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Need to plumb Hadoop data lakes? This new tool can help

Think Big's Dashboard Engine aims to put big-data insights within closer reach for business users

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Hortonworks to acquire SequenceIQ to speed Hadoop cloud deployments

Budapest-based SequenceIQ is an open source provider of rapid deployment tools for Hadoop

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Hello Geode: Pivotal GemFire is now open source

Pivotal's GemFire database for Hadoop is becoming the Apache-incubated Geode project

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Big data is dead -- long live big data

Soon, we'll see 'prepacked' applications that incorporate the distributed processing, machine learning, and analytics of today's overhyped, custom-made solutions

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Apache project paves path to easier Hadoop

Ambari 2.0 promises a lot, but competition remains strong from the proprietary offerings in the field

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Big data is all about the cloud

Picking between Spark or Hadoop isn’t the key to big data success. Picking the right infrastructure is

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Spark, big data's brightest star, needs to grow up

Spark is the hottest project in big data -- but Databricks, the company behind it, needs to ensure its implementation has a plausible path to maturity

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Beyond Hadoop: The streaming future of big data

Big data technologies like Spark are all the rage, but are they the future? The answer is complicated

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Cloudera declares victory in the war for big data dominance

Despite the triumphalism, the big data market is growing too fast, with too many players for any one company to dominate

5 reasons to turn to Spark for big data analytics

Smoothing the way to advanced and real-time analytics on Hadoop, Apache Spark is fast becoming the next big thing in big data

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What you need to know about Hadoop right now

Ten months ago, we published a cheat sheet for learning about Hadoop, the center of the big data vortex. Check out what's been added since then

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Hadoop is booming -- its vendors, not so much

Hortonworks had a better quarter than generally acknowledged, but can the open source company sustain itself over the long haul?

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Hadoop is probably as mature as it's going to get

Five years ago, Hadoop came roaring into the mainstream as the solutions to all big data problems. Now that reality has settled in, it's time for a more realistic assessment

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A closer look at the fight for Hadoop

Several vendors are fighting for mindshare and leadership in the Hadoop distro space. Sitting on the sidelines of this fight, let’s take a closer look at their claims and how they differentiate each other.

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Hadoop HBase 1.0 debuts amid stiff NoSQL competition

The database's 1.0 version clears away legacy API clutter and improves documentation as it takes on Cassandra and MongoDB

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Spark, Open Data Platform court innovation, controversy at Strata+Hadoop World

Hadoop is evolving thanks to projects like Spark and third-party integrations, but the proposed ODP was greeted with skepticism

Pivotal goes all-in with open source in Big Data Suite

Enterprises demand it because they're taking a more active role in software development, Pivotal says

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Open Data Platform strives for Hadoop unity

A consortium of Hadoop vendors and users aims to define a core Hadoop and create a standardized base for future distributions

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