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Microsoft and HPE throw their weight behind Mesosphere

A strategic investment round led by HPE just brought the startup $73.5 million in new funding

Take the guesswork out of storage optimization

How PernixData Architect employs a data-driven approach to managing storage for the virtual data center


4 Docker gems for container lovers

Got Docker? You'll want this quartet of third-party tools for reducing images, simplifying the command line, managing processes, and more

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CoreOS takes on software security for containers

Got containerized software with vulnerabilities? CoreOS's Clair project will bring it to light -- and help you figure out what to do about it

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Kubernetes 1.2 steps up its container game

The new version of Google's container orchestration system improves scalability, expands app deployment and management functions, and gets a GUI face-lift

HPE CEP Meg Whitman

HPE will take on Nutanix and Cisco with hyperconverged system

HPE will launch the product later this month, CEO Meg Whitman said

VMware's president bolts for VC world

Carl Eschenbach follows networking guru Martin Casado in leaving VMware amid shakeup as Dell is buying out VMware parent company EMC

coreos alex polvi ceo

CoreOS CEO: Containers are just the beginning

Polvi sees containers and distributed systems as key to a 'Google infrastructure for everyone else' model of Internet security

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That Linux flaw may be fixed, but what about your containers?

Countless patching efforts are now under way for the years-old bug discovered in the GNU C Library this week, but organizations that use container technology shouldn't relax just yet

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Xen's latest hypervisor updates are missing some security patches

Versions 4.6.1 and 4.4.4 of the Xen hypervisor don't include fixes that had previously been made available for two known vulnerabilities

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Lessons learned: Tribune Media rebuilds IT from the ground up

With everything software-controlled, workloads can be moved at will, and VMware’s NSX offsets the need for more than $1 million of network gear


Docker goes rootless -- and that's a good thing

Containers will no longer have to be run as root in Linux, thanks to a new feature in Docker 1.10

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CoreOS launches Rocket 1.0 directly at Docker

CoreOS's container runtime has better default security and full Docker compatibility

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VMware cuts 800 jobs as it transitions from older 'blockbuster' compute products

Revenue was up 12 percent year-over-year, but the company says it is facing pressure in its core server virtualization business

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Google's new managed containers are brought to you by Red Hat

Having Red Hat's OpenShift Dedicated on Google Cloud Platform is another step toward Google building an open source hybrid cloud

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Docker kicks off the unikernel revolution

Until now, unikernels were an experimental OS-plus-application technology. Docker wants to make them as easy to assemble and work with as the company's trademark containers

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What does an Oracle audit look like? This one certainly wasn't pretty

Oracle is at least as well-known for its aggressive licensing tactics as for its namesake database technology, and a recent dispute makes it clear that that reputation isn't entirely unfounded.

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Good news: Microsoft isn't phoning in Windows Server 2016

New features in the latest technical preview show Microsoft still heavily invested in on-premises servers

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