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Atom editor now has native GitHub integration

The direct integration with the code-hosting platform to make things easier for devs -- but also ties them more closely to GitHub

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Review: The 10 best JavaScript editors

Sublime Text, Visual Studio Code, Brackets, and Atom rise to the top, but several others are worth considering

JavaScript code

10 JavaScript concepts every Node.js programmer must master

Want to build efficient and scalable Node.js apps? Learn how to make JavaScript work for—not against—you

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Choose one: High productivity or code you can maintain

No matter how you slice it, there's always a trade-off between speedy development and ultrareliable applications

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Microsoft’s Visual Studio tackles serverless computing, Mac dev

Azure Functions Visual Studio beta lets developers integrate Azure Functions into development flows

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NoSQL, no problem: Why MySQL is still king

You'd think the advent of 'webscale' NoSQL databases would have consigned MySQL to history. But you'd be very wrong

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Java and C continue to decline in popularity

Upstart languages are creeping closer to the lead in the monthly Tiobe popularity index as software is adopted by more and more domains

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Buckaroo brings package management to C/C++ projects

Buckaroo uses Facebook's Buck build system and has its own curated repository of packages

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Python 2 forever: 3 projects that will keep Python 2 alive

Python 2 faces official end-of-life in 2020, but it could hang around for those who still want it or need it

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Homebrew MacOS package manager gets easier to use

Homebrew 1.2.0 deprecates a number of repositories to improve ease of use and software quality

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Google helps developers bind C++ to Python

Google's unofficial new project uses LLVM to generate language wrappers for C++ libraries and has Python as the first of many possible targets

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GCC GNU compiler adds C++ 17 support

GCC 7x release series brings diagnostics enhancements and improved compilation and runtime performance

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Review: The 6 best JavaScript IDEs

WebStorm, Visual Studio 2017, Visual Studio Code, NetBeans, Komodo, and Eclipse pull out the stops for JavaScript, Node.js, and friends

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Atlassian focuses on verification, integration in Bitbucket upgrade

Version 5.0 of the code management tool adds committer verification and tighter integration with the Bamboo continuous integration platform

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Red Hat and IBM raise objections to Java 9 modularization

Java Executive Committee participants worry modularization will have adverse effects on compatibility and could lead to two worlds of Java development

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Azul introduces LLVM compiler to Java runtime

Azul's Falcon LLVM compiler gives the Zing JVM a big speed edge over Oracle's HotSpot Java platform

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New project gives developers DIY tools for creating dynamic languages

ZetaVM, from the creator of the Higgs compiler for JavaScript, enables easy construction of interpreted and JITed dynamic languages

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Why everyone's so excited about serverless computing

Contrary to popular belief, the cloud doesn't make infrastructure go away—but serverless computing is taking developers a big step closer to that dream

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