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Dropbox wants to speed up Python with Pyston 0.5

The latest version of the Python runtime sponsored by Dropbox uses garbage collection to enhance compatibility with existing code

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Spark 2.0 prepares to catch fire

Today, Databricks subscribers can get a technical preview of Spark 2.0. Improved performance, SparkSessions, and streaming lead a parade of enhancements

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PHP 7.1 update puts speed before syntax

The successor to the speedy PHP 7.0 continues to emphasize performance over new syntaxes


jQuery readies version 3.0 release candidate

The upcoming version of the JavaScript library will become the only fully supported edition upon release

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Bitbucket’s Pipelines turns up the pressure on GitHub and GitLab

Bitbucket outfits the code-hosting service with a continuous integration and delivery pipeline, with integrations to many major third-party services

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Visual Basic at 25: Microsoft looks back and ahead

The Silver Anniversary Celebration will include such details as forthcoming language features


GitLab goes heavy on Docker registry support, light on restrictions

Must container registries be standard-issue for code-hosting platforms? GitLab is about to find out, as it adds support for them across its products

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Google opens Polymer toolbox for Progressive Web Apps

The Polymer App Toolbox helps developers build nativelike mobile systems

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Jenkins finds a new home on Microsoft Azure

The popular CI/CD solution is moving to Microsoft's cloud for its infrastructure, a possible indication of how it'll address issues of scale

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Gradle embraces Kotlin for Android app dev

Developers can automate builds using the new JVM language

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Save $185 on the Complete Web Developer Course - Deal Alert

Learn how to build websites with the Complete Web Developer Course. With 236 lectures and 28 hours of content, this course is a steal at only $14.

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Pay What You Want for 13 Premium Mac Apps - Deal Alert

If you want to maximize your productivity, this bundle of premium Mac apps is the ticket. Together, they’re valued at $946, but here’s your chance to pay what you want for them.

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Jenkins security patches could break plug-ins

The latest security update for Jenkins changed how build parameters are handled, impacting multiple plug-ins


GitHub releases Electron 1.0 for desktop app developers

The open source framework for cross-platform development of native apps uses JavaScript APIs to communicate with different OSes

Better software testing through automation

How to improve your CI/CD workflow and build higher-quality software faster with automated testing

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Scala language moves closer to bare metal

The Scala Native project leverages LLVM compilers as a deployment mechanism for the functional and object-oriented language

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GitHub ushers in unlimited private repositories

Both personal and organizational accounts on the code-hosting site will get unlimited private repos and a simplified pricing structure

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Redis plants the seeds for an open source ecosystem

Redis Modules help the caching and in-memory storage system work with new data structures and database behaviors

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