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microsoft bug

Outlook 2010 patch KB 3114570 reintroduces Calendar bugs

What's worse, the bad patch will be forced on Windows 10 PCs over and over again

Businessman shooting arrows at a target and failing

Windows Live Mail woes continue with re-re-released KB 3093594

If you're using Windows Live Mail 2012 it may be finally time to give up. The latest undocumented patch is a re-release of the Dec. 17 version and solves nothing

Exchange Settings You Must Get Right

The Exchange Server settings you must get right

Ensure a solid foundation for your on-premises Exchange Server installation with these essential setup tips

amazon workmail

Amazon WorkMail now available for $4 per user per month

Regional data control is included in the new hosted email and calendar service for enterprises

russian hackers

Microsoft mirrors rivals, pledges to warn customers of state-backed hacks

Microsoft failed to alert more than a thousand Hotmail users as long ago as 2009, former employees claim

band-aid patch bandage

Microsoft reissues botched Windows Live Mail 2012 patch KB 3093594

If you installed the original version of KB 3093594 and Windows Live Mail 2012 is crashing, get this new one quickly

150817 google headquarters 3

Google continues enterprise push with Data Loss Prevention for Gmail

The feature lets enterprises protect their information from being shared via email

automated security defense protection

Don't secure Microsoft systems by Microsoft alone

Why 'defense in depth' would still make sense if Microsoft's security tools were as good as the competition


Google drone delivery, Tesla Autopilot, ISS birthday - The Wrap

On The Wrap this week Google plans to deliver packages by drone, Tesla takes back Autopilot features and the ISS turns 15.

mobile social collaboration faces heads

Review: Office 365 fails at collaboration

Despite years of promises and gap-filling acquisitions, Microsoft's collaboration toolkit remains a woefully inadequate mishmash

lies nose pinocchio puppets

Liar, liar: When a good manager meets a bad vendor

Even veteran IT pros can be taken in by slippery vendors and deals that are too good to be true

PowerShell for Exchange Admins

The power of PowerShell: An intro for Exchange admins

Forgo the GUI in favor of the console and free yourself of the drudgery of administering Exchange

Court of Justice of the European Union

EU Safe Harbor ruling could have bearing on Microsoft email dispute

Microsoft has cited a ruling by an European Court on transatlantic transfers of personal data as having a bearing on its litigation over turning over email held in Ireland to U.S. law enforcement.

5 personal information

Who has your back? Not this IT team

For one techie, a pair of unresponsive colleagues and an opportunistic consultant needlessly complicate a significant email project

microsoft logo redwest a

Microsoft stays in the on-premises email server game with launch of Exchange 2016

Updates include enhancement to search, eDiscovery, collaboration and more

inbox android

5 features Google's Inbox needs to steal from Gmail

While Inbox will do fabulously as your go-to email app, there are a few features that it needs to borrow from Gmail

goodbye scrabble letters tiles

Mac and iOS users: How to leave Outlook behind forever

Apple offers better mobile clients than Microsoft does, as well as a superior desktop experience

protection hands

Microsoft Threat Protection may not be right for you

A new, added-cost threat-protection service for Exchange can protect email, but you should look at other tools as well

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