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10 handy no-cost tools for API development
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Mozilla's Rust language doubles down on speed and simplicity

The new MIR subsystem for Rust will speed up both the compiler and apps written in the language

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Xamarin starts to connect Mac devs with Visual Studio

Android and iOS are focal points in latest technology rollouts from Microsoft's recent acquisition

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GitHub Enterprise 2.6 streamlines workflows

Admins and developers have a cadre of new tools to ease their jobs in the latest update to the enterprise-grade edition of GitHub

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Jenkins 2 addresses ease and security, not scalability

A future version of the continuous integration and delivery platform will tackle the scalability problem

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New functional programming language can generate C, Python code for apps

The open source Futhark makes it easier to program for GPUs that speed up machine learning and other math-intensive apps

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Hackathon Starter gets newbies up and running on Node.js

The tool provides templates for easy coding and serves as a starter point for Web app development

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PyPy 5.1 puts Python's pedal to the metal

The optimizing compiler features powerful performance improvements, but the default version of Python has its own speed tricks slated for version 3.6

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Twitter provides mission control dashboard for Fabric mobile apps

Metrics can be viewed in a single dashboard to help developers monitor how a mobile application is performing


GitHub updates Atom, with focus on Windows dev

Version 1.7 of the Atom text editor helps developers build in the Visual Studio 2015 IDE and features tab improvements


APIs abound, but challenges remain

Most organizations use APIs to build mobile and Web applications, integrate back-office systems, enable third-party developers, and incorporate third-party services. But IT departments face many challenges, ranging from infrastructure...

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Python devs can gain greater efficiency with Kite

The pair programming tool offer developers coding intelligence, quickly getting them up to speed on new libraries


Rust 1.8 takes steps to replace the Make build system

Shedding Make for a Cargo-based build system that is friendlier to potential contributors will help boost Rust's ecosystem

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Simple succeeds: Visual Studio Code at 1.0

Microsoft's slim-and-trim development environment is now a full-blown 1.0 release with a large user base spanning languages and platforms

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Apache Beam wants to be uber-API for big data

New, useful Apache big data projects seem to arrive daily. Rather than relearn your way every time, what if you could go through a unified API?

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Facebook open-sources Android byte code optimizer

Facebook's ReDex tool for paring down Android apps could form the basis for other optimizers as well

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SGo heads off Google Go crashes before they happen

An independently developed dialect of Google's Go language, SGo prevents certain kinds of application crashes at the compilation level


Sputnik automates code review for Java projects on GitHub

More than a service, Sputnik has open source underpinnings that can be downloaded and deployed, and integration with other code hosting services is on the road map


GitHub takes aim at downtime with DGit

DGit uses the sync mechanisms of Git to replicate GitHub's repositories across multiple servers to make the code hosting platform far less prone to downtime

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