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Virtual face of artificial intelligence circuits and binary data

Titan supercomputer

U.S. sets sights on 300-petaflop supercomputer

There is bipartisan support for spending $325 million on two new supercomputers to reach 300 petaflops, regaining the lead from China

IBM details plans for supercomputing future

IBM is placing more accelerators, CPUs, and FPGAs at multiple layers in supercomputers

Ask Watson or Siri: Artificial intelligence is as elusive as ever

Salesforce.com's expert on AI assesses the state of machine smarts at O'Reilly Strata + Hadoop World

IBM Watson now answers your questions before you ask

Watson Discovery Advisor has been upgraded to seek out hidden relations in data

Oracle gives Exadata some backward compatibility

Database 10gR2 is now supported on Oracle's flagship 'engineered system,' although caveats apply

China has the fastest supercomputer, but the U.S. still rules

Despite increasing global competition in supercomputing, 90 percent of the Top 500 systems are made by U.S. vendors

China wins a slowing supercomputer race

China's Tianhe-2 once again tops the list of the world's 500 most powerful supercomputers

Unisys phasing out decades-old mainframe processor for x86 chips

Unisys is shifting to Intel's Xeon chips for its flagship servers

HP enters supercomputing market with water-cooled Apollo system

The server uses some new HP-patented techniques to keep water away from the hardware

IBM buys Cognea, will add its virtual assistant technology to Watson

The deal is part of IBM's plans to commercialize the Watson cognitive computing platform

Quantum rewrites the rules of computing

NASA and Google are testing a D-Wave machine while debate rages over whether it's really quantum computing

IBM wants to see your Watson mobile apps

Watson Mobile Developer Challenge aims to see who can put IBM's cognitive computing platform to the most creative uses on mobile devices

Big data demands more than commodity hardware

A Hadoop cluster of white-box servers isn't the only platform for big data. IBM's Dexter Henderson argues that enterprise analytics require specialized, high-performance iron

Cognitive computing can take the semantic Web to the next level

As big data analytics pushes deeper into cognitive computing, it needs to bring the semantic Web into the heart of this new age

IBM launches business unit to make Watson a moneymaker

The newly formed Watson Business Group will be based in New York and offer cognitive computing systems and services

Welcome to the era of radical innovation

Why the end of Moore's Law may be a good thing for innovation

China passes Japan to become world's 2nd largest IT market

The U.S. still has an IT market three times the size of China, though the latter is seeing far more rapid growth, IDC says

Here comes a supercomputing app store

Procter & Gamble backs AweSim program that it hopes can help move its supply chain toward virtual design and testing processes

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