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security companies to watch

10 more security startups to watch

These startups focus on encryption, endpoint protection event analysis, and radio-frequency scanning

changed priorities

10 years on: 5 big changes to computer security

In the 10 years since Security Adviser debuted, the threats have changed -- as have the defenses, and no one can argue computer security is safer overall

John McAfee

Would you buy an SSL certificate from this man?

John McAfee is preparing an SSL certificate service, but beyond its cut-rate prices, little is new here but salesmanship

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Make stolen data worthless

You can't stop intruders from penetrating your network, but with the right DLP solution, you can encrypt stolen data so it can never be used


Google Compute Engine now supports bring-your-own-key encryption

Other big cloud providers already offer BYOK, but Google claims its option, available at no additional cost,is more comprehensive

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The Ashley Madison hack -- this time it's personal

In the wake of the OPM data breach, another grim reminder of the folly of hobbling encryption

9 ways developers can help rebuild trust on the Internet

9 ways developers can rebuild trust on the Internet

Public keys, trusted hardware, block chains -- developers should be using these tech tools to help secure the Internet for all


The weak case against strong encryption

Why can't politicians understand? Banning encryption is essentially no different than mandating backdoors

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Regulators seek to limit security software exports

Comment period on Wassenaar ends Monday, and the rules as written would severely restrict sales, deployment, and research of cyber security tools and exploits

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Hello, Congress? CISA has nothing to do with data protection

Congress is making all the wrong moves by holding hearings on the dangers of encryption and trying yet again to push through CISA

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Encryption with backdoors is worse than useless -- it's dangerous

In the debate over strong encryption, it’s clear the feds don’t understand what they’re saying

OpenSSL fixes serious flaw that could enable man-in-the-middle attacks

The vulnerability allows attackers to generate rogue certificates that pass OpenSSL's validation

FBI, DOJ want companies to back off end-to-end encryption

The agencies want tech vendors to retain access to encrypted data to comply with court-ordered warrants

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Encryption backdoors: A bad idea then, a bad idea now

A research paper authored by encryption and computer security experts savages renewed government attempts to make encryption more law-enforcement friendly

OpenSSL tells users to prepare for a high severity flaw

Patches will be released on July 9 for a high severity vulnerability in OpenSSL's widely used cryptographic library

Amazon releases open source cryptographic module

The s2n module could serve as a leaner replacement for the OpenSSL TLS module

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Compromised encryption is a threat to national security

The administration is floating a trial balloon suggesting that national security requires giving up the protection provided by strong encryption. This approach gets the issue wrong. When the situation calls for encryption, using...


Amazon's s2n encryption library aims to be small, light, and auditable

New open source encryption library is meant to be easy to implement as well as easy to audit for security issues

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