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Lawmakers call on FCC to reclassify broadband for Net neutrality

Eshoo calls on the agency to use old telecom regulations, but take a light touch toward applying the rules

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A promise made to be broken: Congress' latest plan for Net neutrality

Part-time thespian, full-time legislator Sen. Patrick Leahy petitions Comcast to respect Net neutrality. That'll teach 'em!

Microsoft sued as lawsuits over employee no-poach deal mount

Microsoft,, and Oracle join Google, Apple, Intel, and Adobe in being sued over alleged no-poaching deals

Tech industry likes Obama nominee for patent office

Tech groups praise the nomination of former Googler Michelle Lee to fill a post empty for a year and a half

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Apple and other tech giants now have to pay their fair share

Ireland puts an end to a tax loophole that saved Google, Apple, Microsoft, and Facebook billions in taxes

Tech workers now oppose settlement reached in Silicon Valley hiring case

Google, Apple, Adobe, and Intel are accused of entering into no-hiring agreements

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Obama H-1B reform plan draws Grassley's ire

President Barack Obama plans to make the H-1B system "more efficient" through executive action, a move that's drawn negative reaction from Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley.

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FCC listens as states raise red flags on Comcast and Time Warner

Shareholders approves the cable giants' merger, but the FCC extends the deadline for public comments as opposition to the deal mounts

Twitter, the FBI, and cloud computing: The disclosure dilemma

Twitter sues the FBI over data gathering, with major implications for cloud computing

AT&T to pay $105 million to settle mobile-phone cramming charges

The FTC, FCC, and state attorneys general accuse the company of making millions of dollars from unwanted third-party charges

ITC to investigate Nvidia complaint over Samsung phones, tablets

The patent infringement complaint centers around display technology

'Extortion' claims fly, and telecom double-talk hits new heights

While AT&T, Comcast, and Verizon spin and lobby, the U.S. falls further on Internet speeds

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Microsoft, frustrated as ever with H-1B policy, considers options

Conference on immigration policy gives Microsoft an opportunity to voice its frustration, which is unaffected by its recent layoffs


Feds seek expanded PC hacking powers for criminal investigations

The FBI and Department of Justice are mulling rules that would allow broader opportunities for domestic law enforcement to hack PCs as part of a criminal investigation

FCC gets record number of Net neutrality comments, what now?

The agency is now focused on analyzing the 3 million comments it has received

Yahoo says it faced $250,000 daily fines for defying U.S. surveillance requests

Yahoo's disclosure about government threats comes amid newly unsealed court documents

The feds are putting your tax dollars to work in the cloud

Cloud providers should copy the National Science Foundation's efforts to enable experimentation with cloud architectures, apps

Hillary Clinton: 'Our technology companies are not part of our government'

U.S. companies are being unfairly tarred for perceived cooperation with the government, she said

How to help block the Comcast/Time Warner merger

A combined Comcast/Time Warner Cable could limit and control what you can watch on TV and how you use the Internet

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