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Why Spark is spiking in the cloud

Interest and investment in Apache Spark have increased dramatically in recent months, to the benefit of cloud customers

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Yahoo struts its Hadoop stuff

A peek under the hood of Yahoo's Hadoop deployment illustrates how vast the ecosystem has become -- and how the company that invented it is still leading the way

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Streaming analytics enter the fast lane

Already we've moved on to a new phase in analytics where data never rests

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Which freaking Hadoop engine should I use?

These four truths will help you determine which Hadoop technology to use for the types of workloads you anticipate

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Hadoop keeps marching on, somehow

Deployments of Hadoop in production have been slower to arrive than many thought, but Hadoop job growth data shows that enterprises are keeping the faith

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Big data, big challenges: Hadoop in the enterprise

Fresh from the front lines: Common problems encountered when putting Hadoop to work -- and the best tools to make Hadoop less burdensome

Kyvos serves up Hadoop on easy-to-parse data cubes

New big data software from startup Kyvos Insights can format Hadoop data into OLAP repositories


Debunked! 9 myths about big data and Hadoop

These unfounded beliefs about budget skills, technology, and technology fit can lead you astray

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IBM fires up Spark with Bluemix, machine learning contributions

IBM doubles up on Spark, adding it to Bluemix and contributing its SystemML machine-learning code to the Apache project

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Spark 1.4 adds support for R, Python 3, cluster management

Spark data processing framework adds languages used by many data crunchers, as well as container-based cluster management features

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LinkedIn fills another SQL-on-Hadoop niche

LinkedIn's open source, home-brew OLAP project is a new way for Hadoop users (and others) to query both real-time and historical data

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Hortonworks eases path to Hadoop

With new setup, management, and data-governance features, Hortonworks' latest Hadoop distribution wants to be an enterprise darling -- if enterprises will let it

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Spark and Storm face new competition for real-time Hadoop processing

DataTorrent is releasing its real-time data processing engine for Hadoop and beyond as the open source Project Apex

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Salesforce wants enterprise big-data users to catch its Wave

With Wave for Big Data, Salesforce is determined to keep a foothold in enterprises with growing interests in Hadoop -- assuming existing self-service analytics outfits haven't gotten there first

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4 strategies to distribute your data between front end and back end

Where you store and process your data has a significant impact on issues such as privacy or performance, but also on the ability for apps to access and deliver relevant data

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The mythical Hadoop skills gap

Oh no! Big data is failing because we can't find enough people who know the technology! Relax, they're out there -- but don't fall for the buzzwords


Apache Drill 1.0 tears into data, with or without Hadoop

Drill 1.0 queries Hadoop data via SQL, but may have a life of its own outside of the framework

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Hadoop demand falls as other big data tech rises

Hadoop isn’t living up to its hype -- which means that both Hadoop vendors and their customers need to widen their array of big data technologies

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