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Enterprise Architecture Awards

The 2015 Enterprise Architecture Awards

This year's five winners, selected by a panel of EA practitioners, show how enterprise architects help businesses roll out initiatives with transformative value

Starting line

5 interview questions for enterprise architects -- and how to answer them

Enterprise architects are in-demand, challenging to hire, and salaries are on the rise. Answering these 5 questions the right way will help you land the job.


Data center myopia creates cloud illusions

What is the Cloud other than 'other people's data centers'? What happens if you move IT-support for your business to the cloud? It disappears from your data center and that makes it seem as a reduction of complexity. But it also moves...

customer experience

The new IT is all about the customer

Enterprises have turned outward, investing more and more in improving the customer experience -- giving those closer to customers power to make key technology decisions

Customer Experience

X marks the spot for digital transformation

Getting customer experience right is becoming a make-or-break for many businesses. And best-in-class digital transformation must be underpinned by enterprise, business, and IT roadmaps -- that is, by enterprise architecture

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5 steps to becoming an enterprise architecture ninja

Enterprise architects who have a clear view of where they fit in the EA pecking order and a roadmap for taking their practice to the next level are likely to prosper

Three keys to successful microservices

A successful migration to microservices requires componentization, collaboration, and reliable connections and controls

EA Crystal ball

What will enterprise architecture look like in 5 years?

Numerous challenges face EA over the next 5 years but if it plays its cards right a seat at the top-table is assured. From the data mining gold rush to the algorithm economy, without it, executives risk playing Jenga with critical...

Magnifying glass on top of Best Practices

Build from best practices, but use your judgement too

Sometimes best practices avoid past mistakes, and sometimes they create new ones

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Solution architect, reinvent yourself for the cloud

Solution architects are facing extinction unless they reexamine and reinvent themselves

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Call for entries: The 2015 Enterprise Architecture Awards

Has your organization benefited from an enterprise architecture initiative? Then tell us your story by entering the 2015 InfoWorld/Forrester Enterprise Architecture Awards

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Data is the new black

Information management architectures evolve constantly, and the pendulum is in full swing between data and applications. The latter managed to displace the former as the center of IT. New data sources and requirements are changing the...

When you wish upon a cloud: 3 cloud hopes for 2015

Sadly, these enterprise cloud predictions need to come true, but won't happen any time soon

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Preparing for the B2C-enterprise revolution: My New Year’s enterprise tech resolution

For 2015, my enterprise technology resolution is to prepare my team for what will be a massive transformation of software development, services, and infrastructure in the enterprise.

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Welcome to the next wave of enterprise computing

Software-defined everything, a fresh stack of cloud-based technologies, and a new view of enterprise architecture are transforming business technology

GitHub Enterprise offers Amazon-hosted option for software delivery

GitHub Enterprise is now available in an Amazon-hosted version for companies moving more infrastructure to the cloud

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You break it, you build it -- better than before

To borrow from the old Chinese proverb, a crisis can be an opportunity in disguise, even in the data center

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Jony Ive talks about what he learned from Steve Jobs

Apple's design chief also opened up about Apple’s design team and what it was like to work on Apple Watch and iPhone

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