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Java's key to success: Simplicity

Citrine borrows from Ruby, JavaScript, C for object-oriented programming

The open source language is still in development and emphasizes simplicity and readability

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Microsoft extends Cordova mobile dev to Visual Studio Code editor

The Cordova Tools extension provides new ways to build, debug, and preview apps with Visual Studio Code

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Microsoft Pyjion boosts Python speed

The new JIT technology for Python is backward-compatible and works directly with CPython extension modules

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Google's Go 1.6 keeps it simple and speedy

The latest version features performance boosts but no language changes, keeping with Google's promise of strong forward compatibility

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We're living in the golden age of software development

With an unprecedented choice of tools, languages, platforms, and architectural styles, developers are creating a wildly inventive, software-defined world

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Microsoft posts AI toolkit on GitHub

The move to fully open-source the CNTK tools is part of Microsoft's effort to gain mind share and boost Azure pickup

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Rust 1.6 delivers a solid core at last

Mozilla stabilizes core library set for the system-level programming language, allowing it to do more low-level work

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Disgruntled devs vent GitHub grievances -- on GitHub

Fed up with GitHub ignoring requests for common improvements, dozens of open source project leaders are airing their frustration


Why Spark 1.6 is a big deal for big data

Already the hottest thing in big data, Spark 1.6 turns up the heat. Here are the high points, including improved streaming and memory management

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'FAT' and fast: What's next for Python

A proposed set of changes to Python's stock interpreter will speed up execution of the language without the use of a compiler

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16 for '16: What you must know about Hadoop and Spark right now

Amazingly, Hadoop has been redefined in the space of a year. Let's take a look at all the salient parts of this roiling ecosystem and what they mean

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6 signs containers will gain ground in 2016

There's little question containers will continue to reshape IT in the coming year; here are several insights into what might happen

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Ruby on Rails takes on Node.js with WebSocket support, API mode

The first beta for the 5.0 edition of the popular Web framework for Ruby is out, with WebSockets support as a major feature -- and with Ruby 2.2.2 as a requirement

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Red Hat's new OpenShift service aims for public-cloud convenience, bare-metal speeds

A new hosted version of Red Hat's flagship PaaS aims to satisfy enterprise needs for multitenancy and performance

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Why non-Apple developers should care about Swift

Now open source with Linux support, Swift has a great deal to offer cross-platform and server-side developers


Microsoft treads on Node.js's turf with Chakra JavaScript engine

An open source Chakra is part of Microsoft's plans for infiltrating a world powered by JavaScript and its friends

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Apple's open source Swift takes flight at last

With highly liberal licensing and a promising suite of features like package management, Swift's new open source version holds a lot of promise

Google Cloud Vision API results

Developers get new tools from Google to analyze images

Cloud Vision API enables developers build apps that understand and classify the content of images

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