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Why self-service is everything in BI and big data

Empower users to acquire and manipulate the data they really need, and BI can become a magnitude more useful -- and much less work for IT

MapR adds in-Hadoop document database

MapR adds in-Hadoop document database

Native JSON support extends MapR-DB NoSQL database to cover more types of unstructured business data

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Microsoft revamps Data Lake with SQL analytics, Visual Studio tooling

Azure Data Lake Store sports the Microsoft-devised U-SQL query language, which allows a mixture of conventional SQL and C# programming metaphors

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Cloudera's Kudu: Like HDFS and HBase in one

With Kudu, Cloudera promises to solve Hadoop's infamous storage problem

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6 takeaways from Cloudera's embrace of Spark

It's official: The Hadoop ecosystem has received a brain transplant. Here's how Cloudera, the leading Hadoop vendor, laid out the implications of swapping MapReduce for Spark


4 things enterprises are doing right now with Spark

A survey from Spark developers Databricks shows the big data engine growing on its own outside of Hadoop, among other eyebrow-raising findings

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Hadoop is slowly eating conventional analytics

The components of the Hadoop ecosystem won't overthrow Teradata or IBM Netezza any time soon, but ultimately, the commodity solution almost always wins

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Google promises a Hadoop or Spark cluster in 90 seconds with Cloud Dataproc

Minute-by-minute billing is another key piece of Google's new managed service

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Got Hadoop? Arcadia Enterprise could make insights easier to find

Unified, Hadoop-native platform for visual analytics and business intelligence has drag-and-drop tools that put big data insights within closer reach

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Hadoop, in trouble? Only in Gartner-land

A new poll of customers provides a brighter, more detailed picture of Hadoop adoption than Gartner's famously downbeat survey


Why you should care about security and reliability of data on the Internet of things

Hortonworks just added to their portfolio an open source project, originating from the NSA, that provides and secures access to data from the Internet of things. This addition puts in an interesting perspective some challenges linked...

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Bossie Awards 2015: The best open source big data tools

InfoWorld's top picks in distributed data processing, streaming analytics, machine learning, and other corners of large-scale data analytics

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4 no-bull takeaways about Salesforce's new IoT platform

Puzzled over Salesforce's new IoT Cloud? Here's what you most need to know

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Pin this! Faster Hadoop queries ... from Pinterest?

More than a repository for food and crafts, Pinterest has created an open source querying system that pulls job-generated data out of Hadoop and fixes back-end bottlenecks

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Hadoop needs Spark to light the way

Once, Hadoop and MapReduce were nearly synonymous, but today, Spark is the framework of choice for a new wave of big data practitioners

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The big greenfield cannabis cloud

The marijuana business is making the leap from paper ledgers to the cloud and big data analytics, offering a provocative example for us all

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SAP embraces Hadoop with new in-memory analytics tool

Vora allow companies to analyze distributed Hadoop data with corporate data using SAP's Hana platform

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Are you a data hoarder? Hadoop offers little choice

Data governance is one of the toughest, dreariest problems in computing. Sadly, the tools offered with the major Hadoop distributions aren't really up to task

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