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08 unhealthy exposure

Health care welcomes the cloud, as resistance crumbles

New IT leadership is helping more and more health care providers move to the cloud

Configuration errors lead to HealthCare.gov breach

HHS says an attacker gained access to the HealthCare.gov server, but no personal information was compromised

Why would Chinese hackers want hospital patient data?

Medical records data can be a valuable asset, especially in a country where many have no health insurance

Hackers steal data on 4.5 million U.S. hospital patients

Community Health Systems says the breach occurred in April and June

The mobile health apps gold rush may already be over

A collision between Silicon Valley's data-mining business model and federal medical privacy rules may prevent a viable market

Standalone wearables coming this year, AT&T executive says

Wearables won't break through until they can work without a phone, according to partnership chief Glenn Lurie

The new era of mobile health tech has a big gotcha

New platforms from Samsung and Apple hold great promise, but they also feed into unrealistic hopes

Samsung shows off Simband watch as platform for multiple health sensors

It considers the concept a common platform for wearable sensor development by third parties

Solving healthcare's disruptive innovation dilemma

Too many CIOs are still clueless about how often open source is being used in their own organizations

Oracle's embarrassment: Dragged down by Oregon Obamacare, antitrust suit

Larry Ellison is doubly saddled this month with Oregon's bungled Obamacare website and a competitor's countersuit

Why health care needs Amazon (or anyone) to shake things up

As health care in the United States embarks on what PwC describes as its most radical shift in 80 years, most health IT incumbents just aren't cutting it

How to avoid a HealthCare.gov fiasco in your cloud

The key flaw in the botched rollout was a sound enterprise architecture approach

Healthcare.gov experiences maintenance outage on deadline day

Technicians took the site down in order to fix a software bug

Forrester outlines IT imperatives for health care providers

Health care providers face an unsettling reality: Embrace the cloud, big data, and mobile or be acquired by an organization that's successfully done that

Health care revs up for big drive into the cloud

Raw need is why health IT spending on the cloud will quadruple by 2018

Thought Obamacare was messy? Wait until electronic health records come online

EHRs' laudable openness goals will slam into reality of highly proprietary, secretive, and risk-averse health care industry

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