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A collection of wood office accessories sold at the Evernote Market

Digital price tags

An API-powered shopping season

From dynamic pricing to unified shopper's experience, APIs are impacting the entire shopping experience

Trade treaty negotiations can remain secret, EU court rules

Leaks are becoming increasingly important to finding how trade negotiations will affect e-commerce, copyrights, and online privacy

Microsoft starts accepting Bitcoin payments in its online stores

Bitcoin is accepted by Microsoft only in the United States for now

santa claus pushing shopping cart of gifts 81897017

Ho ho no! While you shop this season, beacons will spam you

Marketers have found a new channel to abuse, but it doesn't have to be this way

blue robots

Working conditions? Amazon's robots have no complaints

Cutting-edge fulfillment centers fitted out with Kiva robots fuel speculation that humans days in the working force could be numbered

blue shopping carts rolling down the lane

Slow Cyber Monday may be productivity boost for the boss

Fewer people likely to be shopping online today, meaning work is actually getting done

Touch ID Home button

Why Apple should add Touch ID to its Macs

Password security is the obvious reason, but Apple Pay is the better reason

Apple background image

Apple Pay: The 5 lessons it teaches IT and business alike

Tired of being ineffective and unloved? It's time to act different

Report: Amazon building ad system to compete with Google's

The system may resemble Google's AdWords for keyword-targeted ads

Amazon seeks U.S. exemption to test delivery drones

The online retailer plans to use drones to deliver packages to customers in 30 minutes or less

Mt. Gox CEO selling, will give some proceeds to burned investors

The domain will go on sale July 24 with an opening bid of $185,000

Has Apple opened the door to bitcoin apps?

An update to the App Store guidelines suggests cryptocurrency apps are welcome

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