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New features in Windows 10 laptop

Respect: Windows 10 security impresses hackers

Windows is a popular attack target for criminals and researchers alike, but Microsoft has done a good job of making it harder to target security flaws in the OS

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AWS to enterprises: Bring your own encryption

AWS Key Management Service offers a plus for enterprises that want the benefits of local key management as a service without ceding control

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Secure Boot proves insecurity of backdoors

Microsoft's Secure Boot prevents unauthorized software from running on Windows systems, but a leaked superpolicy bypasses those restrictions

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SHA-2 shortcut: Easy certificate management for Linux

Due to the rollover from SHA-1 to SHA-2, a ton of digital certificate work is needed. With CertAccord, it's as easy to do on Linux as on Windows

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Profiles in cryptographic courage

Security problems sometimes seem depressingly intractable. The cure? Read about the fascinating people responsible for seminal breakthroughs

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Google steps up home page security with HSTS

With HTTP Strict Transport Security activated, the site prevents users from trying to log in over a nonencrypted connection


Reworked OpenSSL on track for government validation

Encryption vendor SafeLogic commits to sponsoring OpenSSL 1.1 through the arduous, government-required FIPS-140-2 validation process

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Wire open-sources messaging client, woos developers

Secure messaging apps are all the rage, and developers can now write their own open source Wire client

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New Locky ransomware version can operate in offline mode

The creators of the widespread Locky ransomware have added a fallback mechanism in the latest version of their program for situations where the malware can't reach their command-and-control servers.

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Salesforce expands encryption options with 'bring your own key'

Adding BYOK encryption to its Salesforce Shield cloud services could help to alleviate data-sovereignty concerns, one analyst says

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Google Chrome tests future of encryption with post-quantum crypto

Google is testing a post-quantum cryptographic algorithm in Chrome Canary to improve the future of encrypted communications

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11 essential data security tips for travelers

Your data and privacy are never more at risk than when you travel; here's how to protect them

Easy Everyday Encryption

Study: Encryption use increase largest in 11 years

But encryption technology spending as percent of total IT security budgets has gone down, as encryption is now built into many tools

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It's time to lock the door on backdoors

Law enforcement and intelligence officials continue to lie about the evils of encryption, putting us all at more risk

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The number of corporate users hit by crypto ransomware is skyrocketing

The prevalence of ransomware programs, both those that encrypt data and those that don't, has exploded over the past two years, with companies being increasingly targeted.

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Don’t run JS email attachments: ​they​ can carry potent ransomware

A new ransomware program called RAA is entirely written in JavaScript

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Do it now! From SHA-1 to SHA-2 in 8 steps

The clock is ticking for organizations to complete their SHA-1 migration. Here's what admins must do to ensure they aren't locked out

office copiers hacked a

Printer security: Is your company's data really safe?

IT managers have found that printers can pose major cybersecurity risks -- assuming they pay any attention to them at all

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