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Visual Studio’s cloud IDE gets smarter about builds

Microsoft Teams Services adds GitHub integration and easier pull requests

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Google Go 1.8 steps up compilation, garbage collection

Expect performance improvements for the compiler and shorter garbage collection for Go 1.8

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Oracle preps developers for Java 9 upgrade

Oracle has released a guide to help developers move from Java 8 to Java 9

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Got secrets? Docker Datacenter can help your applications keep them

Docker Datacenter now supports secrets in containerized apps -- API keys, passwords, and encryption keys -- and ensures they are securely stored and transmitted

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Slimmer, nimbler Visual Studio 2017 will ship March 7

A multitude of improvements are planned for coding, startup and testing


Java framework builds microservices as Docker containers

The java-micro platform lets developers build and configure environment, command-line, and external services

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TypeScript 2.2 plays nice with React Native JavaScript

Due this month, the upgrade also adds object type and removes restrictions on classes

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Hidden gems: 14 Python libraries too good to overlook

Parsing, image processing, web crawling, GUI creation -- these little-known Python libraries have you covered

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Upstart JavaScript framework dreams of challenging Angular, React

The open source Mithril framework focuses on performance, size, and density

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Mozilla binds Firefox's fate to the Rust language

Latest version of Firefox will require Rust to compile successfully, restricting the number of platforms that the browser can be ported to

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MIT taps LLVM's parallel processing power for faster code

Researchers at MIT claim their modifications to the LLVM compiler framework can help more kinds of code take advantage of parallel processing, with little or no developer effort

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Pythonnet brings Python to Microsoft .Net

The package provides tools and scripting supported, but Python does not become a first-class CLR language


Dropbox pulls the plug on faster Python project

Dropbox will cease development on Pyston, but the source code will be available for those who want to continue hacking on JIT-powered Python

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TensorFlow 1.0 unlocks machine learning on smartphones

The first major release of Google's machine learning library includes improvements to allow efficient deep learning on mobile devices

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Project promises packaging panacea for Python

Pipenv combines PipFile, Pip, and Virtualenv into a single toolchain

InfoWorld Technology of the Year 2017

InfoWorld's 2017 Technology of the Year Award winners

InfoWorld editors and reviewers pick the year's best hardware, software, development tools, and cloud services

Predictions for the Future of Programming

Back to the future of application development

What will computing look like in the next 10 years, and what does the future hold for app developers? These trends are driving major transformation to the role

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Visual Studio Test joins Microsoft's open source push

By open-sourcing the test framework built for Visual Studio, Microsoft takes another step toward freeing up its proprietary products

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