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5 tips to protect your admin credentials

Credentials are the main battlefront in our ongoing computer security war. Deploy everything you have to keep them safe

DHS hack

Report: Hacker steals, posts personal details on 9,000 DHS employees

Hacker says he will next post the records of 20,000 FBI workers


Fed up with bogus computer support calls, man turns tables on scammers

Played along with scammer using a Windows PC whose 'My Documents' folder was loaded with malware

The Forbidden City in Beijing

China's next five-year plan offers clues about cyber security targets

Is your industry next in line to be targeted by China's government-sponsored hackers?

Average successful hack nets less than $15,000

Survey of cyber attackers shows the majority are motivated by money, but they make a quarter of what a cyber security professional makes

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How much at risk is the U.S. critical infrastructure?

The U.S. intelligence community is well aware that hostile hackers have gained access to portions of the nation’s critical infrastructure. But the debate about how big a threat it is rages on

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Microsoft mirrors rivals, pledges to warn customers of state-backed hacks

Microsoft failed to alert more than a thousand Hotmail users as long ago as 2009, former employees claim

2015: The Year in Hacks

The most innovative and damaging hacks of 2015

The year's most significant attacks highlight how hackers are changing tactics -- and how IT security must evolve in the year ahead

juniper netscreen 5200 firewall

Attackers are hunting for tampered Juniper firewalls

An experiment with a 'honeypot' mimicking a Juniper firewall is seeing login attempts

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How computer security changed in 2015

We made progress, suffered setbacks, added complexity, and did little to deter the onslaught of cyber crime

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10 things to worry about in 2016

Yes, it's the poignant sequel to last week's reprieve: a jolly list of worries to keep you up at night this holiday season

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Attention, 'red team' hackers: Stay on target

You hire elite hackers to break your defenses and expose vulnerabilities -- not to be distracted by the pursuit of obscure flaws

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The biggest data breaches of 2015

From Ashley Madison to VTech, it has been a year of nasty data breaches

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Hacking is a business -- and business is good

Price lists, Black Friday discounts, and hacking as a service are all part of the increasingly sophisticated underground economy of cyber crime

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How Anonymous really targets ISIS

With the ISIS attacks on Paris, Anonymous declared war on ISIS. The reality is that is more hype than fact, and misleading

Security online

Adobe patches flaws in ColdFusion, LiveCycle Data Services, and Premiere Clip

Adobe fixed important vulnerabilities in its ColdFusion application server, LiveCycle Data Services framework and Premiere Clip iOS app.

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7 keys to better risk assessment

When bad guys penetrate a network, too many defenders worry about what they stole rather than how they broke in. Focus on causes! Here's how

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Search and seizure: Why everyone must fear hackers in the cloud

If public clouds are used for attacks on governments, as they surely will be, there's a risk enterprise data will be seized in the investigation too

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