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US Capitol

Senators will introduce a bill to limit government hacking warrants

The legislation would block a rule change letting judges issue remote hacking warrants

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Malware attacks on two banks have links with 2014 Sony Pictures hack

Security researchers have found a long chain of coding coincidences linking ​attempted fraud over the SWIFT network​ to the 2014 Sony Pictures hack

Security online

Hackers exploiting unpatched Flash Player vulnerability, Adobe warns

Adobe releases updates for Reader, Acrobat, and ColdFusion, but is still working on the Flash Player patch

imagetragick logo

Attackers are probing and exploiting ImageTragick flaws

Security companies have observed attacks trying to exploit recently disclosed remote code execution flaws in the ImageMagick Web server library

Panama papers

Panama Papers leak explained: What you need to know about the Mossack Fonseca hack

Offshore tax shelters may pay, but scrimping on security doesn't

iPhone 5c

FBI won't share iPhone hack with Apple because it doesn't know how it works

The FBI claims it doesn't actually know the underlying code that facilitated hacking into the iPhone, so it can't share the method with Apple

Man trying to sleep in the middle of the night

4 tech nightmares keeping IT leaders up at night

From data breaches to social engineering, there’s plenty to keep tech types tossing and turning

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Facebook bug hunter stumbles on backdoor left by hackers

The backdoor script stole Facebook employee credentials from a corporate server

The FBI paid more than $1 million to hack the San Bernardino iPhone

We still don't know anything about where the hack came from or how it works, but we now know it was expensive

spying eye cyberespionage surveillance

Hacker: This is how I broke into Hacking Team

Account of the breach of surveillance vendor Hacking Team highlights lessons for all companies

space crime security cars iot startups

Behold the glorious future -- with the same old security

From delivery drones to implanted medical monitors, technology is about to become more incredible -- but not more secure

iPhone 5C

FBI will help US agencies with tools to unlock encrypted devices

The FBI did not commit on using the method tried on the San Bernardino iPhone

fbis most wanted cybercriminals

The FBI's 10 most wanted cyber criminals

The Internet has impacted the world in numerous ways, but it isn't always positive

160324 lynch

U.S. government accuses 7 Iranians of hacking banks, New York dam

The DOJ says the campaign that included DDoS attacks was carried out on behalf of the Iranian government

FBI shield

Vehicles 'increasingly vulnerable' to hacking, FBI warns

With the rising use of computers in vehicles, software vulnerabilities in networked vehicle systems could create new risks

hollywood sign

8 horrifying Hollywood computing cliches

We've all rolled our eyes at ridiculous misinterpretations of computer technology on TV or in the movies. These eight seem to pop up again and again


The ultimate hackathon survival guide

Name a city, pick a date, and you’ll likely find a nearby hackathon, whether you’re in Des Moines, Iowa, or Yerevan, Armenia.


DOD to invite security experts to Hack the Pentagon

The cyber bug bounty program is a first for the federal government, but you'll need to undergo a background check to enter

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