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LibreOffice for Android takes first small steps

The first incarnation of LibreOffice for Android is little more than a document reader, but the plan all along was to start small and build up

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Review: IBM Bluemix bulks up Cloud Foundry

IBM's full-featured PaaS wows with Watson and an amazing array of services, but many are not yet ready for prime time

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7 questions to ask any open source project

Do you truly have permission granted in advance to benefit from and innovate upon an open source project? These questions will help you find out

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In open source, no one cares if you're a dog

Some want Linus Torvalds to be nicer. They may be missing the point

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Third time's the charm? Canonical tries Ubuntu for IoT

Canonical's slimmed-down version of Ubuntu for IoT development tackles the 'immortality' problem

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Facebook open-sources its machine learning magic

The company has open-sourced tools used with the Torch framework as part of its effort to become a leading force in AI

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9 Linux distros to watch in 2015

These distros will be the most entertaining ones to keep up with for the year

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Docker or Rocket for containers? Why not both?

While Docker and CoreOS have been fighting to own the container market, the two offer different approaches that complement as much as they compete

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Confessions of an open source purist

When picking a PC, we face a three-way choice: High maintenance, out-of-the-box utility, and software freedom. Choose any two

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You should be running a pfSense firewall

Fast and feature-rich pfSense may be the best firewall bar none -- and it's free and open source

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Geeks give back: Be an open source tester

Open source developers are hard-working people who don't need to hear misdirected complaints. Want an open source project to be the best it can be? Volunteer your time and become a tester

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Microsoft extends open-sourcing spree with Project Orleans

Hot on the heels of open-sourcing .Net Core, Microsoft does the same with its Orleans cloud computing framework

Google's surprise: ODF support launches ahead of schedule

Months earlier than predicted by Google's head of open source, Google today announced support for the international OpenDocument Format in its Google Drive suite of apps

Docker's tremendous upside could upset some enterprises

Docker is straightforward to adopt and solves key problems -- and could trip up your cloud app migration strategy

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MacBook to Chromebook: No regrets

Two years on, switching from a MacBook Pro to a Chromebook was the right answer for this geek. Read on for hints and tips

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Watson wannabes: 4 open source projects for machine intelligence

These projects aren't as established as Watson, but they're open source and ready for work

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Microsoft expands its .Net open source plans

Microsoft will leverage NuGet package technology as part of its open source effort, though some developers feel the move is too little, too late

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New data center OS allows single-source command for Linux servers

Mesosphere DCOS offers a single point of command for disparate Linux machines

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