Data Visualization

Data Visualization news, information, and how-to advice

SAP spices up its predictive analytics and visualization apps

Highlights of the update include Hadoop support and a tie-in to BusinessObjects

Hadoop meets Google Docs: Analytics made easy

Adatao's analytics suite puts a Web-friendly front end on Hadoop data and eases access to self-serve reporting

Free data visualization tool brings clarity to analytics

Qlik Sense Desktop is designed to put Tableau-style data visualization in the hands of users, minus Tableau's price tag

Getting your hands on data with mobile analytics

Mobile touchscreen interfaces, when designed correctly, provide a more intimate relationship with business data. Donald Farmer of Qlik offers his take on three key UI design principles

Yahoo acquires social data visualization startup Vizify

Yahoo continues its string of acquisitions, adds a team of five persons from Vizify to its media organization in San Francisco

Tracking with metadata: It's not all bad

Government spying programs have given metadata a bad rap, but human rights groups are using it to verify the authenticity of eyewitness footage

Splunk's big data promise: Google for your visual analytics

Splunk, nominally used for system logs, shows signs of evolving into a data processing platform via Tableau Software partnership

IPython founder details road map for interactive computing platform

Developer Fernando Perez says JavaScript and multi-user capabilities will be highlighted in coming upgrades of data analysis/visualization project

Big data analytics star in VMware vCenter Log Insight 1.5 update

Log aggregation, analytics, and search platform adds support for Active Directory; improves content pack infrastructure

Review: 4 supercool JavaScript tools for data visualization

Free, open source D3, InfoViz, Processing.js, and Recline.js bring dynamic, interactive -- and jaw-dropping -- data-driven graphics to the Web browser

Bossie Awards 2013: The best open source big data tools

InfoWorld's top picks in the expanding Hadoop ecosystem, the NoSQL universe, and beyond

Beginner's guide to R: Introduction

Interest in the R statistics language is soaring, especially for data analysis. Get to know this hot programming option in our beginner's guide

Beginner's guide to R: Get your data into R

In part 2 of our hands-on guide to the hot data-analysis environment, we provide tips on how to import data in various formats, both local and on the Web

Beginner's guide to R: Easy ways to do basic data analysis

Congrats, you've read your data into an R object. Now take the next step

Beginner's guide to R: Painless data visualization

Learn how to paint a picture with data with R, using just a couple lines of code

Beginner's guide to R: Syntax quirks you'll want to know

Part 5 of our hands-on guide covers some R mysteries you'll need to understand.

Don't expect big-time results from big data

Big data is here, but barriers suggest success will be modest; for many companies, it may prove unsettling and disappointing

Tableau CEO: We're the Google of data visualization

Christian Chabot, in an exclusive interview, explains how Tableau Software is putting a consumerized face on business intelligence and analytics

Jaspersoft BI suite gets HTML5-based visualization engine

The Jaspersoft 5.0 business intelligence package dumps Adobe Flash in order to allow for more dynamic interaction with data

Fighting cancer with 3D big data visualization

In correlating huge patient and gene data sets, interactive 3D visualization lets researchers accelerate analysis and open up data to broader range of scholars

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