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Visual Studio 2015 expands language roster and mobile support

The upgrade includes .Net Framework 4.6 and the new Roslyn C# and Visual Basic compiler

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NodeSource takes on Joyent in enterprise Node support

A key member of an enterprise Node coalition, NodeSource banks on its expertise with Node in business to sell its multitiered support services

CA Technologies embraces devops with updated tools

CA's application management and infrastructure management software can now work together

Salesforce erects Shield for better enterprise-app security

New suite targets companies with regulatory, compliance, or governance requirements

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'Lightning-fast' PHP 7 speeds to beta

The new upgrade to PHP is feature-complete, but users are warned not to use it in production yet

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Rust 1.1 speeds compiling, adds new APIs

The new version is 32 percent faster in compilation time, while the version 1.2 beta supports Microsoft's Visual C

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Google goes after GitHub and Bitbucket with Cloud Source Repositories

Google's prepping a GitHub competitor with in-the-cloud IDE features, but GitHub and others may be able to counter with on-premises solutions

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Atom at 1.0: GitHub's Node-based editor is just getting started

Atom 1.0 is not just a code editor with cutting-edge add-ons, but a platform upon which other editors and IDEs can -- and are -- to be built

Chrome tools every Web developer will love

Chrome tools every Web developer will love

Chrome DevTools and powerful add-ons lend keen insights into your code

Can GitHub really be worth $2 billion?

The Git repository hosting service is reportedly seeking $200 million in its next round of funding

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Questions loom over 'open source' Swift

Apple says it will open-source the Swift language, but the issue of software freedom lingers

5 things Apple is doing to please developers

Apple announced at this week's developers conference that Version 2.0 of Swift and upgraded frameworks for Watch apps are on the way

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Microsoft makes it easier to extend Visual Studio

Project Extensibility uses the Common Project System to simplify the processes of updating code and adding features

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Firefox Developer Browser offers peek at app performance

The latest version of the Mozilla browser includes tools to give developers insight into what's happening in Web apps

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Believe it or not, Swift debuted a year ago today

Although not fully mature, Swift has proven both popular and powerful for modern development

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Google's Polymer Web library now ready for production use

Search and mobile giant looks to enable fast development of Web apps that use reusable components


Google Android M focuses on a better user experience

The upcoming version of Google's mobile OS will include simplified app data permissions, fingerprint support, and deeper app linking

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Code editors on the cutting edge

Is Eclipse overkill? Is Vim not enough? Then check out the new generation of code editors, led by Sublime Text, Atom, and Visual Studio Code

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