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Microsoft SQL Server 2005
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Big Data analytics machine learning

Why open source is the 'new normal' for big data

Openness is driving the Hadoop ecosystem, Talend's CEO says

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Oracle fixes critical flaws in Java, Database Server

While most of the fixes for Java, Database, and MySQL are run-of-the-mill, four are rated critical if the targeted user has administrator privileges


Forrester predicts 100% adoption of Hadoop by large enterprises

Between 60% and 73% of data currently goes unused for business intelligence and analytics. But which vendor is best to use?

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Cook up big data orchestration with Kettle

Hadoop jobs can get complicated. The open source ETL tool Kettle beats the alternatives in providing the orchestration you need

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From IT hero to IT zero: The tale of a typo

All eyes fall on IT when a program goes awry. Now it's up to the techie to work out the solution, down to the tiniest detail

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InfoWorld's 2016 Technology of the Year Award winners

InfoWorld editors and reviewers pick the best hardware, software, development tools, and cloud services of the year


Why Spark 1.6 is a big deal for big data

Already the hottest thing in big data, Spark 1.6 turns up the heat. Here are the high points, including improved streaming and memory management

Manthan Customer360 Hadoop

Manthan targets the Hadoop-using masses with a tailored customer-analytics tool

Manthan's 'bolt-on' customer-analytics tool designed specifically for Hadoop uses Apache Spark for fast results

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16 for '16: What you must know about Hadoop and Spark right now

Amazingly, Hadoop has been redefined in the space of a year. Let's take a look at all the salient parts of this roiling ecosystem and what they mean

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PostgreSQL 9.5 bolsters SQL and NoSQL features

With support for bigger tables, faster indexing, and connections to Hadoop, the new version of the enterprise-grade database aims for both SQL and NoSQL users

Oracle remains most popular database, but MongoDB continues to rise

DB-Engines' rankings show Oracle is the database most talked about by recruiters and developers, but open source databases posted gains

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10 things to worry about in 2016

Yes, it's the poignant sequel to last week's reprieve: a jolly list of worries to keep you up at night this holiday season

Big Data analytics machine learning

Five things you need to know about Hadoop v. Apache Spark

Hadoop and Apache Spark are both big-data frameworks, but they don't really serve the same purposes.

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10 things you don't need to worry about in 2016

Are you ready for 2016? Of course you aren't -- you don't even want to think about it. If you need excuses for your lack of forethought, read on

Sql Server 2016

New features in SQL Server 2016

Take advantage of the mission-critical capabilities in SQL Server 2016 for real time operational analytics, rich data visualizations and improved data security

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Report: Don't believe the hype about Hadoop usage

A new survey finds customers' interest in Hadoop less important than other big data products like Spark

MongoDB and Redis pair volume with velocity

For new kinds of high-capacity, real-time applications, two databases are better than one

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Spark speeds up SQL on Hadoop in Splice Machine 2.0

Apache Spark is being used to enhance yet another third-party data processing product

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