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AT&T to pay $105 million to settle mobile-phone cramming charges

The FTC, FCC, and state attorneys general accuse the company of making millions of dollars from unwanted third-party charges

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FCC gets record number of Net neutrality comments, what now?

The agency is now focused on analyzing the 3 million comments it has received

FCC may put mobile under same Net neutrality rules as wired broadband

The past double standard is a big issue in many public comments, FCC Chairman Wheeler said

Tech industry groups ask U.S. Senate to 'swiftly pass' NSA curbs

A coalition of tech industry groups writes a letter to Senate leaders saying an erosion of trust is affecting their business abroad

Net neutrality advocates plan slow-lane protest

Several large websites including Reddit, Mozilla, and Kickstarter will display site-loading spinning wheel icons to symbolize slow connections

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FCC chairman steps up for citizens, competition, and a better Internet

Amid debate over Comcast-Time Warner and Net neutrality, Tom Wheeler speaks of the need for more choice in broadband

FCC's Wheeler: U.S. needs more high-speed broadband competition

The agency will focus on a new broadband competition agenda, its chairman says

Industry groups: FCC shouldn't overturn state laws against municipal broadband

Broadband providers call on the FCC to leave state laws alone

FCC allowed to question AT&T, Verizon on business broadband pricing

The OMB gives the agency permission to collect data on the special-access business broadband market

Dozens of US tech firms violate EU privacy promises

Advocacy group Center for Digital Democracy calls on the FTC to investigate 30 companies for their handling of personal information

DOJ asks court to vacate stay in Microsoft email privacy case

The government points to a 'jurisdictional' defect in Microsoft's appeal of a warrant for emails stored in Ireland

Microsoft, Google, others back Facebook in New York privacy dispute

Facebook is seeking important rulings on the collection of bulk user data under gag orders

4 cloud horror stories -- and how to survive them

Here are four cloud horror stories along with spoilers, so you can make it out alive

China scrubs Apple's iPad and MacBooks from government buying list

Report claims that China's government is increasing pressure on Western technology firms

Sneaky broadband data caps imperil the Internet's future

A GAO report warns that ISPs' move to usage-based pricing could have a chilling effect on online innovation

Senate committee: Mobile phone 'cramming' widespread, profits carriers

Unauthorized third-party billing has cost U.S. mobile phone customers hundreds of millions of dollars, a report says

FCC chairman grills Verizon over data throttling

Tom Wheeler's sharply worded letter questions why Verizon is singling out customers with unlimited plans

The cellphone unlocking bill is about to become law -- but there's a catch

Long-debated bill to allow unlocking of cellphones is close to approval, but Library of Congress has final say

Net neutrality a key battleground in growing fight over encryption, activists say

Both carriers and government now have an interest in how users keep their online lives private

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