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5 things we hate about Spark

Spark has dethroned MapReduce and changed big data forever, but that rapid ascent has been accompanied by persistent frustrations

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How big data is changing the database landscape for good

From NoSQL to NewSQL to 'data algebra' and beyond, the innovations are coming fast and furious

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MariaDB pops up on Azure with new cluster service

The increasingly popular open-source database is now available through a new offering on Microsoft's Azure marketplace

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MongoDB extends database to new users, adds enterprise features

MongoDB 3.2 is designed to make data in the NoSQL database accessible to business analysts, data scientists, execs and other users


MongoDB 3.2 entices enterprises with encryption and analytics

With new analytics connectors and in-memory processing, the NoSQL database seeks a broader enterprise audience than only the DBAs who've taken it to heart

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Low-code development meets fine-grained security

With rapid application development platforms like Intuit QuickBase, role-based access controls are just a few clicks away

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Why client-server must die

Old models of computing always tend to linger too long, but client-server was based on a fallacy -- and needs to go away sooner rather than later

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Microsoft unveils new betas for SQL Server 2016, Azure Data Lake services

Company continues its big data push with a smorgasbord of data-related announcements at the Professional Association for SQL Server Summit

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Oracle's Larry Ellison unveils new services, products in cloud push

The cloud, big data, and security dominated Ellison's keynote at Oracle OpenWorld

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NoSQL is still the cool kid in class

Has the shine worn off NoSQL? Hardly. The NoSQL document database MongoDB in particular continues a meteoric rise in popularity

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Oracle fixes critical flaws in Database Server, MySQL, Java

The bad news: Java and Oracle's database products had lots of vulnerabilities. The good news: None are currently under attack

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Who cares about Hadoop on Linux? Microsoft (yes, really)

By offering big data services in its Azure cloud on Linux, Microsoft is sending several important messages to customers

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MySQL 5.7 delivers a 3x speed injection

A major update to the open-source database is about to arrive, bearing a significant boost in performance, and improved security and scalability

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9 developer trends you can bank on in 2016

From containers to NoSQL to Spark, here are the IT trends you can expect to persist next year

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Azure SQL wraps databases in new encryption protections

Row-level security and column masking features in Azure SQL are meant to go beyond protecting data at rest

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The future of big data is very, very fast

With In-memory solutions such as Spark and NoSQL databases, systems will optimize themselves so quickly, human intervention may become superfluous

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NoSQL simply isn't hip anymore

The once red-hot database technology is losing its luster, as NoSQL reaches mass adoption


Is it really that difficult to collect big data?

Analysts say big data projects fail to deliver on the expectations, because big data remains fraught with difficulties. Where are the difficulties remaining?

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