendan Eich can move Mozilla beyond browsers

New CEO Brendan Eich wants to move Mozilla past browsers and into platforms, but Web's ad-fueled nature stands in the way

Half full or half empty? HTML5's mixed outlook

HTML5 faces an uncertain future, according to a new IDC report, and likely won't replace native mobile application development anytime soon

Google's AngularJS 2 promises faster, slicker, future-proof JavaScript

Next major revision of Google's JavaScript framework plans to target ECMAScript 6, have a more modular design, and ditch older browsers

Preview: Google's tantalizing Mobile Chrome App SDK

Google's new Cordova-based toolchain lets you develop hybrid mobile apps from the same HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code as Chrome apps

Review: Google Chrome wants to be your OS

The Chrome Apps architecture enables native-like apps, written in JavaScript with platform APIs, that load fast, run quickly, and work offline

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