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In three debates, Clinton and Trump ignore H-1B visa issue

Trump had the most to gain by raising what may be tech's most controversial issue

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Yahoo asks US government for clarity on email scanning controversy

The company asks Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to provide information about the government's request that Yahoo secretly scan customer emails

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Ecuador says it cut WikiLeaks founder's internet access to prevent U.S. election interference

WikiLeaks had accused the U.S. of asking Ecuador to intervene

Legal law gavel hammer courts

Lawmakers question DOJ's appeal of Microsoft Irish data case

The question of search warrants for foreign data is better addressed in Congress, the bipartisan group says

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U.S. bans Samsung Galaxy Note 7 from all flights

Passengers who evade the ban face criminal prosecution

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US lawmakers want answers on Yahoo email surveillance

Bipartisan group of 48 lawmakers asks for a briefing on the program from the DOJ and ODNI

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You call that a fine? No wonder Comcast abuses you

This week, the company received ‘the biggest cable fine ever’ for overcharging customers, but that’s not saying much


Putin denies any Russian interest in alleged US election hacking

The US is considering a 'proportional' response to the alleged Russian hacking

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WikiLeaks dumps another trove of email, allegedly from Clinton aide

Critics say WikiLeaks is helping hackers shape election coverage

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US officially blames Russian government for election-related hacking

U.S. officials are publicly blaming the Russian government for several high-profile hacks against political groups that they claim were meant to interfere with the upcoming election.

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FCC to vote on strict privacy rules for ISPs in late October

The regulations would require ISPs to get customer permission to use and share browsing histories and other personal information

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Yahoo's email snooping: It's all legal

Yahoo is only the latest tech company to be caught up in a system of secret surveillance and government gag orders

NSA headquarters

FBI arrests an NSA contractor suspected of stealing hacking tools

The Maryland man has been charged with stealing government materials, including top secret information


Yahoo calls report of secret email scanning 'misleading'

Other US tech firms said they have never received such a government request

Election 2016 teaser - Hacking the Election - Myths and Realities

Special report: Hacking the election

Recent attacks by Russians on the U.S. elections systems has raised fears about voting integrity. We examine which fears are realistic and which are overblown


3 nightmare election hack scenarios

Hackers could target e-voting machines' software update systems or simply try to delegitimatize the election

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5 ways to improve voting security in the US

Voting officials can take several steps to improve security, even a couple that can still happen this year.

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Hacking an election is about influence and disruption, not voting machines

Election systems have problems, sure, but voters are the larger, softer target

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