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FCC gets record number of Net neutrality comments, what now?

The agency is now focused on analyzing the 3 million comments it has received

Yahoo says it faced $250,000 daily fines for defying U.S. surveillance requests

Yahoo's disclosure about government threats comes amid newly unsealed court documents

The feds are putting your tax dollars to work in the cloud

Cloud providers should copy the National Science Foundation's efforts to enable experimentation with cloud architectures, apps

Hillary Clinton: 'Our technology companies are not part of our government'

U.S. companies are being unfairly tarred for perceived cooperation with the government, she said

How to help block the Comcast/Time Warner merger

A combined Comcast/Time Warner Cable could limit and control what you can watch on TV and how you use the Internet

Does government finally grok open source?

New GitHub data suggests that governments are finally all in on open source, but the truth may be a little less sexy

Wyoming, a cloud leader? Take notes, America

Don't think of Wyoming as a special case -- citizens of all states would benefit from government's cloud shift

Snowden reveals automated NSA cyberwarfare program

MonsterMind could fire back at suspected attackers without human intervention, Snowden says

Oracle slaps Oregon with a lawsuit over troubled Obamacare website

The company blames 'bureaucratic dysfunction' for the disastrous Cover Oregon project

Microsoft, Google, others back Facebook in New York privacy dispute

Facebook is seeking important rulings on the collection of bulk user data under gag orders

Verizon fires back at FCC over data throttling

The FCC called out Verizon for its plans to throttle customers with unlimited data plans who use the most data, so the carrier responded

Almost 200,000 people may have been affected by U.S. visa system crash

Recovery efforts are being hampered by 'outdated software and hardware,' a government spokeswoman said

Judge rules against Microsoft in email privacy case

The company is compelled to comply with a U.S. warrant for emails held on a server in Ireland, a judge rules

Oracle-based system for U.S. visas still glitchy after software update

System problems have impacted thousands of travelers worldwide

Oracle-powered passport database is on the fritz

State Department's database for issuing passports and travel visas, built on Oracle, has been malfunctioning for nearly a week

Broadband bullies: Cable companies, lawmakers gang up on local providers

House approves legislation prohibiting the FCC from aiding local communities eager to set up high-speed broadband services

US court says warrant for access to all content of email account is justified

The government was granted a warrant to obtain emails and other information from a Gmail account

U.S. lawmaker asks FTC to probe implications of Facebook 'big data' experiment

Senator Mark R. Warner wants to know what oversight, if any, would be appropriate for studies conducted by social media platforms

Mobile phones and other electronic devices under higher scrutiny at airports

Electronic devices that cannot be turned on will not be allowed onboard aircraft, according to new U.S. rules

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