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Google Chrome tests future of encryption with post-quantum crypto

Google is testing a post-quantum cryptographic algorithm in Chrome Canary to improve the future of encrypted communications

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11 essential data security tips for travelers

Your data and privacy are never more at risk than when you travel; here's how to protect them

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Study: Encryption use increase largest in 11 years

But encryption technology spending as percent of total IT security budgets has gone down, as encryption is now built into many tools

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It's time to lock the door on backdoors

Law enforcement and intelligence officials continue to lie about the evils of encryption, putting us all at more risk

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The number of corporate users hit by crypto ransomware is skyrocketing

The prevalence of ransomware programs, both those that encrypt data and those that don't, has exploded over the past two years, with companies being increasingly targeted.

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Don’t run JS email attachments: ​they​ can carry potent ransomware

A new ransomware program called RAA is entirely written in JavaScript

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Do it now! From SHA-1 to SHA-2 in 8 steps

The clock is ticking for organizations to complete their SHA-1 migration. Here's what admins must do to ensure they aren't locked out

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Printer security: Is your company's data really safe?

IT managers have found that printers can pose major cybersecurity risks -- assuming they pay any attention to them at all

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Sorry, dad, security isn't what it used to be

It's tempting to understand data encryption in terms of locks and other physical metaphors, but the digital world is completely different

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New JavaScript spam wave distributes Locky ransomware

European countries are the most affected, but detections have also been recorded in the United States and Canada

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Apple hires mobile encryption pioneer amid encryption debate

Jon Callas joined the company from Silent Circle earlier this year

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New DMA Locker ransomware is ramping up for widespread attacks

New version of ransomware fixes previous flaws and adopts exploit kit-based distribution model

Bank Vault protecting data inside

5 steps to stronger data security

The old cliche is true: Your organization's most precious asset is its data. Five basic security building blocks can ensure its safety

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Google to shutter SSLv3, RC4 from SMTP servers, Gmail

Google Apps customers who still rely on SSLv3 or RC4 need to update to TLS or face the prospect of no longer being able to send out mail


An HTTPS hijacking click-fraud botnet infects almost 1 million computers

Over the past two years, a group of cybercriminals has infected almost 1 million computers with malware that hijacks search results, even when they're served over encrypted HTTPS connections.

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Security researchers crack new version of CryptXXX ransomware

An updated decryptor tool can help users recover files affected by the CryptXXX ransomware program


Your data, their cloud? Bring your own encryption keys

As governments and others increasingly seek the keys from your vendors to unlock your encrypted data, you should consider using self-provisioned keys


Tech groups call on presidential candidates to support encryption, embrace other IT issues

Candidates should talk more about cybersecurity and other tech issues, 13 tech trade groups say

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