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President Obama at the State of the Union 2015

A tech policy agenda for an uncertain political future

The top tech priorities for Congress and President Obama this year should be fostering data-driven innovation and the Internet of Things, increasing digital trade and passing the TPP, fighting patent litigation abuse and patent...

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New Android ransomware uses clickjacking to gain admin privileges

A new Android ransomware app called Lockdroid.E is abusing system dialogs to hijack user clicks and grant itself administrator privileges.


Amazon eases Web encryption with AWS Certificate Manager

A new service provides free, automatically upgraded SSL/TLS certificates for sites supported by Amazon's load balancing and CDN systems

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Congress eyes commission to tackle encryption debate

Bipartisan bill would create a national commission on security and technology to address the growing debate over privacy and security

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OpenSSH patches information leak that could expose private SSH keys

Rogue or compromised OpenSSH servers can read private SSH keys from the memory of unpatched clients

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Google Go upgrade fixes bug that could leak RSA private key

The flaw is tied to RSA computations in 32-bit systems


Juniper promises to fix ScreenOS cryptography ... eventually

Juniper said it has found no other evidence of tampering in its source code and pledged to replace the problematic cryptographic functions in its VPN technology with a robust alternative

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Microsoft, Google, Facebook to U.K.: Don't weaken encryption

Encryption is a ‘fundamental security tool’ important to the economy and safety of users, the companies say


Cyber criminals abusing free Let's Encrypt certificates

Trend Micro researchers have identified a malvertising campaign targeting sites that use free Let's Encrypt certificates

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Third try is no charm for failed Linux ransomware creators

Linux.Encoder version 3 still uses buggy encryption, allowing file recovery, researchers found

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Blackphone update closes security hole

SilentCircle used a third-party component that potentially exposed the secure Blackphone to attack

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What FIDO credentials mean in Windows 10

Can Microsoft Windows 10 users start thinking about using biometrics to replace -- rather than secure -- passwords?

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A better way to move past insecure SHA-1 certs

The digital certificate switchover from weak SHA-1 to the vastly stronger SHA-2 promises to be brutal, but a new industry proposal could ease the pain

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Tech tremors: 5 bumps to brace for in the year ahead

If you thought 2015 was full of tossing and turning, wait until 2016 hits

2015: The Year in Hacks

The most innovative and damaging hacks of 2015

The year's most significant attacks highlight how hackers are changing tactics -- and how IT security must evolve in the year ahead

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Microsoft move to revoke trust in 20 root certificates could wreak havoc on sites

Tens of thousands of secure websites might start to display certificate errors to their visitors in January, when Microsoft plans to stop trusting 20 certificate authorities (CAs) from around the world.

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Apple CEO defends privacy, encryption amidst terrorist concerns

Smartphone users should have both privacy and security, Tim Cook says in interview

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Stupidity and lies: Presidential candidates flunk the tech test

From dismantling the Internet to banning encryption to reinstating NSA phone surveillance, politicians vie to outdo each other with bad policy suggestions

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