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mobile apps and touch screen

Review: RethinkDB rethinks real-time Web apps

RethinkDB's NoSQL document store delivers high-speed change notifications for super-responsive apps

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11 cutting-edge databases worth exploring now

From document-graph hybrids to ‘unkillable’ clusters, the next generation of databases offers intrigue and innovation


Google donates on-disk encryption to MariaDB, but security risks linger

The latest version of the MySQL database variant has table-level encryption, courtesy of Google, but it won't guard against the most common database attacks

pinterest for business

Pin this! Faster Hadoop queries ... from Pinterest?

More than a repository for food and crafts, Pinterest has created an open source querying system that pulls job-generated data out of Hadoop and fixes back-end bottlenecks

Data security

5 facets of data security

From securing data from malicious attacks to preventing its unexpected dissemination, the palette of data security issues is broad, and technology is not the only answer

N1QL brings SQL to NoSQL databases

A next-generation query language for document databases extends SQL to work with semi-structured data

Build real-time Web apps with RethinkDB

The RethinkDB JSON database simplifies the development of applications that rely on real-time updates

Salesforce platform gets a new look and feel

Salesforce is updating its user interface, offering customers a modern cross-platform design with greater flexibility.


Binding compute to storage considered harmful

The unbundling of the database is here

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Review: MongoDB 3.0 reaches for the enterprise

MongoDB zeroes in on operations with pluggable storage engines and revamped management tools

SQL 4 All

Micromanaging computation considered harmful

SQL isn't just a database language; it's also management by objective

Oracle's new 'PULA' license promises unlimited database use in perpetuity

'We have seen them in the wild,' one consultant confirms


When cable companies and fashion magazines invest in big data (literally)

The parent company of Vogue, Vanity Fair and Wired acquired big data vendor 1010data -- an unlikely match. Can a media group recoup such a half billion dollar investment?

Open-source startup hopes to change the way businesses visualize data

SlamData open-source project helps businesses visualize semi-structured NoSQL data

fb servers

7 essential SQL Server security tips

How to protect your database from SQL injection, data theft, rogue users, and well-meaning meddlers without tying your environment in knots

SQL injection

SQL illiteracy considered harmful (to your career)

SQL is more than just a database language


8 MySQL gotchas worth a rant

A schema of gripes about (nearly) everyone’s favorite relational DB

stack of documents

A new document database emerges from the cloud

The NoSQL trend has given us a crazy array of new database choices. Clusterpoint has just jumped in to offer a cloud-based document database

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