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GitHub adds hardware-based authentication for developers

GitHub developers will now be able to log in to the code repository using YubiKey hardware keys

steal thief theft burglar laptop secret crime

Got 'em! Researchers steal crypto keys from Amazon cloud

Researchers demonstrate a cloud provider's nightmare: How to use a rogue VM to steal crypto keys from neighbors

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Newly found TrueCrypt flaw allows full system compromise

Google's Project Zero team discovered two serious flaws in the driver the TrueCrypt full disk encryption program installs on Windows systems

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Silent Circle aims at the enterprise market with Blackphone 2

The new phone integrates with Google's Android for Work program, making it more enterprise-friendly than its predecessor

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Is BYOK the key to secure cloud computing?

How realistic is it to 'bring your own keys?' Does your business want the burden of managing and securing its own cloud encryption keys?

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Cookie handling in browsers can break HTTPS security

The lack of cookie integrity verification in browsers can allow hackers to extract information from encrypted Web connections


Obama advisors: Encryption backdoors would hurt cyber security, Net infrastructure vendors

Leaked National Security Council advisory report weighs pros and cons of laws to make encryption keys available to law enforcement


Google donates on-disk encryption to MariaDB, but security risks linger

The latest version of the MySQL database variant has table-level encryption, courtesy of Google, but it won't guard against the most common database attacks

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The perils of free digital certificates

Open source certificate authority Let's Encrypt wants to give domain owners free and validated certificates, but the offer comes with a price


Let's Encrypt project issues first free SSL/TLS certificate

The project gives away free SSL/TLS certificates in order to increase encryption use

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Does quantum cryptology offer hack-proof security?

New quantum cryptology research could result in systems that are impossible to hack. But good luck trying to explain it to your boss

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Google, Mozilla, Microsoft browsers will dump RC4 encryption

The decision to remove RC4 from IE, Edge, Chrome, and Firefox is final nail in the coffin for the vulnerable cryptographic algorithm

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Review: How to protect top-secret data

In our tests, IQProtector’s file encryption tool successfully secured corporate documents from prying eyes.

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Beyond bitcoin: 7 ways to capitalize on blockchains

Bitcoin’s widely trusted ledger offers intriguing possibilities for business use beyond cryptocurrency

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10 more security startups to watch

These startups focus on encryption, endpoint protection event analysis, and radio-frequency scanning

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10 years on: 5 big changes to computer security

In the 10 years since Security Adviser debuted, the threats have changed -- as have the defenses, and no one can argue computer security is safer overall

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Would you buy an SSL certificate from this man?

John McAfee is preparing an SSL certificate service, but beyond its cut-rate prices, little is new here but salesmanship

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Make stolen data worthless

You can't stop intruders from penetrating your network, but with the right DLP solution, you can encrypt stolen data so it can never be used

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