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Scottrade had no idea about data breach until the feds showed up

The breach affected around 4.6 million customers' names and addresses

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New Android vulnerabilities put over a billion devices at risk of remote hacking

The flaws are located in Android's media processing components and can be exploited through maliciously crafted websites

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The No. 1 problem with computer security

Everyone focuses on the wrong threats. You've undoubtedly been breached already, so the key is to collect data that can help you prevent attackers from succeeding again

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U.S., China reach 'common understanding' on cyber attacks

No one expected sanctions or an actual cyber security truce, but as agreements go, this one is as toothless as it gets

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What to expect in the US-China cyber treaty

After weeks of meetings, the U.S. and China appear to be on the verge of an historic first agreement on hacking and cyber espionage, but what might a deal actually accomplish?

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Exploit broker's iOS 9 prize puts all of us at risk

Researchers deserve to get paid well for finding serious vulnerabilities, but it shouldn't be at the expense of overall software security

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Apple devs: Don't let Apple's Xcode validation scare you

Apple told devs to validate their copy of Xcode using a simple procedure -- but unless you have Xcode version 7.0, your copy may not pass the test

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Hey Apple, were you hosting hacked copies of Xcode?

Using the validation method recommended by Apple, a check of a Xcode 6.4 -- downloaded from Apple servers -- came up negative. Here's how to check your copy

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American ingenuity: Why the U.S. has the best hackers

The United States is No. 1 at hacking, mainly because we're always pushing the limits of what can be done. The proof? U.S. hackers seldom get caught

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Attackers go on malware-free diet

To avoid detection, some hackers are ditching malware and living 'off the land' -- using whatever tools are already available in the compromised systems


Why hackers want your health care data most of all

Not content to go after credit card info, hackers are honing in on health care data, which is much more valuable

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Reports of attacks on the Department of Energy raise alarms

The power grid may not be in immediate danger, but that doesn't mean the threat to critical infrastructure isn't there

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Extortion or fair trade? The value of bug bounties

Vendors without bug bounty programs risk the wrath of the infosec community, but such programs must be constructed carefully to yield optimal outcomes

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Mozilla admits bug-tracker breach led to attacks against Firefox users

Hacker accessed Bugzilla for at least a year, maybe two; gained insight into flaw before it was patched

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How to stop your DNS server from being hijacked

Too many DNS servers enable bad actors to hijack them for DDoS attacks. Here's how to ensure you're not a party to destructive mischief

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For discerning hackers, malware is so last year

Fraudsters rely on legitimate administrator tools instead of malware to successfully breach systems and steal data

Microsoft's internal hackathon tool

Hackathons for all: Microsoft tool simplies setup, admin duties

Microsoft is planning to bring its internal tool for running hackathons to the public next year, starting by allowing a few select colleges to test drive it at their own events.

Researchers find holes in routers supplied by ISPs

Popular Belkin Wi-Fi routers plagued by unpatched security flaws

Attackers could exploit the flaws to hijack DNS requests or completely take over affected devices

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