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Hadoop HBase 1.0 debuts amid stiff NoSQL competition

The database's 1.0 version clears away legacy API clutter and improves documentation as it takes on Cassandra and MongoDB

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Spark, Open Data Platform court innovation, controversy at Strata+Hadoop World

Hadoop is evolving thanks to projects like Spark and third-party integrations, but the proposed ODP was greeted with skepticism

Pivotal goes all-in with open source in Big Data Suite

Enterprises demand it because they're taking a more active role in software development, Pivotal says

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Open Data Platform strives for Hadoop unity

A consortium of Hadoop vendors and users aims to define a core Hadoop and create a standardized base for future distributions

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What happens to open source vendors when they get mature

Red Hat has long been the only significant publicly traded open source vendor, and after MySQL's acquisition not much happened in terms of open source exits for several years. Pentaho’s pending acquisition, Hortonworks’ recent IPO,...

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How to make big data beautiful -- and useful

For big data to be more than a buzzword, companies need to focus on design

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Hadoop gets serious about data governance

Hortonworks launches a comprehensive three-point plan to shore up data governance in Hadoop

New SAP Hana tool aims to put big data insights within closer reach

Featuring Hadoop support, the rapid-deployment service targets enterprise users with streaming and unstructured data

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Hortonworks' Hadoop now launches from Google Cloud Platform

Support for Hadoop includes the HDP distribution and connections to Google's other data-crunching services

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Big data is simply another name for complicated business intelligence

Big data promises to upend the business intelligence market, but it won't do so until the tools around it become easier to use

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In 2015, big data will drive the Internet of things

Connected objects are not smart on their own, they only provide value when connected to a backend (often cloud-based) service. The recent advances in big data technologies enables providers of connected objects to deliver high-value...

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Spark 1.2 challenges MapReduce's Hadoop dominance

The newest version of Spark in-memory framework for Hadoop improves performance on clusters and adds more Python support


The Twelve Days of Christmas (a Data Carol)

Rediscover the breadth of the big data ecosystem in The Twelve Days of Christmas, Big Data edition! And please sing along.


Hands on: Build a Storm analytics solution

Storm lets you create real-time analytics for every conceivable need. Here's a tasty example using Twitter data and source code hosted on GitHub

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MongoDB gets its first native analytics tool

SlamData adds its own extensions to the SQL language, enabling analysts to query MongoDB directly, without conversion to an RDBMS or Hadoop database

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Storm or Spark: Choose your real-time weapon

Real-time business intelligence is going mainstream, thanks in part to the Storm and Spark open source projects. Here's how to choose between them

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Why Hortonworks can’t sustain a billion-dollar unicorn valuation

Hortonworks wants its software to be 100 percent free. Wall Street? Not so much

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Review: Spark lights a fire under big data processing

Apache Spark brings high-speed, in-memory analytics to Hadoop clusters, crunching large-scale data sets in minutes instead of hours

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