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chalk workflow chart

Android Studio 2.0 zeroes in on improved workflow

A preview version of the IDE also highlights emulation and GPU profiling

JavaScript words

Move over, Linux -- JavaScript-powered NodeOS 1.0 approaches

NodeOS lowers the bar for developers using a base foundation of JavaScript, Node.js, and Npm

tools wrench pliers

Microsoft woos non-Windows developers with new tools

New Visual Studio Code beta and updates to Visual Studio bolster support for alternative languages and platforms

malware bug virus security magnifying glass detection

Serious bug in widely used Java app library patched

The CSRF-style bug in Java Spring Social core library affected websites that allowed users to log in with credentials from LinkedIn, Twitter, GitHub, and Facebook, among others

JavaScript: The Good Parts

ECMAScript 2016 will add SIMD capabilities and async functions

Changes to the JavaScript spec upgrade will 'drastically change the way you write JavaScript code'

machine learning robot face data circuit

Microsoft rolls out open source toolkit for machine learning

The newly-open sourced Distributed Machine Learning Toolkit features fast, parallelized, and easy-to-deploy machine learning algorithms

A dart board with darts far away from the bullseye

Google engineers craft a Dart framework for iOS and Android

The UI framework uses its own rendering engine to draw widgets


5 things we hate about Spark

Spark has dethroned MapReduce and changed big data forever, but that rapid ascent has been accompanied by persistent frustrations

Project Oxford emotion detection

Microsoft bolsters artificial intelligence with additions to Project Oxford

Developers will get access to advanced tools for face recognition, speech recognition, and more

Go Monopoly car board game

Google Go turns 6 as new release nears

The open source language celebrates its sixth birthday and looks to the release of version 1.6 in early 2016

machine learning robot touch screen

Add machine learning to your app with Microsoft Project Oxford

Want to play with advanced features like face recognition and language understanding? Microsoft makes these goodies available in the cloud for free

tower of babel

Babel JavaScript compiler goes modular

Performance and API improvements round out a major revision for the ECMAScript 2015-compliant platform


MIT Media Lab celebrates 30 with Martha Stewart, magicians and visionaries

MIT's Media Lab celebrated its 30th anniversary with tech visionaries including Marvin Minsky, Alan Kay and Danny Hillis.

python skin

Python crunches numbers faster with PyPy 4.0

Python's optimizing compiler adds support for SIMD instructions to accelerate math, in the first of several major-league performance boosts

convergence railroad tracks merge paths

Microsoft taps open source LLVM compiler for cross-platform .Net

Microsoft looks beyond home-grown options in choosing a framework for .Net compiler

futuristic guy wearing virtual reality glasses

Google loads up virtual reality toolbox for developers

The company is offering updated SDKs and has translated the Cardboard app into multiple languages

blue, black illustration of many sharks circling surface of the water

Jaws takes a bite out of AWS Lambda app deployment

Applications without servers, containers, or infrastructure? The Jaws framework attempts to deliver exactly that for AWS Lambda

jay simons atlassian JIRA

Atlassian takes Jira beyond the development world

There are three new editions of the project-tracking tool, inlcuding one that targets non-technical business teams

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