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mobile social collaboration faces heads

Review: Office 365 fails at collaboration

Despite years of promises and gap-filling acquisitions, Microsoft's collaboration toolkit remains a woefully inadequate mishmash

lies nose pinocchio puppets

Liar, liar: When a good manager meets a bad vendor

Even veteran IT pros can be taken in by slippery vendors and deals that are too good to be true

PowerShell for Exchange Admins

The power of PowerShell: An intro for Exchange admins

Forgo the GUI in favor of the console and free yourself of the drudgery of administering Exchange

Court of Justice of the European Union

EU Safe Harbor ruling could have bearing on Microsoft email dispute

Microsoft has cited a ruling by an European Court on transatlantic transfers of personal data as having a bearing on its litigation over turning over email held in Ireland to U.S. law enforcement.

5 personal information

Who has your back? Not this IT team

For one techie, a pair of unresponsive colleagues and an opportunistic consultant needlessly complicate a significant email project

microsoft logo redwest a

Microsoft stays in the on-premises email server game with launch of Exchange 2016

Updates include enhancement to search, eDiscovery, collaboration and more

inbox android

5 features Google's Inbox needs to steal from Gmail

While Inbox will do fabulously as your go-to email app, there are a few features that it needs to borrow from Gmail

goodbye scrabble letters tiles

Mac and iOS users: How to leave Outlook behind forever

Apple offers better mobile clients than Microsoft does, as well as a superior desktop experience

protection hands

Microsoft Threat Protection may not be right for you

A new, added-cost threat-protection service for Exchange can protect email, but you should look at other tools as well

email stock image

Exchange 2016: You'll swear it's Exchange 2013

The new email server removes any doubt that on-premises software is in Microsoft's rearview mirror

lightbulb idea gears

6 innovations from Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference

New offerings around business intelligence, collaboration, data visualization, email, and private clouds should be on your radar

phishing attempt

Email security and spear phishing secrets of an ex-hacker

Technology and user training together can help CISOs protect their data against the attacks demonstrated by Kevin Mitnick

email security

6 best practices for email security

Here are some ways to tighten up your email policies and improve network security

horse cowboy running animals in the wild wild west herding lasso 000005072664

Microsoft's Office 365 push tramples partners -- and IT

New migration tools and other recent Exchange cloud moves will help you move your data to the cloud, but they'll also end your choice in the matter

mayberry sheriff car police car retro revival antique 000000147714

We need the Internet police now more than ever

Beyond the reach of traditional policing, Internet crime calls for a new kind of law enforcement agency

microsoft outlook

Leaked Microsoft Build notes reveal plans for third-party apps

Creating an app ecosystem for will help it compete with Gmail, and also contribute to Microsoft's goal of universal apps

Microsoft Exchange tools

What we know about Exchange Server 2016

The few clues suggest improvements to the back end, document collaboration, and search partial outage stretches to 20 hours

Browser-based access works fine, but several Microsoft-made clients, including Outlook in Office 2003, 2007, and 2010, can't retrieve or send mail

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