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The European Commission headquarters in Brussels (8)

The Forbidden City in Beijing

China's next five-year plan offers clues about cyber security targets

Is your industry next in line to be targeted by China's government-sponsored hackers?

White House education plan leaves H-1B visa critics flabbergasted

President Obama’s $4 billion computer science initiative will get funding from India's top offshore outsourcers

President Obama at the State of the Union 2015

A tech policy agenda for an uncertain political future

The top tech priorities for Congress and President Obama this year should be fostering data-driven innovation and the Internet of Things, increasing digital trade and passing the TPP, fighting patent litigation abuse and patent...


Good news: True choice is emerging in broadband

Innovative projects in mesh networking, free public Wi-Fi, and a statewide open-access network could help subvert cable monopolies


Judge gives breathing room to 34,000 foreign workers

The Optional Practical Training program, criticized as a back-door H-1B visa, gets 90-day reprieve to get its act together

Legislation of privacy security keyboard law legal gavel

Why we must stand with Microsoft on data privacy

The U.S. government dangerously seeks access to cloud data anywhere. There's a better way that business should support instead

juniper netscreen 5200 firewall

U.S. Congress to federal agencies: You have two weeks to tally your backdoored Juniper kit

The House of Representatives wants to gauge the impact of the recent Juniper ScreenOS backdoors on government departments and agencies

3d brain boost

DARPA funds a program so computers can read thoughts

DARPA hopes to create a device that will convert brain signals into digital data

government congress house of representatives cloud

No matter who wins in US vs. Microsoft, we all lose

As the U.S. government and Microsoft battle over access to cloud data, major implications await both users and corporations

US Capitol

Major tech companies spent millions more on lobbying in 2015

Spending on lobbying increased, with Google ranked number one again among all tech companies

donald trump tech-ticism

Trump unleashes his anger about Apple and tech

Trump proposes increasing jobs via tariffs on manufactured imports and restricting the use of H-1B visas

smartphone encryption

Congress eyes commission to tackle encryption debate

Bipartisan bill would create a national commission on security and technology to address the growing debate over privacy and security

Coax cable cord

Congress to cable customers: Stop your whining

A new bill would strip the FCC of authority to investigate complaints about broadband providers and effectively gut Net neutrality


US plans to spend $4B on self-driving car research

The U.S. Department of Transportation said Thursday that President Obama will ask for $4 billion in his budget for 10 years of research into self-driving cars and their safety.

U.S. supreme court

US patent grants slow in wake of Supreme Court business methods ruling

IT giants are no longer driving growth in U.S. patent grants

White House

White House to use social media to answer questions after tonight's Obama speech

Administration also joins Snapchat this week, offering behind-the-scenes look


White House to meet Silicon Valley tech firms on combating radicalization

A team of senior White House officials plans to meet with Silicon Valley tech leaders on Friday to discuss ways the two can work together in combating radicalization and extremism.

linux encryption

Microsoft, Google, Facebook to U.K.: Don't weaken encryption

Encryption is a ‘fundamental security tool’ important to the economy and safety of users, the companies say

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