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Wind farm


The MIT C-MOD Fusion Reactor Project

MIT has been developing a small fusion reactor prototype, three of which could power the City of Boston if they were fully built.

150914 salesforce dreamforce 2

Salesforce backs new wind farm in 12-year renewable-energy deal

The farm will supply the equivalent of 90 percent of the energy Salesforce used in fiscal 2015

Green light bulb

How green is your cloud?

The public clouds run by Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft all claim a commitment to green energy -- but the clear leader in this field may surprise you

[SINGLE USE] Richard Borge illustration for Computerworld: 5 Disruptors to Keep on Your Radar

Forecast 2016: 5 disruptors to keep on your radar

Savvy tech execs can't afford to ignore these developments, which stand to remake the future of IT

Republican candidates on debate stage

Extreme tech positions of the presidential candidates

How candidates see the government's role in science and tech and some tech implications of the 2016 contest

IBM renewable energy SMT

IBM's machine-learning crystal ball can foresee renewable energy availability

By predicting the weather, the technology can then forecast how much energy will be generated by solar- and wind-powered sources

servers data center

1 in 3 data center servers is a zombie

Fully 30% of all physical servers in data centers are comatose, meaning they use energy but deliver no useful information

Man standing in the middle of green field

Is your cloud green enough? That's the wrong question

If you want greener data centers, go after enterprise IT, not the cloud providers

How green is Amazon’s cloud?

Greenpeace report gives Google a grade of B for energy efficiency, while AWS got a D

Wi-Fi signals can do rough head counts

Estimating the number of people present by looking at Wi-Fi signals could help make buildings more energy efficient

Computer chips made of wood promise greener electronics

U.S. and Chinese researchers are developing high-performance chips that can biodegrade

hydroelectric power Wanapum Dam

CenturyLink's new data center runs on water

Hydroelectric power is more reliable than wind or solar, which are dependent on weather

Apple store solar

Apple's U.S. facilities now get 100% of their power from renewables

Company has been building new solar power plants around the U.S. and in China

Apple plans two European data centers running on renewable energy

With data storage in the European Union, the company will not need to export data to the U.S. or other data protection regimes

Apple's solar plant in Maiden, N.C.

Apple’s $850M solar plant rockets it to first place among U.S. corporations

New facility is the largest such commercial solar deal in U.S. history, pushing Apple past Walmart as the largest corporate user of solar energy

Apple's massive solar farm could power its entire California operations

The company expects 'very significant savings' from the plant in Monterey County

Whatever happened to green IT?

Green initiatives have withered, but there are IT execs who think green can still make a difference

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