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U.S. bans using Galaxy Note 7 phones on planes

The order follows the official recall of the smartphones in the United States

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The real threat to our elections: Disinformation and doubt

Hackers are working to sabotage the upcoming election, but not through the expected avenues

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Internet naming system not US property, says congressional watchdog

The GAO opinion could weaken some of the Republican opposition to the transfer of IANA functions

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H-1B bill advances in House -- as does anxiety about it

The House Judiciary Committee is set to vote on Wednesday on $100,000 wage minimum for H-1B-dependent firms

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Crafty GovRAT malware is growing, targeting U.S. government employees

The GovRAT malware, designed to bypass antivirus tools, has been upgraded

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Keep the faith: A vote for voting systems

Rising fear about Russian hacks of US voting systems could do as much damage as actual breaches, but only if we let it

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Data science predicts election winner!

Statistical predictions are fragile flowers. They can inspire confidence, but often only under specific, ephemeral circumstances

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FAA advises against using or charging Galaxy Note 7 phones on planes

The Federal Aviation Administration advisory comes in the wake of reports of exploding batteries in the device


Ireland to Europe: No, Apple doesn't owe us

The Irish government will appeal a European Commission ruling that Apple didn't pay the country enough taxes


OPM hack was avoidable, says congressional report

The hack compromised personal information of millions of current and former US federal employees

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US investigates Russia for attempting to hack the election

US officials see a potential Russia covert operation aimed at November's elections

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Google, Apple, Twitter, and others back Microsoft over gag orders

Civil rights groups and tech companies have filed briefs to back Microsoft's fight over the use of gag orders accompanying data requests by government

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Voting machines are still too easy to hack

Worried about a 'rigged' election? You should be, but the risk lies in outdated technology and untrained bureaucrats, not voter fraud

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Apple's Cook calls European tax ruling 'total political crap'

Both Apple and Ireland played by the rules, the CEO said

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How to turn on HTTPS company-wide in one swoop

The GSA's effort to get all federal websites and services to use HTTPS reveals some points to keep in mind for your own switchover

net neutrality

EU outlines stiff new net neutrality rules

Meanwhile, a court battle over net neutrality is ongoing in the United States

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Silicon Valley rains money on Clinton

Is Trump really a total Silicon Valley fundraising disaster?

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Apple must repay $14.5 billion in underpaid taxes in Ireland

Two Irish tax rulings constituted illegal state aid, the European Commission has ruled

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