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Apple lays out plans for Swift 4.0

The upcoming version of the language, due next year, emphasizes source and standard library stability

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Mozilla's Rust goes real-time with code feedback

Rust Language Server provides live information such as code completion and documentation through a Microsoft co-developed protocol

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Review: 6 Python IDEs go to the mat

See how IDLE, Komodo, LiClipse, PyCharm, Spyder, and Python Tools for Visual Studio stack up in capabilities and ease of use

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UML to be ejected from Microsoft Visual Studio

The company is removing UML support in Visual Studio 15 due to a lack of usage


Microsoft's CoreRT turns C# into cross-platform C++

Want to run .Net applications on platforms with no .Net framework? Microsoft's brewing up a way to do so by translating C# apps into platform-native C++ counterparts


Serverless Framework takes the pain out of AWS Lambda deployment

Formerly known as Jaws, the Serverless Framework debuts its first full point release to simplify deploying apps to AWS Lambda -- and eventually to other services of its kind

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Gitless simplifies Git version control

The experimental system built on top of Git has no staging area and offers completely independent branching

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The hidden benefits of Docker for QA

Docker and containers can make QA testing easier, faster, and more effective

GitHub's 7 most popular productivity tools for programmers

GitHub's 7 top productivity tools for programmers

GitHub abounds with open source tools aimed at helping you build software faster. Devs find these seven among the best

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First look: Chef’s Habitat puts automation in the app

By packaging configuration and runtime requirements with the app, Habitat decouples automation from the infrastructure

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With help from Docker, Google's Go jumps in popularity

The language has climbed to 16th place in Tiobe index and could claim Programming Language of the Year honors

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Vue.js JavaScript framework revs up rendering

Vue.js 2.0 supports server-side rendering, streaming, and component-level caching

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Sourcegraph provides intelligent searches of Go language code

Context-sensitive search engine for public and private source code repositories has a revamped, faster UI and is preparing to expand beyond Google's Go language


ECMAScript, TypeScript lead among JavaScript flavors

State of JavaScript survey also finds big interest in React and Angular 2, while CoffeeScript is on the way out

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Classic Emacs editor gets a new-school makeover

Longtime users of the venerable Emacs editor can now use it with a sleek new skin that emphasizes consistency and ergonomics

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4 can't-miss Python goodies from Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and Uber

These four projects let you work in Python even more easily

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Major Rust rev overhauls error messages

The Rust MIR-based back end features quicker compilation and execution times, as well as more precise type-checking

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Microsoft pursues .Net development unity with .Net Standard

A single base library will reach all three major variants of .Net, solving the code-sharing problem for .Net developers across platforms

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